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Ehd e Wafa Episode 24 Review

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Ehd e Wafa Episode 24 Review

In the previous episode, Saad went to Kashmir for operation. There, the situation is not in control. Shariq and Sheheryar are doing their job perfectly. Shehryar got murder attacked by Chaudary Waqar which is looking doubtful. In Ehd e Wafa Episode 24, the story is going toward its end. Shahzain decided to forgive Chaudary Waqar but he makes a deal with Chaudary Maher that they will not participate in the election and also sport him.

This makes clear that it is only Shahzain plan to trap them and cleans his way for the election. He also convinced Sheheryar, Shariq, and Rani that saying that he has to forgive him because it is his family matter. This act of Shahzain is very cheap and makes his character more negative.

And once again Shahzain elected in the election.  He celebrates his success. He is so happy. There he makes a blunder and a policeman collects shoot fire shell of Shahzain gun. In fact, a policeman is following the instructions of Sheheryar. Although by this, they conclude Shahzain hit a plan and no one attacked him. This really hurts the Sheheryar. His character is already doubtful for the Sheheryar but he will go to this limit only for his authority and position. This makes Sad Sheheryar.

Shariq is being appreciated for hard work for covering elections. But there is confusion for me that if the Shariq is so much honest to his profession then why he did not cover  Shahzain Area and reveals the reality of his politics in his area. However, Shariq love story is going to completed and there his marriage with Ramsha is announced. This creates satisfaction for the viewers.

Therefore Saad gives a surprise to Dua on his birthday that he comes for only one day to celebrate Dua’s birthday. This scene is very emotional and shows the real-life for army soldiers and officers how it is difficult to defend our country and leave their family just for the country. This really means our country.

Everything is fine with the drama but how an army officer that is facing a critical situation in the country how he allows to go back? Saad gives Dua some letters which he writes when he was on duty. Dua is pregnant and Saad is very happy with this news.

But there is a turning point for Shahzain. Sheheryar shows him a fire shell and tells him that he knows about his plan. He makes him realize that he deceives all. Even he makes use of his friends to win the election which is a very senseless act. Sheheryar once again wins the hearts of viewers as he does not tell anyone about the blunder of Shahzain and give him a chance to improve himself. Certainly Sheheryar shows him a way to start a new journey. Politics is a very strange and doubted profession in Pakistan and in this drama, there is a positive change that makes this profession positive.

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Shahzain tells everything to Chaudary Allah yar and Chaudary Allah yar gives him a slap. This shows this hate for his disloyalty. The talks of Chaudary Allah Yar are very meaningful. Chaudary Allah yar admits that he also has some share in Shahzain Mistakes as he always appreciates him. There is also a lesson for viewers that a person should be demotivated at the very first step by his family first. But the family has a great role in everyone’s life. Chaudary Allah Yar suggested to him that you should not leave politics. Now understand your responsibility and do something for your voters. This is a positive change in Shahzain life.

The last scene of Ehd e Wafa episode 24 is also very emotional as there is no use of words by Sheheryar and Shahzain but their strong acting clearly expresses their emotions. This scene shows true friendship.

In the Ehd e Wafa episode 24, the story is going toward the end. The acting of every actor is fabulous and amazing. But Dua is very pretty girls but more emotions can be added to her role which makes more interesting the Ehd e Wafa story. So, the parents of Saad is missing a lot as the character are very positive and ideal for everyone and this ending stage of the story they should be on screen. Gulzar’s character is also looking limited from previous many episodes. Gulzar is also one of the favorite characters of Drama. His story should be explained.

Overall the story of Drama is amazing to let see what is going to happen next in the last episode of Ehd e Wafa. The curiosity about the Saad is going to reveal in the last episode of Ehd e Wafa. But everyone wants to see alive Saad at the ending of the story Ehd e Wafa. So, the point is there it is not only a dram it is the story of every soldier who is always ready to die only for the country and its people. We should be thankful to them.

Ehd e Wafa episode 23 Review

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Ehd e Wafa episode 23

In the previous episode, the story of Ehd e Wafa was very satisfactory. All friends meet together, and their friendship scene is so powerful that everyone forgets about the flaws of ant character. The story is progressing on the next stage let’s start the review of Ehd e Wafa episode 23.

