Ye Dil Mera episode 3 Review

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Ye Dil Mera episode 3 Review

In the previous episode of Ye Dil Mera, Amaan meets Mir Farooq. Sajjal asks him how he knows her. Every character of Ye Dil Mera is very suspicious but the story behind them is one. Let’s see what is going to reveal new things in the Ye Dil Mera episode 3.

However, Sajjal and Ahad are acting are marvelous and the chemistry of this couple is really appreciable. Similarly, Ghouri makes the detailed introduction of Amaan Ullah to Mir Farooq. It is clear from this scene that Mir Farooq not knows about Amaan Ullah. In short, the history of the story is related to the Amaan Ullah family and Mir Farooq Zaman. Mir Farooq appreciates him for his passionate behavior toward business.  Amaan Ullah noticed the intense caring behavior of Mir Farooq Zaman for his daughter. On the other hand, Anna feeling embracement beaconing Mir Farooq Zaman treats her as a child. It is really irritating behavior.

Anna is impressed by Amaan Ullah’s personality. She has a special feeling about him. Her psychiatrist advises her to keep away from social networks and does not use mobile phones and laptops. She starts using a laptop without permission. And on social media, she fined the Amaan Ullah account suddenly sees his friend request. She is very happy to see this but Amaan Ullah cancels his friend request. She is also very excited to do an internship in the A.k oil refinery which is Amaan Ullah Company.

Mir Farooq wants that Anna do his internship in his father’s office but she does not want so she explains that I want to explore the world and want to learn things practically. She explained that she is going to apply to A.k Company. Mir Farooq agreed to her. 

Mir Farooq noticed the extraordinary happiness on the face of Anna. She consults Anna Dr. Arslan and tells him about her behavior. Mir Farooq is also worried that how will she work in a difficult environment. He does not want to see Anna in any trouble. This is the reason for which parents are always worried and tense for their children. But Dr. Arslan makes him understand that this is the main problem you should not treat her like a fragile delicate object. So let’s her explore her options and build herself up gradually. There is just a need to support them every time so that they become strong enough and become able to handle any difficult conditions.

It is a very important lesson in this episode of Ye Dil Mera. Too much care makes the children weak and them unable to develop their personality.

Anna has applied for an internship at A.k company. there Amaan sees that Anna’s name is not in the list of shortlisted candidates. He added Anna’s name in the list of shortlisted candidates. This shows that Amaan Ullah also gives her importance. Has the feeling of love for Anna or is any other planning going in his mind?

Meanwhile, after receiving an interview call Anna is very excited and she tells everyone about his interview. Therefore, she makes special planning for an interview and she dressed up like she is going to any function. She is very confident as she will definitely be selected in the interview certainly.

Above all, the interview is the best entertaining part of this episode. Similarly, Ahad and Sajjal acting and their facial expression are amazing. Amaan Ullah treated her very rudely. She tried her best to answer all questions but he makes her all effort in vain. Likewise, she is confused and upset; why Amaan is doing this with innocent Anna.

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But Mir Farooq Zaman faces a loss of five hundred million in his business because the health department reports their one tonic is dangerous for children. It is also bad for his company’s reputation. However, he is very tense and takes all precautions action to accommodate this loss. He decided to go to Karachi. There while traveling to Karachi. But Ali bakhsh is talking to Mir Farooq which shows that Ali Baksh is very loyal to Mir Farooq. Moreover, Ali Baksh is talking to kill anybody just for Mir Farooq. In addition to this talking clear that must be the murder of someone in the past and Ali Baksh knows about this.

The last scene of Ye Dil Mera reveals a fact about Mir Farooq Zaman. So, Mir Farooq Zaman has a secret marriage. But he goes to Karachi and there his second wife Sahira. The Sahira character is playing by Rabia Butt. However, she is a very talented model and actress in Pakistan. So, the drama becomes more interesting let’s see what is going to happen in the next story of Ye Dil Mera.

Therefore, in Ye Dil Mera episode 3, the story is becoming more interesting as a couple of Ahad Raza Mir and Sajjal are doing an excellent job. Handsome Adnan Saddique although has a negative role but very strong acting. However, the story becomes interesting as what is going to happen next Amaan and Anna’s life. Whereas Mir Farooq’s mystical life reveals a fact that he has a secret wife let’s see what is going to reveal in the next episode of Ye Dil Mera?

Ye Dil Mera Episode 1 Review

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Ye Dil Mera Episode 1 Review

Ye Dil Mera is the famous drama of Pakistan nowadays. It is basically a very different story of romance and thriller with top actors. Ye Dil Mera episode 1 being air from 30th October 2019 on hum tv. The unique and powerful story of Ye Dil Mera is written by Farhat Ishtiaq. Farhat Ishtiaq already gives many hit stories like Humsafar, Matay-e-Jaan hai tu, Diyar-e Dil, etc. So Ye Dil Mera is produced by Momina Duraid and directed by Ahsan Tallish. However, the leading role of ye Dil Mera is Ahad Raza Mir as Amaan Ullah, Adnan Saddique as Mir Farooq and Noor Ul Ain.

