Ishq Zahe Naseeb 30 Episode Review

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Ishq Zahe Naseeb 30 Episode Review

 In the previous episode, Sameer attempt suicide. He is in hospital. Gohar is in the cell. Gohar is helpless. Sabeeha is feeling the pain of loneliness. Kashif goes to the cell to see Gohar. Let’s review Ishq Zahe Naseeb 30 episode which is last.

Here in the hospital, Sameer comes to consciousness, he tells the police that Gohar is innocent and he attempts suicide attempt with his own desire. He also confesses that he did the murder of Zoya, his Fiancée. He also gives a statement in which he transfers a portion of his property to Gohar.

However, in this episode, many unnecessary Scenes are added one of them is the reaction of the Gohar family on Sameer statement in which he confesses that he attempts suicide and Gohar. Still, suspense is created in the last episode as Kashif goes to the cell to receive Gohar and take her in the hospital to see Sameer. There, Doctor tells them that Sameer condition is critical. There Donia comes to see Sameer as Sameer is their business partner. So, there she meets Kashif and Gohar. She again misunderstands them. Kashif and Gohar instead of giving her any reason and tell her truth do not say anything.

Akbar tells Gohar about the Sameer statement that he said that Gohar is fully independent in her life and she can also take divorce from Sameer.

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Whereas, Sabeeha is in depression after the Sameer suicide. She has a feeling of regret and so that she commits suicide. Sabeeha’s character comes to its end. Sabeeha is a negative character till its end. She always makes other life difficult and terrible just the sake of wealth. In end, she is alone with her wealth and no one is available even for her funeral prayer.

But, Ismat Zaidi’s performance as Sabeeha is very amazing as she performed her negative role perfectly as it is real. Viewers have hate for Sabeeha’s character and them happy as she is no more in Sameer life.

Finally, Jahangir arrested by police as he threw acid on Gohar. Jahangir is also a negative character who always makes trouble for Gohar. It is good that he is arrested by police by strange thing is why police did not arrest him earlier? Anyways Jahangir’s father refuses to help him as it is the only way by which he got a lesson for his life.

Sameer is in a cell after he comes of consciousness. His behavior is still very strange and confused as he is not accepting Gohar in her life.

Gohar is doing the effort for Sameer. She goes to Zoya Sister and tells her that Sameer was psychiatric patient when he murder Zoya. It happened because of his disease.  Zoya’s sister promises her not to take any action against Sameer.

Gohar is very happy for Sameer but he is not. he does not have any aim in his life. Gohar is trying to make him understand as now his life is attaché to Gohar’s life.

One thing more revealed in this Scene that Sabeeha writes a letter to Sameer in which she exposes the negative character of Shakira. Shakira hated a lot Sameer because Sameer’s father ruined her life. so that she wants to take revenge from Sameer. Although the full story of Shakira is presented in this scene still there is a need for some clarification as in a scene someone takes away the Shakira son. It is still a mystery what happens to Shakira son and where is he?

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 Moreover, Donia decided to go abroad for completing her studies. In fact, she wants to go as she is hearted by Kashif. Gohar and Kashif finally take a step to solve the misunderstanding of Donia. They explain that Kashif is Donia’s husband and so he loves her. Kashif and Gohar do not have any relation.

It is the happy ending of Kashif and Donia’s story.

But after sometime Sameer recovered from his mental condition. Gohar buys some bangles and she gives it to Sameer. This very confusing scene as looking as she gives to Sameer. But finally, Sameer put these bangles to Gohar. Sameer completely recovers from his disease. He accepts Gohar in his life.

Overall, there is a happy ending in the Ishq Zahe Naseeb last episode. Yet, the theme of Drama is very sensitive, difficult, different and thriller. All the actors are brilliant and talented. Ishq Zahe Naseeb truly depicted how a person with mental illness is innocent. Additionally, the most amazing character of Ishq Zahe Naseeb is Zahid Ahmad. But this drama needs to be explained tittle bit more and remove all the extra scenes as there are repetitions of Shakira Scene many times. Outstanding performances by a single actor but especially Zahid Ahmad Sonia and Yumnah.  Their performances deserve the award. The storyline of Ishq Zahe Naseeb is unique. But unfortunately, this topic is always ignored. So, I hope so more shows will on this sensitive topic. Share your comments about Ishq Zahe Naseeb. 

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 9 review

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Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 9 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish exceeding her all limits. She agreed to go Islamabad with Shahwar without informing Danish. She is ignoring her home and family and that’s why Danish is in tension. In mery pass tum ho episode 9, Danish remind Mehwish that you did not ask about Rummi admission. He says that the principal is saying that mothers are very emotional about their children and I was waiting for your call but did not.

Mehwish did not give any response to this and ask that I am selected as secretary of the board of directors and tomorrow I have to take charge of the previous employee so I can be late tomorrow. It will be 9:00 pm to 10:00pm or 10:00pm to 11:00 pm.
Danish said that I think now it’s useless to stop you as you will not stop. I am scared of you. That’s why to give you permission to satisfy my own that I feel you are doing all with my permission.