Shahzain is trying his best to win the election. For electing in the election, he is using power and makes use of Sheheryar without informing him. Shahzain is looking crazing for the election. But Chaudary Maher and his son are not agreeing with Shahzain. Chaudary Maher and his son are having a valid reason that Shahzain promised them. Shahzain has been tasted the taste of power and authority and knows he wants to get back this power and influence. Chaudary Maher and his son are not ready to give him a favor so that there is a fight between them, and shahzain slapped Chaudary Waqar.

In the next scene, Shahzain is shooted by someone, and he is in hospital. For this reason, everyone is very tensed. Shariq and Sheheryar also reached to the hospital. Everyone knows about Chaudary Maher and Chaudary Waqar so that everyone is predicting that they attacked Shahzain. As we see, the Sheheryar character becomes negative because of power and authority, and so that Shahzain is playing a game. He is doing this to take everyone’s sympathy. By this game, Shahzain can get rid of Chaudary Maher and his son.

Saad is also in a complicated situation, and the condition in Kashmir is not in control. Saad comes to know about Shahzain through radio. There the love between these friends is fantastic. They care for each other, and Shariq and Sheheryar are trying their best to find the person who attacks Shahzain. Not only Shariq and Sheheryar, but also Saad is worried about Shahzain. There feeling for there is wins the hearts of people.

Rani is character becomes dangerous as it was in early episodes; she is always talking about Shahzain. She loves him and loyal to him. But Rani is even against her father and brother. It is a little bit awkward that she never says anything to Shahzain as he is doing wrong. Anyways her character is showing loyalty with Shahzain. She decided to take legal action against her father and brother. She launches FIR against her father and brother.

Finally, Shahryar talks about Masooma and tells that he also has a feeling for her. Due to his poverty and financial condition, he refused to Masooma. He is also in pain because he also has a sense of love for Masooma. This scene is very emotional as Shariq remembers their college days when Shaheryar always gives him comfort in moments of trouble. But this scene shows the importance of friends. This scene very heart touching.

Everyone thinks that Waqar shooted Shahzain. Malik Allah yar, Rani, Shariq, and Sheheryar are very aggressive want to take revenge from Chaudary Waqar. Shahzain takes full advantage of this situation. Chaudary Maher gives him an offer that they will not take part in the election if he withdraws the case against Chaudary Waqar. By this, it seems that Shahzain wants this, and he is doing this for his election and makes them agree. Let’s see what is going to happen next in Ehd e Wafa Story.

In the Ehd e Wafa episode 23, Shahzain character becomes very doubtful. Shariq is going to expose the performance of all politicians what will happen when he covers the Shahzain area. Saad is fighting with enemies, and the condition is not in control. The excellent news for Saad is that Dua is pregnant; this also gives signs that Saad is going to martyr in Ehd e Wafa Story. What will Sheheryar do for Shahzain? is this true Shahzain plans this all dram to make his way clear or Chaudary Waqar attack him. The story of Ehd e Wafa becomes more exciting and suspicious. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of Ehd e Wafa.

Ehd e Wafa episode 22 Review

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Ehd e Wafa episode 22 Review

In the previous episode of Ehd E Wafa, the story is progressing. All SSG boys have started their professional life and doing very well. Sheheryar and Shariq’s character is heart winning. They struggle a lot for their position. Ehd e Wafa episode 22 is also a happy episode of Ehd e Wafa. All of SSG boys are together that excites a lot the viewers. Everyone wants to see all my friends together on screen. It is the happiest episode of Ehd e Wafa drama.

Shariq exposes the real face of Haji Sahb and shows his all land grabbing case on television. This act creates enormous pressure on Haji Sahb, and so he agrees to do everything. Fortunately, Shariq and Ramsha are safe and sound. Shariq and Shehryar make haji Sahb agree to give the market price of Firdous Sahb land. Finally, they are successful in their mission. They plan and perform very wisely, and Haji Sahb has the only option to follow their direction.

The most entertaining scene of the Ehd e Wafa Episode 22 is all SSG boys are together while Saad is getting ready for his marriage day. There are making fun and enjoying this beautiful moment. It is the most delicate part of Ehd e Wafa drama and also the theme of the show. This beautiful scene reminds everyone, their friends, as friendship is a priceless blessing. In addition to them, Gulzar is also present, and they are enjoying a lot.