Other than a strong storyline the reason for the popularity of Ye Dil Mera is the actors. But Ahad Raza and Sajjal Ali come again as a couple after Yaqeen ka Safer. Both are very talented and their acting makes the dram very special. Whereas, Adnan Saddique is very experienced and legend of Pakistan. These are some facts about Ye Dil merely. Let’s review Ye Dil Mera’s episode 1.

Therefore, Ye Dil Mera episode 1 is the introductory episode. As it is a thriller story in the very first scene, in the dark night a woman with a child wants to escape but suddenly hears a shooting voice which creates suspense. I conclude there must be a dark story behind the beautiful characters of Ye Dil Mera.

Ahad Raza Mir as Amaan Ullah has a very impressive personality. But he settled his business in Pakistan recently. He is looking very hardworking and intelligent. One thing more about him is that he has a pet Dog Shero which he loves a lot.

Mir Farooq is a very rich businessman. Mir Farooq lives with his daughter Noor Ul Ain in a big luxurious house with many disciplined servants. Mir Farooq loves his daughter a lot. Noor Ul Ain is studying chemical engineering. Mir Farooq is very careful about Noor Ul Ain.

Ghouri is also a businessman and mutual friend of Mir Farooq and Amman Ullah. So Amaan Ullah and Mir Farooq have invited to Ghouri son marriage ceremony. There Amaan Ullah and Noor Ul Ain meet for the first time. In his first meeting, Amaan Ullah draws a sketch of Noor Ul Ain. In this sketch, he draws the mark on the face of Noor Ul Ain which she covered with makeup. Another important thing is that Amaan Ullah knows the name of Noor Ul Ain. These points show that Amaan Ullah must have any connection to Noor Ul Ain.

Like the viewers, Noor Ul Ain is also thinking about Amaan Ullah and how he knows about her. So by this, it is clear that what the connection between Amaan Ullah and Noor Ul Ain but she does not know about this.

In the first episode of Ye Dil Mera, Noor Ul Ain seems to be mentally disturbed. She has fear in her mind for something which intensity increases at night time. She also is feeling that someone is chasing her. But she does not tell to her Father. Because he cares about her at his extreme levels which makes her irritating.

However, at dinner, Noor Ul Ain tells Mir Farooq about a new boy in her university. His name is Sarfraz Chaudary. He offered Noor Ul Ain coffee and for this reason, Mir Farooq beat that guy badly. At least This shows that Mir Farooq has a negative personality as for this little reason he beats Sarfraz badly. There must be some negative role of Mir Farooq.

Here another scene that shows the rudeness and extreme level of caring behavior for Noor Ul Ain. Mir Farooq sees that Noor Ain is sneezing so he makes every servant restless. And his behavior with them is very rude. But it shows that he does not have value for the human being.

Here is the Second meeting of Noor Ain with Amaan Ullah in her university. There again a detail introduction of Amaan Ullah is given. He is a successful businessman. Therefore he has settled business in England. In Pakistan, he acquired the A.K oil refinery and now he is the CEO of A.k oil refinery.

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Meaningful point other than the story of Drama is the address to Amaan Ullah to young students. The point is that why all the highly qualified persons go out for their earning or business. Why they did not serve their own country first after all Pakistan is our beloved country and Pakistan gives us life. In his address, he offered internships in his company. He also promised to give scholarships to them but the condition is that they will come back to their country and serve there. It is a very valid and good suggestion for the progress of the country.

However, Ye Dil Mera episode 1 is the introduction to characters of the drama. Since the story is quite interesting and creates a lot of suspense. The acting of all character is amazing which make the story more interesting and strong. Amaan is an intelligent hard working honest and serious person. While Noor Ul Ain (Ana) is a beautiful, charming, innocent but a little bit mentally disturb. Mir Farooq has some negative behavior. Is this because he has only one relation in his life and he cares for her or there is any other reason. What is the connection between Amaan Ullah and Mir Farooq Story? Let’s see in the next episode of Ye Dil Mera.

Ehe e Wafa Episode 19 Review

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Ehe e Wafa Episode 19 Review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, SSG boys have entered their professional lives. Saad reached after passing out to the infinity army. Shariq Habib started a youtube channel and due to its popularity, a well-known television channel appointed him as anchorperson and his shows are going super hit. Shehryar is preparing for CCS exams and Shahzain selected as MNA. Let’s see what happened in Ehd e Wafa Episode 19.