Mehwish does not understand his feeling and wording. Now she only wants to enjoy that luxury life like Shahwar.

Danish start smoking due to tension and depression. Mehwish does not care about it and she is always in contact with Shahwar on call and messages. She makes a call to Shahwar when Danish goes for bread for breakfast. She says sorry and confirms timing for flight.

Therefore the next morning, it is the first day of Rummi School. Mehwish is not giving importance to it and Danish does all the preparation for Rummi. She is in a hurry. But Danish ask for a selfie that it is the first day of Rummi School. On the way to school, Danish asks to give a surprise to Rummi as it is his first day of school.

However, on the way to the airport, Shahwar makes a call to Mehwish. She is feeling scared, but Shahwar makes her sure that everything is okay. Shahwar explains his feeling. He was feeling just like a teenager when they go for a date. It is a very charm feeling.

Danish in the office is not feeling good. Mateen Sahb noticed him and so that he tries to inquire but he does not tell anything. He meets Danish at lunchtime. and asks for friendship with Danish. He feels that at the time of sorrow friend is just like father. That’s why I think you need a friend.

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Mateen Sahb tells him the story of himself. That before thirty years I say that my wife is a blessing. When second women enter man’s life, He considered that the first wife is not a blessing and she is with me because of only marriage. He fights with the first one for no reason and explains to the second one that I do not have an understanding with his wife and he ruined his life like this.
Mateen Sahb gives him advice that never repeats my mistake, my friend. Danish replied that I love my wife a lot and I do not have any second women in my life and I will never break my home.

Here Shahwar and Mehwish stayed in one room when they come to know that their flight is canceled due to bad weather. Mehwish is so much worried and Danish will come to know that and he will kill me.
Shahwar makes her sure that no one can even touch you. We will go to the airport and takes flight whichever is available there.

Here Danish is not feeling comfortable so he comes to the home early. At 9:00 pm Danish tried Mehwish mobile number but it is not available. He is so much worried. He calls to Shahwar home. Here servant tells that Shahwar is not here. He went to Islamabad. He is coming by 10:30 pm.

Danish understands the whole story. He goes to the airport. There he saw Mehwish is coming with Shahwar. Both are looking very happy. Danish surprised and shocked.

Mehwish and Danish are coming to the home. Danish did not say anything to Mehwish. On the way home, Mehwish asks to stop Danish. We should talk here. I went to Islamabad and without informing you.
Danish said it’s okay as it’s my fault that my thinking makes you scared that’s why you told me to lie.

However, When they come to the home, Mehwish asks are you angry with me. Danish said no.
Danish just ask that did you not remember how much I love you. Then he asks from tomorrow you will not go to the office. I will manage I will take a bribe. I will give you one lac rupees per month but I do not allow you to go for office

Here the next day Mehwish not comes to the office and that why Shahwar is worried. Shahwar asks to make a call to Mehwish but her number is switched off.

In mery pass tum ho episode 9, finally, Mehwish goes with Shahwar Ahmad to Islamabad. Mehwish does not inform to Danish. Danish comes to know that Mehwish was out of the city with Shehwar. It is very emotional to see your loved one with another. But here Mehwish is not his only love. She is also his wife. Danish did not ask anything harsh to Mehwish even did not talk inoffensive tone. Danish again try to save his family. He says not to go for office I will do all by hook or crook. Let’s Danish will succeed or not. And a new interesting character in mery pass tum is Mateen Sahb.

So let’s see what happens next? What will Shahwar do now? Will Danish succeed in saving his family or not? What is the full story of Mateen Sahb? Let’s see what will happen in mery pass tum ho next episode?

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 8 review

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Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 8 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish start a job in the Shahwar office. Shahwar gives her five lac rupees in advance as salary. Danish permit her to do a job but still continuously about Mehwish. Shahwar is trying to show that he is not happy because of his wife’s negative behavior. In the mery pass tum ho episode 8, Mehwish in Shahwar office. She spends her whole day with Shahwar and did not any office work. She just takes coffee with him and asks him not to smoke and talking to him. At the time, she makes him wear his coat. Which is very strange and showing how’s Shahwar thinks negatively about her.

Danish got an accident while returning to home. He got an injury at the leg and neck. She comes with Rummi. She finds the first add box there, then she sees Danish is sleeping in the room. He tells her about his injury but she does not give any attention to this. She excitingly shows him the car and driver which Shahwar provides her.

On next morning, she asks him to take off form the office that we have to go for Rummi admission. She also tells him maid is also coming from today. Danish is already depressed about all this. He counts all the things which Shahwar gives to Mehwish. He gives a good job, a beautiful car, a driver, an advance salary and that necklace. Danish tries to make her understand that if Allah shows this much kindness to women then okay, but a man shows this much kindness to women that do not look nice.

He asks her to be careful as someone wants to buy by one lac rupees and necklace. I do not have any doubt about you but its reality. She also takes that day my eyes only just believe in him but this belief is not by heart.

