Dubai is assumed as the expensive city all around the world but it’s not true. There are some tips that one can live a better life if there is a proper plane. Yes the rents for the property are high and the grocery bills are fair enough to give a shock, but I can explain to you how to maintain your budget. Read carefully to calculate the cost of living in Dubai and proceed further.


The accommodation is the single largest expenditure that needs to be considered smartly and seriously. As the real estate business is booming day by day. That’s the reason rental costs surges in a few decades due to the high demand for accommodation. 

Some categories need a place to live; bachelors who can adjust easily as they used to share flats that help them to divide the rental cost. Some families need the whole flat or apartment; they can afford to pay that’s why they bring their families with them. 

There are studios, single, double, triple bedroom apartments and villas, all depends on the budget you have.

  • Single bedroom apartment in Jumeirah cost you Dh 80,000 to Dh 105,000 per annum.
  • Double bedroom apartment in Downtown cost you Dh 130,000 to Dh 160,000 per annum.
  • Three-bedroom apartment in Jumeirah cost you Dh 200,000 to Dh 300,000 per annum.
  • Studio in Marina cost you Dh 70,000 to Dh 80,000 per annum. 


In Dubai, business centers are designed to be situated away from the residential areas, and the traffic is usually heavy during the rush hours specifically on Sheikh Zayed street there is a massive volume of vehicle is seen all through the day. 

It is up to you to decide whether you need a car or you can use public transport. Taxis and Metros are working efficiently. 

  • A one-way ticket for local transport cost Dh 3.00 to Dh 7.50
  • You can avail monthly pass for local transportation in just Dh 170 to Dh 350
  • Normal Taxi rates start from Dh 5 to Dh 12


All of us know very well that the price of petrol is much cheaper than in other countries as the UAE is one of the largest oil producer countries. 

If you are going to buy your car, the fuel prices including VAT as of 2019;

  • Super 98 cost you Dh 2.23
  • Special 95 cost you Dh 2.11
  • Diesel cost you Dh 249

Grocery in Dubai

We all know there are lots of restaurants and Food Street that can meet the need of you but there must a list of the weekly estimate for grocery. Below are some rates of grocery products;

  • A loaf of brown bread – Dhs5
  • 15 eggs – Dhs14
  • Rice 1 KG– Dhs14
  • Chicken 1 KG Dhs34
  • Whitefish 1 KG – Dhs21
  • Ground beef 1 KG – Dhs37
  • 1KG bananas 1 KG – Dhs6.50
  • apples 1 KG – Dhs16
  • Two liters of milk – Dhs10
  • Instant coffee – Dhs12
  • 12 bottles of water – Dhs9
  • Two cans of chopped tomatoes – Dhs9
  • 1KG iceberg lettuce – Dhs16
  • One packet of unsalted butter – Dhs10
  • Six rolls of toilet paper – Dhs14

With the estimate, you need almost Dh 900 for grocery purpose.


DEWA charges refundable connection dues if someone shifts to a new apartment or flat, the fee is AED 1000 for standard place and AED 2000 for large villas. Utility bills depend on the consumption of the electricity, ranged from AED 1200 to AED 5000 per month. So, the cost of living in Dubai can go up if you don’t care about the utility bills.


You can find many schools including daycare, nurseries, Montessori, primary and secondary schools. The primary education can cost you from AED 20,000 to AED 28,000 in schools that have a curriculum of UK, USA or Europe. The international schools can be very expensive and cost you from AED 40,000 to AED 90,000.

Healthcare in Dubai

Most of the companies provide health facility to their employees. You can get insurance from Dh 5500 per annum to Dh 33, 000 for basic covers. A checkup from family Doctor can cost you Dh270 to 400 for night time calls or visit at home. 

On the whole, living in Dubai isn’t cheap but to some extent, it depends on the way of your living standard. There is another factor that should be considered that the amount your company might offer you; like a medical facility, health insurance, house, kids schooling, travel allowance. So better know about the package and the other facilities that you will be offered by the employee to calculate accurately. Do keep in mind hanging out, dining and shopping to estimate how much salary you need to live in Dubai. 


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