The episode of Ehd e Wafa is all about the SSG boys’ honesty with their profession and again it seems that these friends meet again. The first episode of Ehd e Wafa is about the Shahzain as a person guiding him about politics and how he has to handle his matters with other politicians. Politics is already a very controversial topic in our country and most people have negative thinking about it. Is it very difficult to understand how politicians make this profession so difficult? Let’s see will be Shahzain loyal to his profession.

 Shahzain is invited to the Shariq show but he does not know about it. Shariq is much tensed as to how he will deal with him.  After his fight, he is going to the first time to Shahzain. A question list is provided by the Shahzain agent. This makes hyper Shariq.  He went on the show and there Shahzain comes to know that the anchorperson of the show is Shariq. Shehryar is known about this show and he also tells Saad to see Shariq Show. Saad is also very surprised. Shariq makes all people surprised by his question. He makes questions about his education which valid but is creates very tension to viewers as he is not only anchor and politician. They are also friends and everyone what to meet these friends again. But after this show is will be difficult. Shahzain left the show incomplete.

Ramsha is angry with Shariq. Why he stuck on a single question and did not follow Ramsha’s direction. Shariq gives a valid reason as he does not want to be a dual personality he wants to be loyal to his profession. Share point is valid and while we are on duty we should be loyal to it. This loyal to our profession is the only thing that makes our country better.

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 While Shariq and Shehryar coming back they saw Shahzain is coming toward them. So, everyone is a thing of a fight here. Because Shahzain was very hyper and everyone is thinking that Shahzain will never be their friend again. Shahzain surprise all. He apologizes for his previous mistake and as to take a new start of a friendship. This part of Ehd e Wafa is amazing as their friends are united again.

The next scene is also very surprising in which Shahzain makes use of his sources to fire Shariq from his channel. What is going in the mind of Shahzain? Shahzain hit a plan on Shariq.

The next day Shariq came to know that he has been fired from his job. Ramsha is also angry with him. as with this behavior, no channel gives them a job. But to be neutral is a very valid and accurate question. The person who is appointed for a higher post must fulfill its merits.

But Shahzain again goes to meet Shariq and he is pretended he is very honest to him. she says that I will defiantly try for your job and then he makes a call to the news director and ask him to hire him again and also tell Shariq that Shahzain makes this favor to Sharqi. Is shahzain wants to create a soft corner for him in Shariq’s heart or is he have any other purpose behind this planning lets see in the next episode?

Saad is preparing her firing competitions as always he does not the only effort for himself self he is also helping others . for this purpose he goes against the rules of the army. But he makes his companions perfect.on this Saad senior seniors warns him that it should be last time your safety is first priority. Saad is always ready by his soul and heart for the country and his profession.

Whereas Rani’s character is always very entertaining and now in Islamabad, she is doing many fun things. She goes to a party with Shahzain.  She does not know the meaning of the better half and so that she creates a very funny situation because why Shahzain calls her a better half.

However, in the last seen is very spiritual. But, there is fire completion and the chief guest is captain Fraz. He is good looking and handsome as always. Saad has to perform in front of his father and he does his best and won the completion. It is a very pleasuring scene when Saad is receiving the trophy from his father. Captain Frazacting is amazing and the expression in his eyes while seeing Saad. Love and pride can easily see.

So, Ehd e Wafa episode  19, the story is progressing and everyone is in her professional life except Shahryar. Shahryar’s story is going than others but the amazing thing is that in this episode of Ehd e Wafa we see all SSG boys on screen. However, three of them are happy with each other. Let’s see what is going to happen next in their lives. Will Shahzain honest to his post or will he also follow the rules of other politicians. However, she wants will happen to Shariq Shahryar and Saad.lets see in the next episode of Ehd e Wafa.

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 15 Review

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Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 15 Review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish wants to take Rummi with her on Saturday and Sunday. Danish did not want so. Mehwish threatens him that I will go to court. Mehwish went to Rummi School but the principal does not allow her to take Rummi without Danish permission letter. In Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 15, Mehwish asks the School principal only meet to Rummi. Miss Hania goes to Rummi and tells him that your mother wants to meet you. Rummi refuses to meet her mother.

Miss Hania is worried. The principal says do not be a worry. Her punishment for breaking family starts when she tells her son that I am your mother.

Hania tells Mehwish that Rummi does not want to meet you. Mehwish misbehaves them as you are doing this all for Danish. I will see you all. But the principal of the school deals her with strict behavior. The principal asks her not to come there again.

Danish sells out his flat and receives token money. Now he is very determined in his plans.

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Danish is going late to the office from the previous many days. Finally, he writes his resigning letter and left the office. His senior officer tells other staff of the department that Danish has resigned from the job.