But Mehwish does not want to listen to anything about his Job and Shahwar. She said you are just jealous of me because I have a good job and you do not. This is a very alarming situation that Mehwish changed her tone with Danish.

Here, as Mehwish reached office, Shahwar is fighting with an employee and blaming him that why you did not give him seventy to eighty lac. He needs then why you wait for me. He dies because of lung cancer. They wait for approval for me.
This is only pretended talks because he wants to show his perfect personality to Mehwish. When she entered to office her colleague asks to go for Shahwar Room.
Mehwish thinks how Shahwar is a kind man and she take care of her employees a lot.

Danish is so much involved in thoughts that he wears an unmatched pair of socks. Mr. Mateen makes fun of him. Then they have lunch together as Danish not brings his lunch with him.

Then Shahwar asks Mehwish to go out for lunch. Shahwar asks her that you have any fear. Mehwish agrees with him to go out for lunch and say I do not have any fear of anyone. They go for lunch there, he talks about Rummi admission. He asks her not to take leave. Ask Danish to go there, do all the procedures. if there is any problem, call me I will fix it. Then he again asks about that if he asks to stop the job. you will leave me. she asks that I will come definitely. He can not do anything.

In the evening, mehwish shows her new dresses to danish. These are branded and expensive too. Mehwish asks to go to School tomorrow for Rummi admission. It is surprising for danish. Then she explains that it’s not compulsory that both of us go for admission. I have a new job that why I cannot take off tomorrow.she also ask to call Shahwar in case of any need.

Danish explains to mehwish that it is not comfortable for the previous many nights. I am disturbed. Why Shahwar Ahmad is doing this all. I do not need him. I can manage my matters. And you do not tell me about cheque of five lac rupees and you go for another bank to deposit that money.

She again gives lames excuses. He gives me an advance salary for fives month and I go for another bank because a cheque is for another branch. I do not tell you about cheque because you always have doubts about me. please do not think like this.

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Danish goes to a school for Rummi admission. The principal is also asking about Rummi mother again and again. Rummi test is quite good so he got admission to this school.

In-office, Shahwar gives good news to Mehwish that you are selected as secretary of the board of directors. He also asks her to go with him to Islamabad. There is an important meeting so we have to go otherwise cancel the meeting.

Mehwish says that Danish will never allow him to go Islamabad. He never comes to know about it. We will go to Islamabad. We will go from the flight at 8:00 am and come from the flight of 6:00 pm. You do not need to worry about it.

When Mehwish returned to the home, Danish is cooking for Rummi. Maid went early because of mother illness. Mehwish is thinking about flight and make to call to Asim and confirm the timing of the flight.

In mery pas tum ho episode 8, Shahwar is cleverly trapping Mehwish wish his clever tricks. Mehwish is not thinking about Danish and Rummi. Danish who loves and care a lot to her, she is not considering his any advice and wish. She is ignoring her home. She did not go for her son’s admission. Most strange, she is ready to go with Shahwar to Islamabad and without informing Danish. She is deceiving Danish. What will happen next? Will she realize what she is doing? Will she come to know that Shahwar love is fake? If she continues to ignore home and family, what will Danish do? If he comes to know that she is going to Islamabad with Shahwar what will he do? Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of mery pass tum ho.

Ehd e Wafa episode 18 Review

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Ehd e Wafa episode 18 Review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, everything is going smoothly. Gulzar and Saad start their duties in the unit. Their seniors are making them fool. Shahzain is determined for the election. Dua is settled in Abbot Abad and continue her study. Shariq becomes very famous because of youtube Channel. Ehd e Wafa episode 18, start when Saad is facing a funny situation.

Saad does not realize that now- a day’s salaries are providing in banks’ accounts of employees. This scene is very entertaining. Here Gulzar also facing this kind of situation. Their seniors ask him the name of a wheel of the tank filled with air pressure. In reality in the tank there no this kind of wheel that exists. It is also a very funny scene.


Shariq becomes very famous among the common people because he is highlighting the problems of our society. He got an offer from D television. But Shariq asks them to work with them in only one condition. I will work with only my team. Here Shariq is showing his strong attachment wish Ramsha.  Ramsha is only one person in Shariq Team.

Ramsha wants, that Shariq should take the start of his career on electronic media. It was also a wish of Shariq to be anchorperson.

 The Shariq is showing a positive character. Because he does not only wants success or wealth. He wants the welfare of common people. He exposes the corruption and misuse of authority in our society.


Shariq meets Sheheryar. Shehryar tells him that Saad passes out his training. He also tells him that Saad wants us should meet again. They are making fun of this that why he thinks that after the last meeting.

Shariq also receives an appointing call from D television. All are very happy. It seems that Shariq will do something for our society.

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Rani is actively working in the election campaign for Shahzain. She is very entertaining and always in a cheerful mood. She is going to a different women’s corner meetings and make them sure that we will work for your welfare.

