Who Will Be President US 2020 – Trump Or Biden?

US presidential election 2020

Who Will Be President US 2020 – Trump Or Biden?

Who Will Be President US 2020 – Trump Or Biden? Polls in six states of the US including New York and Kentucky are open on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2002 as the primary day is right here. Right just after two weeks of polls at Georgia’s messy day; among these six states two are drawing outsize attention where a senate to take on majority leader Mitch McConnel and a few congressional people are expected to be settled but not on the election night.

Who Will Be President US 2020 - Trump Or Biden?
Trump Or Biden

Whereas Virginia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina are holding primary runoffs and statewide races. Since the pandemic is still here, states have witnessed elections days with long queues, poll worker shortages, and a surge of mail-in balloting or maybe throwing the whole process into nothing but chaos.

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Lots of races will be decided once the result will be announced, including dozens of contests in Assembly and Senate and House of representatives. The voters are going to pick the next borough president in Queens.  

US President Election 2020
joe biden vs donald trump

More than 70,000 New Yorkers requested absentee ballots in the current situation of the pandemic which is an overwhelming figure if we compare with the previous elections. This means that the results are not likely to be known until the next coming few weeks as the state law mandates that absentee ballots are not going to be counted until 8 days after the election held.

So what would be Trump’s plan B?

We are here to let you know what the upcoming elections might be? With just 135 days until 2020 elections, Who Will Be President US 2020 – Trump Or Biden? you need to understand the upcoming trial. According to Donald Trump, the 2020 presidential elections will be the top-rated SCANDAL OF THIS CENTURY because the polls are showing the fall of his popularity against democratic rival Joe Biden.

2020 presidential elections US

Trump wrote on Twitter that some of the foreign countries and others would print mail-in ballots just to disrupt US November presidential elections. Such comments come after the latest poll on Fox News showed that Joe Biden is getting popularity over Trump and it already widened to 12% points which aren’t a bad number.

Corona is Still active with the US

Even though the COVID-19 presence, the president attempting to put the virus behind him. As he said that he doesn’t even like to talk about that as this is fading away and it will vanish soon. But still, this is very clear that the virus is raging on the entire state.

Covid-19 in US

Potentially Florida is considered as the next epicenter of the virus, whereas Arizona and Texas are recoding daily highest numbers with time. So the main question here is whether Trump is having plan B or not?

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Well, Mr. President didn’t make any secret of the fact that he reviewed on last campaign rally in Tulsa as a kickstart to his fading political fortunes. He is hyping all this by using twitter and his campaign is flying in elected officials and top surrogates from all over the US. And then it flopped, it was reported on this Saturday that six of the Trump staff members on the ground in Oklahoma has got positive result; of the corona. The speech was long and it was delivered to a less than a full arena.

Mr. President Donald Trump
who will be US president 2020?

So what’s on the list now? His campaign didn’t create a spark which they were hoping for; actually, this got the opposite effect. Rather trump’s campaign suggests that this was a huge success in which they sent out a press release afterward hyping how many people have watched it online. This shows how unhappy was Mr. President Donald Trump is with the rally that he was thinking would be a game-changer in the US presidential election history.


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