Danish feels sorry for his father as he has sold his flat.

Miss Hania calls Danish and tells him about Mehwish. Rummi is very afraid. He is sleeping from the evening as she comes to know from hostel warden. She advises him that please do not force him to meet his mother. It is not good for him. I will not responsible if any disturbance occurs in his result.

Mehwish asks Shahwar that Danish is not allowing Rummi to meet me. The school principal is also with him and she insulted me.
Shahwar makes calls to Danish and warns him that there are only two days for you, allow Rummi to meet Mehwish otherwise my lawyers will snatch your cloths.
Danish explain to him that he did not ask Rummi not to meet her mother but Shahwar does not hear him.

Danish and Rummi are again in pain and remain disturbed for the whole night but Mehwish makes special dinner and dances with Shahwar. She so senses less that cannot even understand her son feeling.

Danish ask Rummi to meets Mehwish but he refuses. Danish tells that your mother and her husband are very powerful so that they can do anything and if you do not meet her they will go to court. They create problems for us.

Rummi is so innocent that he does not know even the meaning of court. He said to Danish are you afraid of them but do not have fear of them. He says I will meet her, I will do everything which you will say to me but you are my weakness, you are not my strength.

Danish hears the conversation of Shahwar Chemicals employees. They are talking about lowering the share price of Shahwar chemicals because of a labor strike. They are also talking about his new girlfriend Mehwish.

Danish is continuously thinking about what Rumi said to him. After coming back to his flat, he tells about his divorce to the flat guard. Guard is surprised to hear that but does not say anything.

Danish decides not to force Rummi for meeting to her mother. He calls Miss Hania and asks to please take responsibility for studies as I will never force him to meet his mother.
Danish then call to Rummi and ask him why you said that I am not your strength. Now I will never force you to meet you, mother, you can do what you want.
Rummi is worried and says that they are very rich people and they make trouble for you. Danish satisfy him that I can handle them in my way.

Danish decides to go Shahwar office. He dressed up in a very nice manner. He receives Shahwar call and Danish ask him to meet you in half an hour I am coming to your office.
Shahwar is in a meeting about continuously lowering the share price. Danish asks at reception to meet Shahwar but he says for the wait.

Danish does not wait for a single mint and go inside the Shahwar meeting room. He does not give them a chance to call any security. He locks the door of the room. Firstly give a strong slap on the face of Shahwar. Shehwar nose is bleeding. Danish asks him what you think about what you are saying to me on call. Now I can strip you with thin two minutes. My ex-wife is you because you bought her, but my son is my pride and never tries to come in between us otherwise I will expose you to the whole world.

Mery pas tum ho episode 15 is very interesting and satisfying because Danish finally tool decision against Shahwar. However, he makes him understand he is not a coward that he will bear all and will not say anything. Mehwish also faces insult by the principal and more than this her son refuses to meet her, this is insulted for her. Danish is going to starts a new business. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of mery pass tum ho.? Will Danish starts a new business successfully? Will Shahwar take revenge from Danish for his insult? What will Mehwish do to meet to Rummi? Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of mery pass tum ho.

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 review

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Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Danish decided to sell his flat and start a business. Mateen Sahb was in the guilt of being unfaithful to his wife. He got a heart attack while he was telling about his wife to Danish. He died. But in Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 14, Danish and other office colleagues pay his funeral prayer. Mateen Sahb has two daughters. They are very panic situations. They are alone in the whole world after Mateen Sahb.

Here Mehwish is seemed to be very happy with Shahwar. She asks to take Rummi there. He agrees if you want this call Danish and asks him. But he also teased her that ask Rummi to not to stare at me like stepchildren always do.
She also asks that she want to go office. Shehwar agrees which you will be free from Rummi come to the office, it is your office.

Accidently Mateen Sahb mobile phone and Danish mobile phone are similar to each other. So mistakenly they are exchanges in the hospital. Now Hania has a Danish mobile phone and Danish has Mateen Sahb mobile phone.
Here Mehwish calls Danish. Hania receives, Mehwish asks to talk with Danish. Hania refuses that it is not the Danish number. Property dealer also calls Danish which Hania receives that she comes to know that it is Mateen Sahb mobile.

Danish goes to Hania home for taking back his mobile phone. while this Mehwish comes to Danish Flat. she finds lock at door. Guard asks about the key as she always has a key.
Guard tells him that Danish Sahb tells me that you are posted to another city and Rummi is with you. Mehwish surprised that Rummi is not with Danish. she decides to wait outside in the car for Danish.

Mehwish tells to Shahwar that Rummi is not with Danish. I am worried about Rummi.
Shahwar says he is just a low class defeated man. He is doing so to blackmail you. You don’t worry if he does not allow you to meet you with Rummi. He will get a notice from a lawyer and then see what I will do with him.