Rani’s thinking is very positive. She really wants to do something for the people of the village. She also offers that I will give you my whole jewelry which you spend on the welfare of people.

She also says a deep meaning dialogue there. She says if the nation of this country makes anyone accountable for his or her responsibility then our country gets developed automatically.


In this scene forth female leading role appears as Masooma. Masooma has a feeling of love for Shahryar and she expresses her feeling to Shahryar. Shaharyar does not give importance to her and says her fool as she is thinking about marriage rather than study and making a career.

She goes back home but Shahryar also has some feelings for her. he is worried because  Masooma went from his home. I think Shahryar is ignoring her because he is not financially stable and he does not want her will suffer from him.


Shariqs show Hot Seat becomes very famous because Shariq asks a very bitter and logical question from politicians. He not only invites and asks a question to politicians but also makes them agree to work for the welfare of people. However, Shariq is showing the positive side of the media. If the media do some effort many things can be changed. Likewise, the media is very powerful and has influence.


Finally Shahzain win in the election. Here it seems that Shahzain character going to be negative. Let’s see what will Shahzain do after becoming MNA. So, will he deliver his service properly?


Therefore, Saad and Gulzar went to two different departments. Saad is an armored force and Gulzar is in infinity Force whereas Saad and Gulzar are doing their best. Saad is leading his football team and he also wins the match. On the other hand, Gulzar is also giving his best.


Meanwhile, Ehd e Wafa episode 18, every character story is moving on. Saad and Gulzar are loyal to his duty and so they are succeeding. Shahzain also succeeds in the election. Shehryar is doing preparation for CSS exams. In short, he is confused about Masooma as he is not financially strong enough. But sill there is no sign to meeting SSG boys. Everyone wants to see them together. Shahzain is selected as MNA. Will Shahzain fulfill his all responsibility? Will him loyal to his professions. There are many doubts because politics is very difficult to field. Therefore, let’s see what will happen in the next episode of Ehd e Wafa.

Ehd e Wafa Episode 17 Review

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Ehd e Wafa Episode 17 Review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, Assad and Gulzar pass their training process. Shahzain gives a surprise announcement to take part in the election. Dua and her mother are going to shift Abbottabad. In Ehd e Wafa episode 17, the first scene is of captain Faraz. He has already a very impressive personality.

His physical appearance, his tall height is complementary to his post. In the drama, he is feeling proud of his son Saad as he won the honor of Sword. This scene is the crux of the drama. He remembered the days which he spends with his friends are price. Actually the role of captain Fraz is relating to his previous drama Alpha Bravo Charlie. He explains the emotions for friends by seeing the pictures of Alpha Bravo Charlie drama with his friends and say friendship is priceless.

Saad thinking about his friends and seeing pictures of the days when they all are together. he calls Sheheryar. Then he goes to meet him. he asks that I want to meet Shahzain but Shahryar thinks it can not be possible as last time your behavior with Shahzain was not fair. I think it is time to meet them as Saad has a soft corner for Shahzain. If Sheheryar and Shariq try to make shahzain understand they will be together again.

However, Gulzar is showing a very positive attitude to her village people. Everyone is celebrating Gulzar’s success.

Here Shahzain’s grandfather does not want him takes part in the election. He gives the reason that politics is not a good field in our country. As every ask you corrupt and dishonest person. We have a respectable family. But Shahzain not agreeing with him and ask every time you support someone in the village now you should support me. Politics is really very strange field as if someone wants to be successful need wealth or support of a wealthy is the bitter truth of our country.

Rani is trying to convince Shahzain not to take part in the election. Above all, Rani is a very entertaining character in this Drama. Zara Noor did justice with her role Rani.

Rani tries her best to convince Shahzain but he is determined. He decided to take part in the election for this purpose he tried to make agree rani father. Rani’s father decided that his son with take part in the election next time.

Additionally, Saad makes a call to Dua. She tells him about her shifting and the death of her Father. It is so unexpected news for Saad that he could not say anything to her. He goes to her home to meet him. The scene of Dua and Saad is very interesting and romantic. Saad feels very sad to see her in this condition. But he sets her all homes with her. He also meets her mother.

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Saad took her ring size without informing her. It’s very interesting as he says her it is a game and so take a size with thread. They look very pretty with each other. Saad wants to marry her but Dua refuses as first, she wants to become a doctor. In last Saad ask her very important and deeps words. That you will be in my heart till my life as I do not know what will happen in my life. But these words showing that might be Saad will achieve testimony. It creates a more emotional attachment with Ehd e Wafa. Let’s see anticipation is true or not.

However, Saad is very busy in her field that her son comes home after a long time and she goes to medical confers. And she has very positive thinking. Here everyone is feeling that why Dua refuses to marry now. Here Saad’s mother is answering that question to Saad that it might be a test of your love so have patience. Dua also has an aim in her life.

However, Shariq becomes very famous and receives a call from a very famous TV channel. He is showing interest in Ramsha. As he wants to be with her all the time.