They are talking about Mulana Sahb and making fun of him. Their purpose is to tease Saad, not the Mulana Sahb. But some viewers think it is wrong to criticize some religious representatives in drama. But I feel so it is just a joke and just making fun with their friend. Their target is not Mulana Sahb. Overall, everything is enjoyable; all are looking very cool. One more surprising thing is that Dua is also wearing a uniform as a bride. It is a surprise in the drama that Dua also becomes an army doctor captain. Its fantastic thing their couple is looking fabulous.

Haji Sahb takes revenge from Sheheryar and transfers his duty to a village. Accidently he is posting to Shahzain village. The story is going to be interesting. There also Sheheryar shows positive character and teaches a lesson to our on-duty officer. If every officer thinks and works as a servant of people, all the systems will automatically improve. This step is a little bit difficult, but not as much. Just need for courage and durable will power.

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Preparation for the new election is going to start as journalist Shariq is ready to reveal all performances of elected persons. Shariq character is compelling, and he knows the power of journalism, and more than this, he knows how to use this power.
Shahzain is also looking very confident and once again wants to take part in the election. And Shahzain makes links and builds his position, and so he wants a ministry after the election. Shahzain image in his village is not right as people are not happy with Shahzain. Malik Allah Yar is also trying to make him understand, but he is not listening. More than this, Rani Brother Waqar wants to take part in the election and want Shahzain support. Shahzain also promises him for this.

But shahzain refused to help Waqar and tell him that he is going to take part in the election. Rani is also with Malik Shahzain, and for his support, she even makes her brother angry. Shahzain wants power and authority at any cost, which makes his character more negative let’s see what will happen next in the story.

Saad and Dua is a newly married couple, and they are looking pleased with each other. But Saad is going to Kashmir. Saad’s character is hugely positive, and it shows that his death is going to be occurring in drama. Let’s see in upcoming episodes of Ehd e Wafa that either it is true or not.

Ehd e Wafa episode 22 is overall happy as everything is going very smoothly. I think Ehd e Wafa’s story has some twist, which will amuse the viewers. Over the meeting of SSG boys and Gulzar, make everyone happy. Every character of Ehd e Wafa is doing very well. Lets what will be new in the next episode of Ehd e Wafa.

Ehd E Wafa Episode 20 Review

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Ehd E Wafa Episode 20 Review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, Sheheryar, Shariq, and Shahzain meet.  Shahzain builds his negative image by making the wrong use of his power. Saad and Shariq are honest with their profession while Sheheryar is trying his best to achieve his goals. Shahzain is showing typical politician behavior and tries to handle all his matters with power.

Ehd e Wafa episode 20, is very emotional because of Saad and his mother and Shaharyar and his parents. Parents’ love for their children is the only pure and true form of love in this whole world.

The scene of Ehd e Wafa episode 20 of Saad with his father captain Faraz. there is firing competition between Saad and Captain Fraz. Captain Faraz amazed everyone by his firing skill. The expression of Saad at end of the competition is hilarious. Captain Faraz is amazing as always and his acting is very realistic.

Shahzain role is becoming negative. It is very disappointing because other friends of SSG are very honest and loyal to their professions as well as to their relations. Shahzain grandfather is also worried about his changing behavior. And Rani is also noticed the Shahzain have proud of his authority and power which spoils his character. It seems that Shahzain will do something wrong on the basis of his power which he got from politics.

The next scene is very satisfactory as well as emotional. Finally, Shehryar passes CSS exams and appointed as assistant commissioner. However, his parents are very emotional and feeling proud of his son. Sheheryar worked hard day and night for his success. Shehryar’s success proved that struggle and effort are necessary then anyone can get success. But there is a lesson for the young generation that anyone can get success only in need of commitment and determination.

Though the next scene is a little bit confusing as Shahzain saying to Sheheryar that he comes to this position only because of shahzain favor. Sheheryar is really topper in his academics and also works hard for the CSS exam. I think Shahzain is laying to Sheheryar. Shahzain is doing this because he wants to create an impressive image. What the reason behind this act of Shahzain is creating curiosity.

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Another negative thing about Shahzain character is that he annoying Saad. Shariq and Sheheryar talk about Saad and try to make a plan to meet him but Shahzain expressions are not fair.  Shahzain is also a part of SSG and everyone wants to see them but Shahzain negative behavior and dishonesty with friends disappoint the viewers.