Danish goes to take back his mobile phone from Hania. There they talk about Mateen Sahb. Hania tells him that on his last day they every day writes about you in his diary. Danish asks about the Rummi study. She said he improved a lot. He is taking good grades and participates in every activity. So, one-day Rummi ask me to marry me, teacher. I said you are too younger he said to wait for me I will grow up.

Danish returns to home. There Mehwish is waiting for him. She talks to him very offensive tone and asks about Rummi. He explains that he is in a boarding school because he wants to be there. Boarding school is a better place for him. He was not normal but now he comes back to life.

But Mehwish wants to take him with her on Saturday and Sunday. Though Danish refuses that I will never allow you to take him with you in the Shahwar house. You can meet him at his boarding school and it is good to place.
However, Mehwish threatens him that I will go to court and you with again defeated by me

Danish goes to the lawyer as he never wants that Rummi goes to the Shahwar house. The lawyer advises him not to case on him as he is a powerful man and he will defeat you. I think you don’t need to sue a case on him as he will not bear your son Rummi for more than two or three weeks. He never agrees that Mehwish gives importance to Rummi instead of him.

Mehwish tells that Danish is not allowing her to take Rummi in this house. Shahwar seems to be happy about this as he does not want Rummi to be in his house. He asks that if he will be there you will give you all the time to him and what you think about me.
Mehwish said now I have to do this as he says to me to get out of my house. I will take revenge on him.

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There Shahwar comes to know that his company Shahwar Chemicals shares price drop down two rupees per share. He said I have to give attention to my business. Before going to the office he says very important lines to Mehwish.
You should be always like a lover if you want to be a mother you will reach the age of fifty direct.

Here next day mehwish goes to Rummi boarding school and here Rummi does not want to meet his mother.
Mehwish asks the principal she wants to take him with her on Saturday and Sunday. The principal does not allow her, as she is meeting her first time and you can meet to rummi with the school but we are not allowed you to take him out of the school without permission letter or court order.

In mery pas tum ho episode 14, showing that Mehwish wants to take Rummi with her but nobody agrees on it. Shahwar is also showing her his value. However, he accepts her only for her beauty and body. He does not love her. Danish is worried about Rummi. But Hania has a soft corner for Rummi and sympathy for Danish after knowing the situation. Let’s what will happen in mery pas tum ho? Will Mehwish go to court for Rummi? Will Danish again defeats by Mehwish? So let’s see what will be progressed in mery pass tum ho next episode?

Meray Pass Tum Ho last Episode Watch Online | ARY Digital

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Meray Pass Tum Ho last Episode Watch Online | ARY Digital

Meray Pass Tum Ho last Episode 23 Watch Online | ARY Digital


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Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 13 review

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Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 13 review

In the previous mery pass tum ho episode, Danish divorced Mehwish as she wants this. Mehwish went with Shahwar leaving Danish and Rummi. She does not even think about Rummi. Mery pass tum ho episode 13, is about a few months later, after leaving Mehwish. Danish is talking with Mateen Sahb in the canteen of his office. He is telling about Rummi and he always asks about his mother, then one day asks me that get me admitted to boarding school.

Danish is still thinking about Mehwish and sad because of her unfaithfulness. He is angry on Shahwar as if she really loves at least thinks one time, is she is loyal?  Now just want to earn enough money so that I can buy all relations, friendship, love, and loyalty. I want to be a businessman.

Mateen Sahb is really well-wisher of Danish and says you should make a new start of your life. In fact, the woman is always faithful naturally and is not faithful she is not a woman naturally. You should marry now. It will help you in life.

Danish receive a letter from Rummi School. The school principal calls Danish to show him the Rummi progress report. Rummi progress report is not good. His grades in class are poor. He does cooperative, he does not participate in games. Rummi class in charge of Miss Hania is also there. She tells him that Rummi behavior is not normal and so that other student is effecting by him. He can not survive in this school.

Danish explains that her mother took a divorce and that’s why he is feeling his mother’s absence and showing upset behavior but he is a very intelligent child. Give him a chance he will improve himself. Today I will meet him and if he promises me he will be fine.

Danish meet Rummi after his class. Danish said to him that your progress report is not good and your teacher says you cannot survive in this school. My pain is more than you. If wife leaves you then she will not a wife but I am not a coward. I make you my strength but you are my weakness. I promise your teacher that you will improve yourself.

Rummi understands and feels the emotions of his father. He promised I will improve myself and ask that if the mother leaves and go away then she will not a mother.  This is a very deep and emotional feeling that the child concludes from his pain.

The next day in office Mateen Sahb gives the good news that he is promoted to 17th grade. Danish is not looking happy even on this news he is just worried about Rummi and its abnormal behavior. He is going to sell his flat he wants to start a new business.  Danish is talking about flat selling with property dealers.