Since Saad and Gulzar are going to be a victim of their seniors planned fun. Saad is given the duty of the whole unit salary and asks to take care of huge money until tomorrow. On the other hand, the strange thing is that in this era of technology there is eliminating the paper money they are managing cash for Salaries. Here a fake officer talked to Saad which Saad did not recognize as this is a fake voice.

Above all, Saad goes to handle the dispute between two soldiers. When he comes there is no lock on the door and the money is also missing. Most importantly the expressions of Saad are very amazing.


Therefore, Ehd e Wafa episode 17 is creating more interest and curiosity. All the characters are progressing in their story. In this episode, the main concept of drama is highlighted which is friendship as it was ignoring from many previous episodes. Finally, let’s see what will happen next in Ehd e Wafa. Will they all friend to each other or not. So, let’s see the next episode of Ehd e Wafa to get answers for curious questions.

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 review

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Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum, Mehwish wants to do the job in Shahwar Company. Shahwar is offering her one lace per month. Danish clearly said to I will never allow you to do a job in Shahwar Company. In mery pass tum ho episode 7, Danish explains to Mehwish, that if you really want to do the job. You can do anywhere else. Where you only receive that money which you deserve. As the money is given to you more than that you deserve, it is your price, not your salary.

Mehwish asks him to return all gifts. She says that he does not deserve friendship because he has bad intentions. Danish thinks that are not gifts that he gave to us. These hurt me a lot because of his bad intention.

Danish thinks to return these gifts back to Shahwar and close this all chapter. But he goes toward the Shahwar house with his gifts. But before he reached there, Mehwish calls Shahwar. She told him that he did not like you as you gazed at me the bad intention.

Shahwar makes her sure that, I will defeat him. When he returns to the home he will wear the wristwatch (my gift). He will say sorry to you.
Mehwish request him to be polite with him and do not say that you have bad intention.

When Danish reached the Shahwar house, Shahwar warmly welcomed him. He emotionally explains that he feels very lonely in his life. He always praises to Mehwish because I want you and your family to come to my house again and again. It is very pleasant for me. I feel I am not alone. I fee we are family and we are happy.

On returning home Danish is a little bit surprised as Mehwish not asks anything. Then he said Shahwar is very alone. They both are getting a divorce. His wife is very fooling women. His wife considered him an employee.

Danish thanking to Allah as you are my wife, I am so lucky and richer person because of you.
He gives her permission to do the job in Shahwar Company. According to Danish, there is nothing wrong with doing a job in Shahwar Company. He said that we will arrange a maid and Rummi will be with her after school time.

Danish makes a call to Shahwar, and ask him that today Mehwish will become in your office your job purpose. Danish also ask him to make her pick and drop arrangement for a few days.
Then he calls to Mehwish, ask about her breakfast. He said I have talked to Shahwar about your job and also for your pick and drop. Ask to drop Rummi for today at Anoshy home.

Anoshy is surprised about all this. How she got a job in Shahwar Company. How Danish gives you permission. Mehwish gives the reason that I also don’t know that Danish will allow me or not.
Then se asks about the necklace that she wears. She is looking very glamorous and charming. She asks him to pick Rummi on returning from the office.

Her danish allow her to go for a job still he is not comfortable. He is feeling a headache. And so he asks for medicine.
Here Mehwish reaches the Shahwar office, he was on a call with his wife. He is saying to her that I give so many years to your business and you should calculate with this time worth more or your Companies profit. After the call, he finds Mehwish is there. he gives him an appointment letter with a check. Which is the salary advance of five months? She is so much Happy.

Then Shahwar takes her to her room. This is so beautiful. Mehwish asks about the designation and job description as it is not mentioned in the appointment letter.
Shahwar asks her to just take care of mine. I really need it. Make me remind to take lunch or dinner on time. Do not give me cigarettes when I feel depressed because the doctor prohibited me.

He also does not allow her to pick a Danish call. He asks that I have a fear that you will leave me, at this Mehwish gives surmising answer that I will never leave you. And now Danish cannot stop me.

In mery pass tum ho episode 7, a strange thing happens that Danish allows Mehwish to do the job in the Shahwar office. It is not a good decision. But somehow it important to allow her to do everything which she wants. It is the test of her loyalty. Unfortunately, Mehwish failed this exam. She actually does not know the meaning of loyalty in a relationship. Firstly it seemed that Mehwish wants wealth and luxury life.

In mery pass tum ho episode 7 she actually shows that he can do everything in greed even now she is showing unfaithfulness with relations. Let’s what will happen next in drama? What she will do more? What about Rummi? Will she think of him or not? What will Danish do if he comes to know that his wife is not loyal to him let’s see what will happen next in mery pass tum ho?

Ehd e Wafa Episode 15 review

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Ehd e Wafa Episode 15 review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, it seems that everything is going smooth, as Dua has such a loving and understanding father. Shahid completely trusts on his daughter Dua and he also makes her sure that everything will be according to her wishes. Saad and Gulzar are going toward success.