However, Saad with is his mother is the most emotional scene of this episode. Saad is going to Waziristan for an operation.  It makes his mother emotional is his son is going and anything can happen there. So, this scene explains the difficulties and emotions of soldier’s families and their efforts for the country.  It seems that Saad will be a martyr. Viewers are emotionally attached to Saad’s characters.

But there is an entry of Haji Sahb who is a negative character and makes wealth in illegal ways and takes over others’ property. Shariq forced to do a planted show on Haji Sahb. Though Shariq refuses and resigns from that channel because he does not want to be unfair with his profession. In fact, Shariq characters win the viewer’s hearts and he has to struggle hard and have to face many difficult situations for his loyalty to professions. He goes to another channel that is paying him less than the previous channel but he will work with his fair rules.

 The last scene of Ehd E Wafa episode 20 creates curiosity and Saad with his team is fighting with terrorists. But everyone wants that Saad should be saving in this operation. Certainly, all viewers are emotionally attached to Saad’s character.

Therefore, the story of SSG boys is going ahead to the next stage. Saad, Shariq and Sheheryar are honest and loyal to their professions. Shahzain character is negative but hoping so that he will learn a lesson from his behavior. But Gulzar is missing is the Ehd e Wafa episode 20. He is also a very entertaining and important character of Ehd e Wafa. And his acting makes the drama more interesting and entertaining. What will happen in the next episode of Ehd e Wafa? Let’s see in the next episode.

Ehd e Wafa Episode 21 Review

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Ehd e Wafa Episode 21 Review

In the previous episode of Wafa, we have seen Shariq is very honest with his profession. Shehryar finally appointed as Assistant Commissioner. Shahzain profession is not so clear but his behavior is not good with friends. Saad is in Waziristan for the operation. In Ehd e Wafa episode 21 is a very emotional and most amazing episode of Ehd e Wafa.

However, the scene of Sheheryar and Firdous Sahb is really heart-melting. But Firdous Sahb goes to the Sheheryar office for an application. Whereas his daughter’s property is grabbed by some powerful people. Sheheryar gives him respect and treated him very nicely. His behavior with Firdous is really amazing and wins the hearts of viewers. In fact, there is a lesson for our new generation we should respect our teachers whichever the situation there is. Respect is the right of the teacher and the duty of students. Sheheryar listens to Firdous Sahb problem properly and decided to do something for him. Sheheryar goes to meet Khursheed son of Firdous Sahb. Khursheed is in lockup in a fake case that is planted on him. it is also an emotional scene.

In my point of view not only students every officer should deal like Sheheryar to poor and victim people.  It is necessary that everyone should be loyal and honest not only to his profession but also to the country. There is a number of people who are a victim of these types of cases but they did not find any help or justice till their death. It is a very disappointing situation.

The next scene gives happiness that Saad comes back home. In the last episode the curiosity was created and there is a doubt about Saad but in this episode, to see Saad safe and sound viewers are very happy. Saad’s parents are thinking about Saad’s marriage. Here Dua also becomes a doctor. Saad goes to meet Dua’s mother.  Dua agrees to meet Saad’s parents. Saad and his family are very positive and the way they welcomed Dua is really very fabulous.

They accept Dua warmly and open-minded which really impresses the viewers. Infect on arrival of Dua, all the members of Saad Family are waiting outside the door and captain Faraz opens the door of the car. The expressions happiness of captain Faraz and Saad’s mother are very realistic. Besides this entire captain, Faraz asks Saad that Dua’s mother will live with them after their marriage. It is also a very positive and wise decision.

Though, Sheheryar is facing the same hurdles and difficulties which every person has to face which he stands for the rights of poor people.  Initially, as Sheheryar tries to talk with Haji, who grabbed the property of Firdous Sahb. Then Sheheryar plans to do something else for the rights of Firdous Sahb. He meets Shariq. But he asks him to do a show against Haji and how he illegally grabbed other property. This will really work for helping Firdous Sahb.

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This is an amazing idea. They do not use any illegal way to handle this case as they can so with the help of Shahzain. Shahzain can easily help them in this situation but Shariq and Sheheryar prefer the other legal way. This is the best way to handle Haji Shafique. So that Shariq goes that plot records all the things but in the last, the servants and guards of Haji Shafique start firing. This scene again creates curiosity. Will Shariq be safe and sound?

