Details about Salik Road Toll in Dubai


Details about Salik Road Toll in Dubai

If you are driving in Dubai, you must have heard Salik again and again. What is Salik? Salik system is a Tollgate that’s been installed since 2007 on busy roads of Dubai to control the traffic congestion on the Sheikh Zayed Road. I have gather some details about Salik Road Toll in Dubai that you must go through once before heading to Dubai.

There tags available online and also you can purchase it from the service stations, which can be topped up every time you move on those seven points.

Whenever you are passing on these routes you have to pay 4 AED as a road toll or a tax each time.

Map of Tollgates in Dubai

Map of Tollgates in Dubai

For more details, please visit the page to get more detailed information about the toll gates and its fee.

Here I have piled up everything you need to know about the Salik Road Toll system, hoe it works and where you can see new gates.

Salik Road Toll in Dubai Location

How to pay at Salik?

There are three main options through which you can pay a Salik fee;

Fines for not paying at Salik Gates

If you go through any of the gates without having sufficient balance in your account, you will be notified to recharge your account in five working days. By not following the rules you will be charged Dh50 per day.

If you violate any of the rules, you will have to pay the fine which is must for everyone; so be careful. Learn about Visa & Immigration procedure in Dubai

Some Facts and details about Salik Road Toll in Dubai

Do’s and Don’ts while using Salik

Few vehicles exempted from the Tollgates fee

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For more information, log on to their official website;


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