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Mateen Sahb is worried that Danish lost all the things. But Danish is looking determined in her thoughts.

Here Mehwish and Shahwar were on Europe trip. Shahwar did not marry her. Mehwish asks to marry her. Shahwar does not give any positive answer. He says that love marriage is not important. I love you a lot without marriage. I think marriage is not important when I feel it is important we will do.

Mateen Sahb is worried that Danish is going to resign the job and starting a new business. He advises him not to resign until you settle your business. He also says that you should marry now. You should forget Mehwish.

But Danish does not agree with him. He says I want to do business with my full attention.

Mateen Sahb tells him his story. Mateen Sahb was unfaithful to his wife Samina. When they got separated, he met her. Mateen Sahb got an accident and she helps him. That day I asked to her that you hate me. She says that unfaithful only deserves pity. She did not forgive me till death. It is my punishment. Mateen Sahb is not feeling well. He is in the feeling of guilt and being punished is very painful.

Mateen Sahb went but he got a heart attack in his car. Danish see him when he was going. He calls some of her boys and takes him to hospital. Their Danish make informs Mateen Sahb family with the help of Mateen Sahb mobile phone.

Doctors try their best to save Mateen Sahb life but they fail. The doctor informs Danish that Mateen Sahb is no more. She comes to know that her father dies. She is in shock and she is crying.

However, Mery pass tum ho episode 13, is showing that relations always have a strong effect other. Mehwish is not with Rummi and Danish but still, their lives are disturbed because of her. Rummi is her child and he is feeling the absence of her mother a lot which makes his behavior abnormal. Mateen Sahb was unfaithful to her wife but his guilt and shame make him ill. Mehwish has lost his value. How someone can be happy by hurting others? Let’s what will happen new in Drama? What is the role of Miss Hania in Rummi and Danish life? Will Shahwar marry to Mehwish? What will Danish do? Will Rummi improve his behavior? Let’s see all this in next episode of mery pass tum ho

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 10 review

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Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 10 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Danish come to know that Mehwish went with Shahwar Ahmad out of the city. He saw her with Shahwar Ahmad at the airport. Danish did not ask anything harsh to Mehwish but he asks her not to go for office from tomorrow.
In mery pass tum ho episode 10, Danish makes tea for Mehwish. He asks about five lac rupees that she received from Shahwar as salary. She said I have spent eighty thousand out of that amount. Danish thinks that I will return all the gifts and the entire things which he made for us. I want to start my life again without Shehwar. You mad a sin but I will forget about it.
Danish again say Shahwar has so much wealth and business. He is a very rich person. But I am richest as you are mine( mery pass tum ho).Mehwish giving negative answers to Danish at every question.

Shahwar received her wife call, probably she asks about her Islamabad trip and Mehwish. Whereas, Shahwar does not listen to her and rejects the call.

In the trip of Islamabad, Shahwar and Mehwish are not a business trip. They went there to talk about what they have to do next in life. Shahwar asks her that we are just like those passengers who take the wrong trains mistakenly. Now we know that we are on at wrong rout so we have to leave this train. Did you not think so. Take a strong decision and then inform me.

Mehwish makes a call to Shahwar and tells him, Danish is not allowing her to go for office. Shahwar asks her to talk to him clearly. But you did not deserve that small flat as a home. He asks that I am so helpless. I want to come to your home and take you there. You should talk to him clearly. I am ready to give my all wealth to Danish; in return, he gives me Mehwish.
Mehwish is afraid of Danish. Danish wants Mehwish to write a resignation letter and tomorrow I will return him that money and Mehwish resignation letter to Shahwar.

Monty comes to give invite Danish for a building management meeting which is going to be held tomorrow. He again praises Mehwish for his beauty.

But Danish is trying his best to make Mehwish happy. He does not know about Mehwish’s thoughts. He asks Mehwish that Rummi is disturbed because of us so we will go out in the evening to make him happy. We spent time with each other. Mehwish does not give any positive response.

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Mehwish behavior is very rude even for nothing. On returning home, Rummi starts talking to the building guard. Mehwish becomes angry as to why Rummi is talking to Guard. Danish make her remind that when we are not available he did take care of Rummi. He is not a bad man.
She starts again fighting for those reasons why you said like this.
Danish tries to make him sure that I do not have bad intentions. She says why you stop me from office. Danish makes its final decision you will never go to office whatever happens.
Mehwish behavior is so offensive. Danish tries his best to make her understand that we have family and love each other. This is not a cheap flat. It is our home. she takes her final decision that I will not want to live with you.

