US Presidential Nominee Joe Biden Seeks Kashmir’s Right Restoration

Vice President Joe Biden

US Presidential Nominee Joe Biden Seeks Kashmir’s Right Restoration

Former vice president for US and Democratic presidential nominee 2020, Joe Biden wants India to restore Kashmiris right by expressing disappointment over the citizenship amendment act and the implementation of NRC in Assam. Biden’s agenda for the American Muslim community has recently posted on his election campaign website. He said these measures are not consistent with the country’s long traditions of secular and with sustaining a multi-religious democracy.

Group of Hindus from America reached to the Biden’s campaign for expressing their resentment to the abusive language used against India and have urged them to reconsider their views. This group also sought a similar policy paper on Hindus resided in the US. Though, Joe Biden didn’t respond to this question in this regard.

Understanding that Biden felt the pain Muslim-Americans are feeling towards what is happening in those countries that are Muslim majority and states that have a significant Muslim population. The policy paper clubbed Assam and Kashmir with the forced imprisonment of over a million Muslims in western china; and discrimination against Burma’s Muslim majority.

According to the policy paper on American Muslims, “the Indian govt should take all necessary steps to restore Kashmiri people’s rights. Restriction in peaceful protests or shutting down the internet; has nothing to do but to weaken the democracy”.

Biden has been disappointed by the steps taken by Indian govt with the implementation and aftermath of the national register of citizens in Assam and the CAT. Biden who served as US senator for decades and as a Vice president Barack Obama for eight years has been known as one of the good friends of India and Indian-Americans.

He is the one who played a major role in the passage of India-US nuclear deal and as vice president he advocated increasing the bilateral trade to $500 billion per annum. Well, Biden regularly hosted Diwali at his residency with the Indian Americans.

One of the Joe Biden support said Joe understands the issues which are impacting India, issues of cross border terrorism, the influx of terrorism in Kashmir, minorities suffering in Kashmir, indo-pacific issues with china and the rising role of India as stronger US ally including economic growth, counter-terrorism, human rights, and global security.

Bhutoria said that the US has recently updated its immigration policy to block the H-1B and other visas for the rest of the year to protect its own workers which are entirely questionable and definitely would hurt the economy. India also has a right to explain its own immigration policy to support its economy and population. He said, I grew up in Assam and I have witnessed myself the influx of people across the border and taking away important jobs, resources from local people in northeastern states.

Joe Biden

He further said that the immigration reforms and NRC are good initiatives and execution of these reforms and strategies need to be improved and India needs to do better in change management and rolling out of reforms.

India abrogated the special status of Kashmir under Article 370 of the constitution in 2019 and bifurcated this into two territories; Ladakh and Jammu n Kashmir. The country defended its move by saying that the special status provisions only gave rise to terrorism in Kashmir and it has asserted that the abrogation of Article 370 is its internal matter.

The Indian government maintains that the CAA which was passed by the parliament is an internal matter and stressed that the goal is to protect the oppressed minorities of the neighboring countries. According to the CAA; Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jain, Parsi, and Christians migrated from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan till 2014 following religious persecution there will get Indian citizenship.


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