NASA Astronauts Makes Repairs Outside Space Station


NASA Astronauts Makes Repairs Outside Space Station

Two of the NASA astronauts did some home maintenance on Friday, June 26th, 200 miles above the earth a seven-hour of the spacewalk on the orbiting laboratory. Bon Behnken and Chris Cassidy ventured out of the international space station on Friday morning just to install batteries outside the station. The newly installed batteries are part of their trip outside the station to upgrade the power system of the space station which they did successfully.

Both astronauts started suiting up before 6 am in the airlock so they can go outside ISS and do the job; around 7:35 am they exited the station, to begin with, their tasks. Dough Hurley and Ivan Vagner; both flight engineers helped the spacewalker prepare for their journey into the space vacuum.

Astronauts in space
NASA space view

The moment astronauts started working on one of the two power channels on the starboard truss of the space station. They removed three existing nickel-hydrogen batteries, replace them with two lithium-ion batteries, and also installed an adapter plate to complete the circuit to the new batteries and relocate nickel-hydrogen batteries; NASA explained.

Since Halloween in 2000, astronauts continuously lived on the ISS and this year will mark the 20th century of human presence and working in the orbit. The battery replacement on the space station began two years ago. When they were out of the ISS, Cassidy lost a mirror on his spacesuit. Astronauts who walk on the space wear a wrist mirror on each sleeve to get better views when they are working. The mirror is 5 by 3 inches and has a mass of barley 1/10th of a pound.

Astronauts Makes Repairs Outside Space Station

Cassidy reported the mirror floated away about a foot per second, and the mirror loose in darkness. But when he was in sunlight, he inspected his sleeve for the clue that might explain how the mirror came off from the sleeve. This is what he told Mission Control. In Houston, Mission Control said the mirror may become detached from the spacesuit, as per NASA briefing.

Millions of pieces of space debris orbit earth; above 20,000 items included old rocket parts and busted satellites are too big to be tracked to protect the space station and other functional satellites. This walk is the seventh spacewalk of NASA astronauts; both Cassidy and Behnken previously had conducted six spacewalks on a mission to ISS.

Behnken and Hurley became the first Americans who launched from US land since 2011 and they are the first to launch on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket. According to NASA, Hurley and Behnken are expected to return home in August 2020 whereas the next dragon launch is slated for September 2020.

Meanwhile, SpaceX is preparing to launch dozens of satellites which are part of Starlink installation, private companies. This launch is scheduled for 4:18 pm from the Kennedy space center.

What is ISS?

Here is what you need to know about the ISS (International Space Station). This ISS is a large spacecraft that orbits around our earth and houses astronauts who move up there to complete scientific missions assigned to them.


Many countries have worked together to construct it and they work together to use it efficiently.

The ISS is made of many pieces which astronauts have to send up individually on the rocket and put them together from 1998 rill 2000.

People have lived on the ISS ever since the year 2000.

Whereas NASA uses the ISS about the living standard and working in space.

This ISS is approximately 250 miles above the earth and orbits around the planet like a satellite.


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