However, Danish is totally in shock. He smoking continuously and thinks that Mehwish says this all in anger. He again goes to Mehwish and asks her to go inside the room. Whereas, Mehwish is again saying to go for office. Danish refuses this. he says we should think about the second option. You can work anywhere else.
Mehwish behavior is very harsh but danish talks to her politely. He again makes her remember that we love each other and what about Rummi. He really needs us.

Above all, the next morning, in-office Danish ask Mateen Sahb for a loan of eighty thousand rupees. Mateen Sahb becomes a good friend of Danish and he truly cares for him. Finally, he agrees to give him a loan.

When Danish went to the office she makes a call to Shahwar, he asks her to take a decision whether you want to live with me or with Danish. If you are thinking about Rummi, I will provide everything to him. Now luxury life is more important than love and attention.
Mehwish tells her that Danish is coming toward you to return five lac rupees. He will misbehave with you.
Though, Shahwar asks to handle all the matters. He said I will make a deal with him that he takes the money and give you divorce. But, now if he asks you to take a divorce your answer should be yes.

However, in mery pass tum ho episode 10, Mehwish exceeds her all limits. Since she is doing this all, she should be feeling ashamed for what she has done. She does not care even for her son. Danish never talks to her in a high tone. Though, she is unfaithful to him. Shahwar is going to ruin their life. Danish is ready to do everything for her and she does not care for. Therefore, the drama is going very emotionally. Everyone is feeling hate for Shahwar and Mehwish for being unfaithful. Dram is becoming more interesting. What will the Danish do next? So, will Shahwar realized that he is going to ruin many lives? Will Mehwish realize the worth of true love or leave Danish. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of mery pass tum ho.

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 12 Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 12 Review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Danish went to return all gifts and money of Shahwar back but there, he showed him selfies of Mehwish which they take a trip of Islamabad. Shahwar told him that Mehwish does not want to live divorce it’s better for you to divorce her. He wants to make a deal for this favor for fifty million rupees. But he refuses.
Danish ask Mehwish to east something and so he goes to the market to being something for eating. Mehwish makes a call to Shahwar and asks him did Danish makes any deal with you for divorcing me. He refuses that I make him offer of fifty million but he refuses by saying that loves are priceless.

Danish comes with cake and more eatables, he makes her remind that today out last marriage anniversary. I request you to cut the cake with me last time and smile on your face. He gets to change her dress. He is bleeding from the arm as he got injured by accident.

Danish get ready by changing clothes, Mehwish still talking to Shahwar on messages and Shahwar is asking that I cannot sleep I am waiting for the time when you come to my home.

Danish ask Mehwish to cut the cake. They cut the cake. Danish has tears in his eyes. He asks to take dinner together. Danish ask her many household things to talk to her. He asks about clothes, toys and many other Rummi things. He said that I always remember only you and think you remember all the things.

Mateen Sahb calls Danish and greets him for his marriage anniversary. He said that the same date was my marriage anniversary that’s why I friendship you. I come to know while you were telling someone last year I remember it.

Danish ask Mehwish to take dinner together but she does not. He is waiting for the coming of Mehwish but she does not come. She is busy on a call with Shahwar.

Mehwish asks him to come right now. He is celebrating our wedding anniversary and requesting me to cut the cake together. Shahwar said to ask Danish as if he agrees I will come.
Mehwish asks him that he wants to come. Danish tells them that he was feeling bad because his girlfriend is sitting with others. Thinks about what was my feeling when you went to Islamabad with him. Danish allowed her to make call him and ask him to come.

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Danish cleaning all the homes. Mehwish asks for cleans but he refuses that if you are going time you should not work. Mehwish sees that Danishhand is bleeding. She asks to put a bandage on it but he refuses that you give the wounds that are enough.
Danish give her divorce papers before coming of Shahwar.

Shahwar comes home and Danish serve tea for all. He said golden lines. When I was in love with her and her also in love with me, I feel very proud as wife love always gives pride to the husband but now I feel I feel small like a tiny rat.
Shahwar says when women make mistake in first love then not want to carry on that relation. We should help them as time has changed now.

Danish say that I help her a lot as I give divorce and also pack her luggage now she can go with you. Danish takes out her luggage. And ask her to let me show you the door. It is very emotional that Mehwish does not understand Danish pain and feeling.

In last, when Danish is saying bye to Shahwar, I always think that you are a very intelligent businessman but while dealing with me you surprised me. You were giving me fifty million for that low-class woman.

Mery pass tum ho episode 12 is very emotional and sad. Danish give a divorce to Mehwish and ask her to go with Shahwar. Love is a very common thing but everyone has different thoughts for love. The way in which Danish loves Mehwish is amazing. He is a man of principals. And mehwish leave him for just only wealth and money. She does not feel the pain of Danish. she is not just leaving him. She is also degrading her. lets what will happen next in mery pass tum ho? Did Danish deserve it? if not what will be a reward for him for his true love? Is the mehwish decision is correct? What will be Shahwar behavior with Mehwish? Will, he gives her more love than Danish? let’s see what will happen next in mery pass tum ho next episode?