The Ehd e Wafa episode 15 is tragic. Let’s talk about it. In the very first scene of Ehd e Wafa, Gulzar and Saad reached their fourth term. Saad admired and ideal personality is kernel Sher Khan (Nishan e Haider). Finally, he reached his room and expressing his emotional and passionate feeling.

Dua’s parents go to more. Shahid clearly explains to his brother that Dua is not ready to marry Raheel. So they also not want so. On this, his brother shows him very rude behavior. Shahid respects a lot to his brother. He tried his best but his brother did not understand him.
This situation is very panic for Shahid. Shahid Brother is not thinking like Shahid and all problems are created when we do not want to understand others.

While returning to Muree, Shahid is in very tension because his brother is angry with him. He continuously thinking about him and suddenly they have an accident in their car due to over speeding. In the accident, Shahid loss his life While his wife also injured. It is very shocking for Dua.

In next scene was full entertaining as Rani is the most entertaining character of this drama. She is always in a cheerful mood. Zara Noor Abbas is doing justice with her role. Here Shariq is working hard to expose injustice in the country. Unfortunately, he is facing difficulty in his aim. He wants to expose the misuse of authority and Government School is occupied by influential people. No channel is ready to take his package because it is against a very influential person. But Ramsha gives him a favor and aired their package. But for this act, she has to leave her job.

They decided to make a YouTube Channel and work for it. It is quite a good idea as now social media is mostly a free and easy source of conveying your message. They are determined, passionate and want to expose the evils of society but it will be not easy let’s see will they succeed in her aim or not?

Saad is everyone’s favorite character in the Ehd e Wafa because of such nice behavior. He is a strong candidate for winning the sword hone r and for this purpose he is trying very hard. But he is doing more than this. His senior trainer is continuously failing in the test. Now he decides to help him because it is the last chance for him. He is helping him with a full plan with his friends and they seem that they will succeed in it. It is another positive side of Saad’s behavior as he does not an honest and hard worker. He also thinks and cares about others. It is a message for the young generation that we should be attentive and helpful to others.

Another entertaining character of Ehd e Wafa is Gulzar. And in this episode, he is punishing a trainer as he does not know even the name of Atta Ullah khan Singer. And Atta Ullah Khan is a favorite singer of Gulzar. It is a very funny reason to be punished, someone.

Dua’s uncle comes to take Dua and her mother with them as now they are alone in this city. But Dua’s mother refuses. She blames then as they are the reason for the death of Shahid. She asks them not to meet me again in my life. Her tone is rude to them because of them she is facing such a difficult situation.

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In the last scene of Ehd e Wafa episode 15, Dua is asking her mother that why you insulted uncle last day, after all, he is my uncle. You should talk to him politely. She is very emotional after the death of Shahid and considered that Dua’s uncle is responsible for Shahid’s death.
One more important thing revealed in this episode that Dua is an adopted child of Shahid. It is very surprising for Dua as Shahid.

The Ehd e Wafa drama story is progressing well as Saad and Gulzar are efforts hard for winning the sword of honor. Shariq is going to plan a youtube channel with Ramsha. The sad thing is Dua’s father died and surprising end by revealing that Dua is an adopted child. Captain Faraz is Shahryar who is missing in this episode. The story of Ehd e Wafa is becoming interesting. But the main theme is Dram which is Friendship but all boys are fully involved in their lives and never even remember each other. Will they meet ever in lives or not. What will the reaction of Dua on surprising fact from her mother? Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of Ehd E Wafa.

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 6 review

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Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 6 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish went to Shahwar house for dinner. Shahwar gave them gifts. Mehwish is greedy therefore she is so much happy.
In drama mery pass tum ho episode 6, Mehwish is still lost in the happiness of the beautiful gift of the necklace from Shahwar Ahmad. Danish know the meaning for which Shahwar gave them so expensive gift and he said that Shahwar gives me this watch as a tip.

It is a commission but tip sounds better than a commission so I called it tip. Danish makes understands her did you not feel always he is gazing at you. According to Mehwish, Shahwar loves beauty and he always praises for beauty. Nothing more than this is in his mind.
Danish ask Mehwish emotionally that I am not as I did not give you everything. Can you think like me? As I do not have a beautiful house, car, and luxury life but I am happy as you are mine (mery pass tum ho)
Mehwish replied as I want many other things also except you

Danish leave for office then, Mehwish received Anoshy call, she does not know about her dinner at the Shahwar house. She again tells her that Shahwar always praises her beauty. She advises Mehwish if he invites you at dinner you should go. Mehwish does not tell her anything and ends the call saying I am busy.

When Danish goes to office Mateen sahb gives him a memo. Memo for explaining as to why is he being late for two days and one half-day leave without any notification. Danish clears that I always in for my senior. Mateen sahb said the notification should always be in written form. Then he said to Danish, this all happening as you will not take that money of bribe and refuses to sign that file.

Danish is tensed so he makes a call to Mehwish to tell about the memo. She is also taunting him as to why are you given that money back. Suddenly the doorbell is ringed. Danish ask her but she cut off the call.