The last scene of Ehd e Wafa episode 21 is very powerful and full of emotions. Finally, Saad and Shahzain meet on the roads. Certainly, both explain there feelings and situations. Although, Shahzain character is going negative. But there Shahzain clearly accepts that he was incomplete without Saad.  This feeling and expression really make everyone emotional. Their meeting is satisfactory in Ehd e Wafa Episode 21.

Ehd e Wafa episode 21 is very powerful because of many reasons. But Sheheryar shows respect for Firdaus Sahb and the situation of Firdous Sahb is very emotional and makes everyone cry. Shariq exposes the real face of Haji Shafique but there is also suspense and curiosity for Shariq and hoping that Shariq will be safe and sound. The meeting of Shahzain and Saad is also a good part of Ehd e Wafa episode 21. All viewers want to see all SSG boys together and this meeting indicates that they will meet like friends once again. the story is going very smoothly. Let’s see what will happen in the coming episodes of Ehd e Wafa. is there any twist in the story?

Ye Dil Mera Episode 5 Review

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Ye Dil Mera Episode 5 Review

In the previous episode of Ye Dil Mera, Mir Farooq Zaman is looking like a negative character. He always makes use of his power and wealth to set the matters and this misuse of his power shows that in the past he did something which effects Anna and Amaan’s life till. Mir Farooq loves Anna and to make her comfortable, he can do anything. But he does not tell her about his marriage. Let’s see what is going to happen in Ye Dil Mera episode 5.

In Ye Dil Mera episode 5, once again focusing on Ali Bakhsh, he is the right hand for Mir Farooq Zaman. He keeps in his account each and every matter relating to Mir Farooq Zaman. He is in contact with the maid of Sahira to keep eye on Sahira all activities. This makes Sahira’s character doubtful. Is she also having a link to Mir Farooq past? Ali bakhsh is also very careful and loyal to Mir Farooq Zaman. In the past, he must do something special for Mir Farooq Zaman.

Here the behavior of Amaan with Anna is not understood what he wants. Anna is awarded a compile of work and for her minor mistakes; Amaan behaves very rudely to her. in fact, Amaan also has, psychiatric issues as his reactions are very different and sudden from time to time.

Sajjal Ali as Anna acting is fabulous. He is complete her task again without any mistake. In this episode, Amaan notices Anna is worried and crying. Anna has a psychological problem and due to which she has a fear of darkness and close spaces.

Sajjal and Ahad have very good chemistry and viewers want to see them together. Again Amaan is thinking about Anna and has a feeling of care for her. but mystory behind the story what will be the future of Amaan and Anna. Will Amaan accept her by heart or he is using her for his revenge.

Anna is very disturbed due to her mental condition. In fact,  it is the bitter reality of our society if anyone is suffering from a mental disease no one helps that person. Certainly, everyone starts avoiding and make fun of that person because of mental illness. This behavior makes them more depressed. And Anna is also facing this situation she is very embarrassed because of her fear of nightmares and all fears relating to her mental condition.

But anna is happy as Amaan gives her importance and appreciates her for her work. This makes her happy.

Here Mir Farooq is talking about Humayun. I think Humayun’s story is here just explaining the Mir Farooq behavior towards disloyal or dislike people. Humayun is an employee in the Mir Farooq business. He is disloyal to Mir Farooq and so his business suffered a huge loss. But Mir Farooq does not take any legal action against him and wants to handle the matter in his way.

Here suddenly Humayun resigned from his job and after that, he is caught in a smuggling case and after this, he died to heart failure.  Mir Farooq is looking very happy on Humayun’s end. I think so it was all Planning of Mir Farooq Zaman to teach a lesson to Humayun.

Amaan is also facing a very panic situation. he has some bitter realities from his childhood. In this episode the first time Amaan mother seen on the screen. But Amaan’s mother role is playing by Zarnish khan. Amaan’s mother is playing the same music on the piano that Amaan always use to play on the piano. Whereas, this song sung by Amaan and His mother is very melodious and very emotional. Amaan mostly remained disturbed whenever he uses to play his mother piano music. The mystery is going to reveal soon. There some tragedy with his mother which makes Amaan sad.

