Mike Pence To Visit Arizona At The End Of June

Mike Pence

Mike Pence To Visit Arizona At The End Of June

Vice President US Mike Pence is going to visit Arizona on Tuesday, June 30th. At phoenix press conference national security advisory Robert O’Brien announced the visit. According to White House, Pence will give remarks at a Faith in US event in Tucson and he will also see Governor Ducey in Yuma and appreciate how the state is combating this COVID -19 as Arizona has emerged as one of the worst coronavirus hotspots in the state. Yuma County has been reported as a total of 310 cases on May 15 when Ducey’s stay at home order expired as per that state data.

Corona cases have increased in Yuma County nearly 1500% since then and the numbers are around 4915 as of this Wednesday, June 24th. Whereas the statewide cases increased by 355% during that period. Pence and Ducey both served as Republican governors together, and they speak frequently to discuss the latest updates on this virus in Arizona. Ducey’s spokesman didn’t immediately respond to the Arizona republic’s request for information about the plan remarked to the Pence visit next week.

Mike Pence

Mike Pence’s visit is coming a week after President Trump visited Yuma and the border wall before having a rally at phoenix megachurch. Arizona is and remained a popular destination for the republican leaders because the state shapes up to be a battlefront one ahead of the US presidential elections 2020. President also visited the Honeywell facility in May which was his first trip outside Washington since the pandemic outbreak and hit the country badly.

Mike Pence visited the Arizona State three times in 2019; the most recent trips was in October for a quick trip to parts of the valley and southern Arizona. His visit will surely bolster Trump’s standing in the battleground state that shows no signs of coronavirus. The visit comes off after Donald Trump visits Arizona and as the national polls show him trailing Joe Biden in critical to reelection bid.

In his speech named Faith in America, he will seek to court voters of faith for the Trump in the solidly Democratic Pima County.

Donald Trump

Whereas on the other side Trump says that Task Force will wind down; Jared tried to address a supply shortage with volunteers from the non-government sector. 1000 people are the average figure of dying people each day for over a month in the US. Despite growing evidence, the pandemic is still raging, and the president and other officials claimed that they had made so much progress in bringing the situation under control that they planned to wind down the task force in upcoming weeks and focus on restarting US economy.

Mr. President said that this task force would be replaced with an unspecified new advisory as the state is moving into a phase 2 to a pandemic that has already killed 71000 Americans. The news of this winding down of task force comes as the infectious rates and death started falling in NYC but continued in the rest of the country which is quite alarming.

Several projections suggested that the death rate will remain at elevated levels for forthcoming months and are going to increase their stay at home order so they can be safe and help in getting rid of this virus but what if they could not control this virus till November. How they will conduct rallies and election campaigns and what would be the outreach of voters towards the polling booth. Are they going to depend on mail or absentee balloting? Let’s see what is going to happen regarding this virus and US elections. The entire is anxious to know the answer to both of these questions.


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