She is surprised to see Shahwar at the door. She, why are you here? He says that I want to see you at once. Nowadays It is my extreme desire to see you. She does not invite him inside the home as Danish is not at home.

Shahwar calls Mehwish and asks her that I was not fine and so that I come to your home to see. As seeing you is like a medicine for me. Then he asks for a meeting. Shahwar clearly says to her. I cannot hide my feeling and want that you will be always with me that’s why I came to your home in the morning.

Why you do not start a job in my business. He offers her one lac rupees per month. It is a huge amount for Mehwish he mentioned he is doing this all because I have special feelings for you. But I forgot you are not mine I don’t have the right to see you I will try to control myself and say sorry.

Suddenly she sees Danish is calling. He attends his call. Danish ask that who was at the door. She lies to him. That someone comes there mistakenly he has to go for flat number 408.
But on way to home, Danish meets Mr. Nasser is living in flat number 408. In parking, the flat guard tells Danish that some person comes to your home in the morning, he tells how he looks like. Danish comes to know that it was Shahwar Ahmad
On Sunday Danish, Mehwish and Rummi, go for an outing. She talks about her job and says she will talk to Anoshy. She will talk to Shahwar for the job. Danish is not happy about this.

At night Mehwish gives many reasons to do a job. Why you are so against Shahwar. Then Danish ask her why you do not tell me that day, he comes to our home. She tells that he comes to our home because I am not attending his call.
Danish is a surprise and asks is he calls you. Mehwish again lies and just that day. He is a good man and he is offering a job for one lac rupees per month. He just wants to help us. Do not be negative.

Mehwish is angry with Danish. Why he spying on me. Danish and Rummi both feel her angry behavior the next morning. Danish stops her and clear that I am not spying on you. I come to know by our flat guard. Maybe Shahwar is a good man but I do not think so. You can job anywhere else except for the Shahwar business.

In the 6th episode of mery pass tum ho, it clear that Shahwar has an interest in Mehwish and Mehwish is behaving like a greedy lady and wants wealth, expensive gifts and want luxury life. It does not matter for her that way is right or not. She does not value her husband, priceless love. Till now Danish is showing very polite behavior and gives her permission for everything but knows he takes action and asks her not to do a job in Shahwar Company. What will happen next in the drama mery pas tum ho? Will Shahwar control himself and not disturb Mehwish and Danish life. Will she insist on a job again or not? Let’s see what happens new in drama mery pass tum ho.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 29 Review

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Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 29 Review

The previous episode of Ishq reveals many things to Sameer. Sameer comes to know trough Gohar as her real mother is still alive. He also comes to know that Akbar is his uncle and the whole story of Sabeeha. Jahangir tells the love story of Gohar and Kashif and also sends him pictures of Gohar with Kashif.In the Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 29, everyone thinking that Sameer will take revenge for his mother from Sabeeha but he does not do so.

Sameer transfer all property to Sabeeha and Sabeeha does not expect this she is in shock. But suddenly he feels the fear of being alone. She tries to convince Sameer as she cares for him and she gives him love and attention as a mother from his childhood.

This scene has a lesson that wealth is never everything. Love, attention, and cares are very important for any human being. Sabeeha got the wealth for which she damages many lives. One of those lives is Sameer. Sameer becomes a psychiatric patient because of Sabeeha’s injustice behavior. Now she is begging for love and attention from Sameer. He decided to go to his real mother.

Sameer is already a psychiatric patient and after this, all happening at once he again considering that Shakira is only his friend as Gohar is unfaithful to him. He showed her pictures with Kashif as it is not misunderstanding it is reality.
Gohar does not say anything because Sameer does not want to listen to her. After revealing the truth of Sabeeha I was thinking that Sameer life becomes normal but everything going against it.

At night Sameer is talking to Shakira. Sameer knows that Shakira does not exist in real so he arguing to himself finally he conclude result that if Shakira does not leave him then he will leave her. He decided to suicide.
Gohar is also in a very panic situation. Sameer does not believe her anymore. He tries to shoot himself but Gohar trying to stop him. Finally, Sameer shoots himself.

Sabeeha is thinking that Sameer will leave her as he said that he was going to his mother. Then she comes to know about the death of Sameer’s mother.
As Sameer shoot himself, Sabeeha calls to police Station and report that Gohar shoots her son Sameer. Police come to Sameer villa and arrest Gohar.

From the previous situation, it was looking that Sabeeha has been changed but by this act, it is clear that she did not change. Why she calls the police and report against Gohar. The story is becoming more interesting and mysterious.

Gohar family comes to know that Gohar shoot Sameer and now she is in custody of the police. Her brother Saleem and his wife are blaming Gohar because they become notorious due to Gohar and Gohar is a characterless girl. At this Bushra (Gohar Elder Sister) answered him. She makes him realize what they have done with Gohar. How much Gohar sacrifices for her family?
Here is a lesson for people that in marriage, not the wealth and physical appearance and physical health only important. In marriage mental health of both partners is very important.