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Therefore, in the next scene, Sahir Mir Farooq’s wife wants to be with him on seven marriage anniversary. Mir Farooq Zaman against gets late as he was spending time with Anna. Sahira is upset and complains to Mir Farooq as to why he does not gives her importance. Nothing is important more than Anna. Mir Farooq insulted her and ask her not to use even a harsh tone for Anna otherwise he will divorce Sahira.

But Mir Farooq loves her daughter a lot but he always uses to tell lie. However, he does not tell Anna about his marriage. mir Farooq life is full mystory and he does not have a soft corner for anyone even not for his wife Sahira. He only loves one person in his life and that is Anna. But he hides his life from Anna also is it right.

Finally, in Ye Dil Mera episode 5, things are starts to reveals this episode, we come to know about Amaan’s mother and it is confirmed that Mir Farooq is negative he must do something very wrong. However, the story of Ye Dil Mera is different and interesting. Everyone is doing justice with their role. Adnan Siddique has a negative role but his excellent acting skills make Ye Dil Mera more interesting. So let’s see what is going to happen in the upcoming episode of Ya Dil Mera.

Ye Dil Mera Episode 4 Review

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Ye Dil Mera Episode 4 Review

In the previous episode of Ye Dil Mera, the mysterious story reveals another fact. Mir Farooq Zaman has a secret marriage with Rabia butt as Sahira. Nobody knows about his marriage except his Ali Bakhsh. Ye Dil Mera episode 4 is showing the married life and Mir Farooq Zaman’s behavior with his wife Sahira.

Sahira lives in Karachi and Mir Farooq comes there when he is free. Sahira wants his company but Mir Farooq Zaman does not give her enough time. Mir Farooq Zaman has proud of his wealth and he thinks he can buy each and everything with his money. But Mir Farooq already seems the negative character of Ye Dil Mera. His behavior with Sahira increases negativity.  Mir Farooq Zaman gives importance to only one person in his life that is Noor Ul Ain.

Therefore, Anna is innocent and she loves her father. She has only one member in her family which is Mir Farooq Zaman and so that her all feel are attached to Mir Farooq Zaman. Mir Farooq Zaman is also very caring and loving to Anna, but he does not tell even to Anna about his marriage. Let’s see what happens when Anna comes to know the reality of her Father. Sajjal Ali acting is adorable in each and every scene of Dram. Her facial expressions, body language, dialogue delivery attract everyone and make dram Ye Dil Mera more entertaining.

Here Sahira is not happy with Mir Farooq but she does not make any complaint to him. Mir Farooq tries to make her happy with a luxurious lifestyle instead of giving her time. Sahira blames Anna for this and hates her because Mir Farooq does not give time to Sahira because of Anna.

Anna is crazy about her internship and she does not receive any call from A.k Company. She is worried and so explains this to her father that she wants to get an internship at A.k Company at any cost.

Mir Farooq cannot see her daughter worried so he makes a call to Amaan and requested him to give her a chance as an internee in your company. Amaan Farooq reacts that he does not know Anna and promised to give her a chance.

Anna is very excited about her internship. Amaan gives her message on social media Account as he is going to her chance because of her Father. Anna reached office but here everything is against her expectation. Anna’s first day at A.k Company is very entertaining. She is expecting an office but he comes to know that a cabin is provided to her for working. Whereas she has to do a little task like stamping, arranging files and Amaan ask her to copy files. He does not give her any importance. Anna is not expecting this as a chemical engineer she has nothing have to learn there. Infect it is against her expectations. Sajjal acting makes this scene the most entertaining scene of this episode.

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Ali Bakhsh is a very special servant of Mir Farooq Zaman. Mir Farooq Zaman uses to tell him all his problems to him. This relation shows that Ali Bakhsh must know about the mysterious story of Mir Farooq Zaman past. More to this, Nargis Boa is also showing hating behavior toward Ali Bakhsh. This shows that Nargis Boa also knows something for that she hates Ali Bakhsh.

Another character introduced in Ye Dil Mera episode 4, Farhana is an aunt of Anna. Farhana’s character is playing by Natasha Husain. she is telling Anna about her mother. Farhana tells anna how Mir Farooq loves her mother. Anna and Farhana do not know about Mir Farooq’s secret marriage and so that they are thinking that Mir Farooq loved a lot to her wife that why he can not marry again. the story becomes interesting as to how anna’s mother died and did mir Farooq really loved to Anna’s mother. what happened to Anna’s mother or what Mir Farooq did with Anna’s mother. 

