Social Media Rules in United Arab Emirates, UAE 2020

Social Media Rules in UAE

Social Media Rules in UAE 2020

Social Media Rules in UAE 2020

 In this age, social media plays the most important role in our every activity. People use it to post their daily updates and some posts photos of their routine life. This is the time when we comfortably share news and every single announcement through the social media network which is effectively working. Moreover, this social media rules in UAE 2020 is also used to communicate with your families and friends all around the globe. 

Despite all the facts we shouldn’t forget the fact that we need to be more responsible while using social media. Our every action on the social networks can have serious consequences. People faced deportation and they have been charged for heavy fine of AED 250,000. He was convicted of sharing and posting hate posts on the social media against his ex-employer. 

In UAE you are not allowed to share women photos without her consent. Here are some social rules in UAE that the locals and foreigners are supposed to follow strictly. These rules are shared by Al Tamimi & Co. which is the leading law firm of UAE. 

Don’t post people’s picture without their consent

Whatsoever you may tempted to click strangers’ picture in any public place but this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to post their pictures on social media. This might not be a considerable issue in some countries but this is a serious law in UAE. This is clearly mentioned in Article # 21 of Federal Law no 5 that without permission photographing people. The one who commit such activity shall be punished for at least 6 months and fine that’s not less than AED 150,000. 

Respect people’s Privacy

This is not allowed in UAE to share people’s private personal details, and this is a big NO. Likewise, disclosing some confidential information about the company or some employer, this is considered as the major offensive. This could punish temporary imprisonment and the fine AED 250, 000. 

Not allowed to spread Rumors

Spreading rumors and gossiping seems trivial in other countries but in UAE this is not allowed. As discussed earlier hate posts could be able to lead you to serious punishments. You can be jailed for 6 months and have to pay AED 250,000. 

Don’t visit illegal online channels

This is a recent rule confirmed that VoIP applications as Skype or Whatsapp have been blocked in UAE. If someone use illegal sources that are blocked by the government. You shall face 1 year of imprisonment and fine of AED 250,000. But telecom company Etisalat that has provided the legal VoIP services. 

Moral Issues

You are not allowed to talk against government and its works on the social sites. If you found doing so, you will be finned AED 250,000 to 500,000. Or you may be jailed for 1 year, and this can vary from person to person depending on the discussion they have committed. 

These are some of the rules that you have to follow strictly while living in UAE. So, before check in to UAE do read properly the social media rules and regulations.


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