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 11 review

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 11 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish makes her mind leave Danish and she wants to take a divorce from him. Danish wants to start a new life with Mehwish. Danish is going to Shahwar as he wants to return the gifts and given the amount to Mehwish. In Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 11, Danish takes a loan of eighty thousand rupees from Mateen Sahb and goes to the Shahwar office.

Here Mehwish is continuously on a call with Shehwar. Shahwar tells her Danish arrived there. He is waiting outside as he understands his worth. Now pack your bag, he will divorce you today.

Then Shahwar calls Danish inside the room. After greeting Danish, ask I come there to return some favors which you did for Mehwish, five lac rupees, necklace, and watch. I do not need it. Shahwar asks are you angry as she goes with to Islamabad without your permission.
We did love marriage, we have a cute son any dreams which I want to fulfill. Now I am afraid of you and for this reason, I am giving this all back to you. You gave me a receipt and I will go.
Shahwar says what you think about your wife. Did she want this also? She always searches for me because she wants to fulfill her dreams with me. I also do not make fun of us you divorce Mehwish and I will say thank you to you and then you leave by saying bye. Danish tries to ignore him and continue to talk to make a receipt for me.
Shahwar continues her talk and says that I know you will return my money and necklace but do not believe this that you want to live with her.

She does not want to live with you. See these pictures. Shahwar showed him the pictures which they take on their Islamabad trip. It is a very painful situation but he is still trying to hide his feeling and ask it was her mistake and I forgive her for this mistake.
Shahwar asks him, listen to call conversation between us. Incall she was talking about Danish so straggly which is very painful. She did not think about anything else. She is talking about Danish like she is an enemy of him.

After listening to this recording, instead of being offensive he tells Shahwar how he falls in love with Mehwish. Her voice is so beautiful. I fall in love with her when I hear her voice for the first time. I always love to listen to her voice while she is talking to Rummi or on a call with me but her voice does not have any charisma, at least not for me.
While hearing his talks, Shahwar also has tears in his voice. Tears are coming out of his eyes while talking about Mehwish. Then he said if she decided then you will come and pick her from my house.
While going he asks Shahwar to take care of her.
Then he takes out eighty thousand rupees from five lac rupees as he has to return the loan to Mateen Sahb.

Danish is so upset and sad. He was coming back home when he got an accident. He got injuries on head, leg, and arm.
Monty takes him to the hospital and drops him to his flat.

Rummi is worried to see Danish injured. Danish ask Rummi to sleep and he receives Mateen’s call, he is asking about his health. Danish tells her about his accident. He makes her sure that he is now fine. Mateen Sahb asks to meet tomorrow in the office.

Shahwar called Danish and ask from him when should I come to pick Mehwish? Danish gives time after 10:00 pm.

Danish tells I hear your call which you make before my going there Mehwish he saw her selfies with Shahwar in Islamabad hotel. I did not notice that you are not wearing a black dress, I only notice that you have a true smile. I am happy for your true smile. He defeated me as I cannot give all the luxuries to you, but he did so.
It’s very emotional talking and he asks about what I will say to Rummi about you.
Mehwish asks to say to him that I am out of the country.

After sleeping of Rummi, Danish ask have you packed your bag. Then he asks her for a favor. He asks that do not go at night. Please go in the morning. I feel the night will be very difficult. I prepared myself for tomorrow and think about how to manage all the things. He asks her but she says you have taken permission from Shahwar.
He calls to Shahwar and he says as Mehwish wants.
The behavior of Danish is very normal although he has tears in his eyes.
Mehwish asks him that did you make any deal with Shahwar.
Danish replied that he offered me fifty million rupees but I refused. You are not saleable for me.
Mehwish touts him you keep staying in well while croaking like a frog. Danish does not show anger on this and ask her to want to eat something. I bring something to eat.

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In mery pass tum ho episode 11 is very emotional and sad. How Danish loves her wife amazing. Mehwish is the whole world for him but She did not give importance to respect, relations love, religion, society. She only wants wealth, luxury life and fame. Shahwar is a very cheap character. He is going to ruin many lives. If he thinks her first wife is just mistaken then why not the second one.

What about Mehwish when he fined another beauty. Mery pass tum ho episode11 is full of emotions and everyone is full of tears in eyes and hates a lot Mehwish and Shahwar. Let’s see what will happen, is there any hope for coming back Mehwish to Danish life? If she took a divorce, will Shahwar marry her? if married, will be loyal to her? What about Rummi? However, let’s see what will happen in the next episode of mery pass tum ho.