However, Mir Farooq is powerful and intelligent in business. He always handles the situation very intelligently. He comes to know about Humayun deceiving him. And decided to handle this matter in his own way and he decided not to take any legal actions against him. What will he do with Humayun? And is Humayun any important character of a story or an ordinary employee of his business.

But from the story, it is clear Mir Farooq has some dark past and negative character. Only one thing is appreciable in his character that is his love for his daughter. There are so many questions about Mir Farooq’s character. Therefore this episode mainly focused on Mir Farooq’s life and the very short capture of Amaan in this episode. Every character is mysterious. Let’s see, what will happen next episode of Ye Dil Mera?

Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 6 Review

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Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 6 Review

In the previous episode, Gul was come to Gulzar home as Gulzar invite her for her brother’s marriage ceremony. Gul was disappeared from Gulzar home and with all the gold Jewelry. So this is how the situation goes shocking for everyone. Let’s start the review of Gul-o-Gulzar episode 6.

Though in the very first scene of Gul-o-Gulzar, the Gulzar family is trying to manage the entire situation as it is the wedding day of Affaq Wedding. But Affaq goes to Zaiba and explains her whole situation. Zaiba’s character is very positive and she does not say even a single negative word on it and say that jeweler does not matter for her and gives him the courage to face this difficult situation. Whereas, Zaiba’s character is the ideal role of sister in law she is doing an excellent job.

Affaq goes to the police station to launch an FIR but by seeing the rude and non-corporating behavior he changes his mind. Why the police department in our country makes everything very difficult. There is a need for a bribe or reference for any help from the police department. This negative attitude of the police department is also the reason for the increasing rate of crime in the country.

But Gulzar’s father and brother decided to leave this topic for now as they have to go to the wedding ceremony. Affaq is very angry with Gulzar because only her blind belief in Gul makes them face this situation. Though Gulzar is in the feeling of guilt and regret.

Above all, Gul parents are blaming Gulzar and her family for the disappearing of Gul. But they think that Gulzar helps Gul to run away. They decided and then go to the police station for reporting against Gulzar. Finally, they blame that it is Gulzar’s planning and she helps her to run away.

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Gul parent’s reaction is unexpected as they know their daughter nature and also know about her is very senseless as they are blaming Gulzar for Gul mistake.

Gulzar and her family are coming home with Zaiba. They surprised to see Gul father with police on their door. Gul father’s behavior is really very irritating and people believe without any solid reason. It is very common in our society that everyone believes in a rumor without knowing that is true or nor. This misunderstanding creates much confusion and destroys many lives.

Here the reaction of other people is also very painful. In college Gulzar, listens to gossips and touts and everyone blames her for Gulzar as she is her best friend. This hurts Gulzar a lot.

The strangest thing in this episode is the behavior of teachers in Gulzar College. All teachers insulted Gulzar. They even do not know about reality and they do not have any clue against Gulzar.

Teachers are considered the most sensible and educated people but here their behavior makes everyone surprise. This is not the right way to guide someone. it was expected that the teacher helps her and support her in this situation. In our society teachers role is also negative sometimes which is very disappointing 

 Everyone in Neighborhood is talking and talking about Gulzar and Gul. Everyone is blaming Gulzar for no reason.

Gulzar goes to the mosque for offering prayer but there also people taking about Gulzar and heart Gulzar’s father. It’s very common in our society that people interfere with others’ lives for no reason.

Affaq is going abroad but Zaiba decided to go later on as she wants to live with Gulzar and father. Affaq is still angry with Gulzar and even does not like to talk to her. Gulzar is facing a very panic situation though. However, she is mentally disturbed as her best friend deceives her and on that, the reaction of everyone makes her guilty.

But Affaq decided to fix the marriage of Gulzar and for this purpose, he invites a lady to their home. It very surprising as a lady comes and puts Gulzar the Engagement ring. Therefore, It is very suddenly and Gulzar is completely unaware of this. She is in shock. But she asks her father that she do not want to marry because she wants to continue her studies.

Therefore, in Gul-o-Gulzar episode 6 there are many surprises for viewers. After disappearing of Gul, everyone is blaming Gul even her brother Affaq is also angry with her. Although Affaq character is positive I do not like her behavior. He is very rude and with her opinion he decides to fix her marriage. They have a very close and beautiful relation and at this point, he must talk to Gulzar and know about her planning. So let’s see what is going to happen next episode with Gulzar. Will her father listen to her or fix her marriage?