Although here we have attached to the character of Sameer, in reality, the marriage of Sameer and Gohar was very unfair. Sameer is a psychiatric patient but everyone is blaming Gohar and considered her as she is wrong. This kind of marriage ruined not only lived but also families. This topic is very sensitive to our society. But no one wants to talk about this but effects and ruins live.

Donia is in depression. Because Kashif cheats her .in this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb, she comes to know from her father that Kashif did not hide anything. I know everything but Donia’s father asks him no tell Donia. He asked her to take a new start of her life as Kashif does not cheat her.

Sameer is on a ventilator in the hospital. Doctors seem to be disappointed about Sameer health
Now Sabeeha is feeling the pain of being lonely. She is calling Sameer as Sameer called his parents and help in childhood.
Kashif goes to the cell to meet Gohar. Gohar is happy as anyone in the world who feels her pain comes to meet her.

In Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s episode 29, the story is very sad. Sameer, who is the main leading role of drama attempts suicide. He is on the ventilator. Gohar is in custody of the police. she has blame of attempt of murder to Sameer. At this point, the drama becomes more interesting. What will happen to Sameer? What is going to happen with Gohar? And what will Sabeeha do next? Will Sameer recover? If he recovers, will he stand for Gohar? Let’s see how’s the story will end in the next episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb?

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 28 Review

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Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 28 Review

In the previous episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Gohar is trying her best to know the story of Sameer and also trying to deal with his psychological diseases. Here Sabeeha does not want so and he is trying to make hurdles in Gohar plan. She decided to meet the ex-fiancé of Gohar.
In Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 28, still, the story is going very slow and many unimportant scenes are added to the drama.

In the very first scene, Sabeeha meets Jahangir and makes a deal with him. She asks him to make a plan that Sameer makes her get out of the house. She agrees to give him a huge amount for this. This is a very long scene just for dragging the Drama.

However, Donia got the Gohar mobile number and makes a call to her. She teased her as to why she did this as her love Kashif and married to Sameer. It’s very unfair and hypocrisy. Gohar tries to explain to her but she did not listen to anything and rejects the call. However, it is very illogical that she does not give a signal chance to say everything. Donia is showing very conservative thoughts.

Jahangir’s Situation

Jahangir makes a call to Sameer and sends him pictures of Gohar with Kashif. The scene is dragging as Jahangir already tells him all the things on Call then why he insist to meet her. Sameer condition is critical as Jahangir calls Gohar characterless again and again.

He is thinking about when Shakira asks him not to trust Gohar as she is disloyal to you. Sameer is also remembering the when Sabeeha is asking from Gohar as where she goes daily. These all things make him sure that Gohar is disloyal and characterless.

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Gohar’s Letter

Sameer comes to home and got a surprise there. Nooran tells him that Gohar lives the home gives a letter to you. It is also very surprising as to why Gohar lives the home as she was so determined in her plans and she wants that Sameer become a normal person and she will do everything for the letter Gohar give an address and ask him to visit this address at least one time.

The next scene is a flashback scene of Shakira in which she comes to a home from the mental hospital and asking for only Five hundred Rupees. She is also talking about her son and says it’s good that my ‘son is not alive yet. Her expressions are very meaningful as she is going to do something very important. But still, the story is not disclosed completely.

Finally, here Sabeeha comes to know that Akbar got bail from jail and it is very surprising to her. Sabeeha is reaction very seems that now the game of Sabeeha is going to end. She hired a legal panel to handle all her legal matters but now the time to exposing her character, so no one can do anything.

Hence, Sameer goes to Gohar given Address, there he finds that Akbar is present there. Here Akbar tells him the whole story of Suriya. He tells that Sabeeha was a servant in Ahsan (Sameer father) office. Then Sabeeha plans to prove Suriya is a characterless woman. Then very cleverly she marries Ahsan. And I am the brother of Suriya.

For this reason, Akbar gave Sabeeha poison. He wants to take revenge from Sabeeha. Whereas, the story is reveling slowly as Suriya is the mother of Sameer and how Sabeeha proved her characterless.
When Sameer wants to meet Suriya, she died. It was a sad moment as after waiting for a whole life she even did not meet her son.

On the whole, there is another flashback in which Shakira is talking about Sameer and she is saying she save Sameer life and Sameer loves her a lot. Still the story of Shakira is very confusing. And the flashback scenes are puzzles that create more confusion. This is because of creating more curiosity and mystery to drama. The whole confusion and curiosity are going to end as now many things are clears and hopefully the full story will be explained in the next episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

However, there are many questions about the story of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. What will be Sameer do? Will him able to handle himself as he is already a victim of psychological disease due to his childhood trauma. Will Gohar come back to Sameer’s life? What will Sabeeha do? Will Donia understand the Kashif situation and accepts him in her life? Will Kashif want to come back to Donia’s life? Therefore, let’s see what will happen in the next episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.