Laws in Dubai

Crazy Dubai laws

Laws in Dubai

Crazy Laws in Dubai

Dubai is the largest city in the UAE and is well known for its luxurious shopping, modern architecture and nightlife. However, Dubai is the city that’s been known for its some of the weird rules and laws. So here we go with the top that insane and crazy Laws in Dubai.

Bouncing a Cheque 

Bouncing a cheque

This is very much illegal in the UAE to write a cheque that will bounce even if you did it accidentally. You can face criminal and civil charges and you can also be punished with jail sentences. And most of all, you will not be able to leave the country until the funds have been paid in full. 

Importing Pork or Illicit Magazines

Importing Pork or Illicit Magazines

Moreover, If you bring beef jerky or playboy literature, videos that are officially banned in Dubai. But, these all are confiscated and you could face some very serious penalties. So you better keep your pork bacon at your place and your magazines under your table to be safe while in Dubai. 

Under 18 you can’t stay at the hotel 

dubai laws for unmarried couples

For those of you who are 18 or younger than this age. And you are planning to visit or travel to Dubai with your friends or alone. It is much better to think again and changes your plan as this is not going to happen to date. It is not legal to stay in a hotel if you are not accompanied by an elder from your family. You must be 21 years of age according to UAE laws to stay in hotels. 

Social media & Photography

Taking pictures of certain government and military buildings is strictly prohibited. You shouldn’t take pictures of people without their permission. Some of the people have been arrested for taking pictures of women on beaches and other public places. If you get caught by the police in the restricted area, you will be penalized with 1-3 months of jail or a fine which can be up to $1400 which is not a small amount for a traveler. Now you can call you any picture the most expensive one so better to avoid it. 

Smoking Electronic Cigarettes 

Don’t take your electronic cigarettes to Dubai because if you caught with one, you are supposed to break the UAE law and this is going to lead to a heavy penalty that you must fulfill. in case if you attempt to bring your e-cigarette into the country, it will be seized at customs clearance. 

Cross Dressing

In the western hemisphere, cross-dressing isn’t a big deal because the people are more liberal. However, the Arabs are a bit conservative in dressing code. They considered cross-dressing as a violation of the law and it’s not tolerated by any means. The one found with cross-dressing will face fines and possible jail time.

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Being Drunk

Dubai city id exceptionally strict about being drunk in public and they have zero tolerance for driving being in drunk condition. Tourists are allowed to drink in licensed restaurants, hotels and bars. But it is not permitted to drink in public places such as beaches according to UAE laws. So, you must have a license if you want to buy booze. However, if you caught drunk in public areas, this crime can lead you to 6 months of jail sentence and hefty fines. 

So be very careful the moment you leave the bar, as a lot of people are undercover and they might catch you no matter you are just a little bit tipsy. 

Being in Physical relationship outside marriage

All physical relationships out of marriages are illegal in UAE, if the UAE police get to know about your illicit relationship, you are committing the risk of prosecution, imprisonment, heavy charges and finally deportation. In UAE, it is against the law to live together or share a room in the same hotel with someone who is not in your proper marriage contract. 

Body Language & Hand gestures

Making rude gestures are considered as criminal acts in the UAE. Similarly, this can lead you some very serious penalties if by any chance you get caught. However, showing someone bad and unethical gestures is unacceptable and illegal. And if you caught flipping a bird, you might face a jail sentence up to 6 months and deportation upon release from jail. 

Publicly showing Affection

In conclusion, that’s true, hugging and showing any kind of affection is again considered as an act of lawbreaking. Even holding hands in public places is unacceptable and lots of people have been arrested by doing so. But some foreigners have been arrested by showing affection and that makes them feel weird about the laws and their punishments. So if you are going to see Dubai, keep yourself in control. Though these crazy Laws in Dubai seems childish but for them, it means a lot.


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