Ye Dil Mera Episode 2 Review

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Ye Dil Mera Episode 2 Review

The Ye Dil Mera episode 1 was the introductory episode to all characters of the story. The story has a mystical background on which the current story depends. Mir Farooq Zaman is the father of Noor Ul Ain and a very suspicious personality. Amaan  comes from England and is going to settled business here also. There must be some connection in Amaan Ullah and Mir Farooq Zaman’s lives. In the Ye Dil Mera episode 2 is totally focused on Noor Ul Ain and Amaan Ullah’s character.

As we come to know from the previous episode that Amaan Ullah knows something About Noor Ain. In the very first scene of Ye Dil Mera Episode 2, Amaan Ullah is playing music on the piano. The ost song of this drama is sung by Sajjal Ali and Naveed Naushad. Amaan Ullah is playing and remembering someone it can be his mother. But he is so emotional and has pain and tears in her eyes. The acting of Ahad Raza Mir is fabulous. There must be some story behind Amaan Ullah as because of his pain he misbehaves with her servant who is older is age. Amaan always gives hum respect but this side shows that Amaan Ullah has some bitterness in his personality too.

Meanwhile, Noor Ul Ain has a problem with childhood repressed memory which makes her uncomfortable every time. She scared of nightmares and after that her condition becomes uncontrollable. In this episode, Noor Ul Ain’s psychiatric problem increases and for that reason, Mir Farooq Zaman cancels all his business dealing. Finally, he called Dr. Arslan who is a psychiatrist and knows about the Noor Ul Ain condition.

Dr. Arslan’s role is being played by Syed Muhammad Ahmad. He makes a full inquiry about Anna’s life. Ask about the nightmare which always scared her. There is always a girl with a child girl. Some people are chasing them and be scared that they will kill her. it might be the mother of Anna. Must be some tragedy with her mother which memory always makes her scare. It also shows childhood memory always affects the whole life of a human he can never erase the intense memories from their mind.

The discussion between dr. Arslan and Mir Farooq Zaman is very meaningful. Why is the stigma for mental illness? Why people do not want to even talk about this topic. Our brain is also a part of our body. Any problem or disease can be occurring to the brain also like the other part of our body. Why people think it’s like a taboo. Mir Farooq Zaman is a very rich businessman. He also wants to hind her daughter’s mental illness. Dr. Arslan argues him in a very satisfactory way and then tell him that Anna has a problem of childhood repressed memory for which she has to take continuous session from him.

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Ghouri and Amaan Ullah have a good friendship. Like a typical mother, Ghouri’s wife is thinking that Amaan is very passionate, well settles, a boy so wants to give him a proposal of her daughter Asia. Asia is also showing interest in Amaan Ullah. Amaan Ullah did not know about it. He just wants to focus his business now.

Mir Farooq Zaman becomes more conscious about Noor Ul Ain. He totally stops her all social life. Though he always tries to keep Noor Ul Ain with him. The character of Mir Farooq Zaman is very suspicious. There is some mystery behind Mir Farooq Zaman due to which both Amaan and Anna’s lives are disturbed.

However, Ali Bakhash and Bowa are special servants of Mir Farooq Zaman. They know about the secrets of Mir Farooq Zaman.

Whereas, Mir Farooq Zaman is going for gulf with his friend Ghouri. He takes Anna with him. in the ground Amaan Ullah is also present with Ghouri. There Mir Farooq meets for the first time to Amaan Ullah.

But Anna finds to chance to asks questions which she has in her mind. She asks from Amaan as how he knows her and how he comes to know about her mark on the face as she was in makeup at that night. Amaan creates more suspense and says he will answer in the next meeting.

However, in the Ye Dil Mera episode, the story is progressing slowly. Therefore this episode reveals that Mir Farooq, Anna, Amaan have some mysterious past which interconnected to each other. Therefore, Anna has severe effects on the past and mentally disturbed by it. But was it a child abuse physically or sexually, was it about her murder death or murder? Above all the story becomes more interesting and mysterious. But what is the relation between Amaan and Anna and what is the role of Mir Farooq Zaman in their lives let’s see what is going to reveal in the next episode of Ye Dil Mera?