Dubai Creek Tower 2020


Dubai Creek Tower 2020


From the early days at the start of the 20th century, the small fishing village Dubai has transformed into a global city. From the Palm Jumeirah built on the land reclaimed from the Gulf to the Burj Al Arab and the mega huge Burj Khalifa, UAE is now synonymous of the world’s most impressive and well-known construction projects. But the ambition of Dubai’s latest construction will take engineering and construction to new heights after the completion of this mega project. 

Dubai Creek Tower

This is the Dubai Creek Tower, the world’s next tallest tower that is going to be inaugurated in 2020. This Creek Tower is located in Dubai; it’s going to cost $1 billion. The Dubai Creek Tower is a joint venture between Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding, the investment vehicle of the UAE ruler HH Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al Makhtoum. 

Dubai Creek Tower is the vast residential, entertainment and retail project that is set to challenge the Downtown Dubai district. It’s designed by the professionals to stand at the center of this new place, where it will rise to 1.3 km in height. And will become the first and the tallest structure developed by humans to date. 

It resembles a lily flower, and the drawing of this tower is inspired by the Arabs minarets; this Dubai tower is going to consist of a shaft topped with an egg-shaped (more or less) structure that has observation decks and restaurants along with the telecommunication infrastructure. 

Dubai tower

Building a project that extends than any other structure which has preceded it in such an extreme climate, is not an easy task. From here the Dubai Creek tower’s foundation consists of 145 piles extends to 75 m are designed. This whole process required thousands of labor. However, the developer Emaar are keeping the exact details under wraps and not disclosing everything before the completion. It could be in the effort of protecting it from the rival proposals and new projects across Asia and the Gulf. 

The final height of the tower is not announced till date and it’s assumed that the real height will be announced until the Tower’s completion, but the assumption is that the tower will stand near 1300 meter tall.


This tower is designed by Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava, who was inspired by the original form of Lily. Dubai Creek tower is going to feature lush sky gardens, and one of the highest Observation deck. 


There will be hotels, restaurants and various residencies at the 20 usable floors. The Observation deck offers balconies which will rotate and will give you a view of 360 degree’s of the city and the surroundings and the cables that are holding up the tower are fitted with LED lights.

The construction of the Dubai Creek tower started in October 2016, the country’s best employees and construction equipment are deployed by Emmat to build this tower. 

170,000 cubic meters of soil were excavated for the foundation and 211,200 tons concrete has been poured till now and 15,000 tons of steel which are twice the weight of the Eiffel tower. The foundation work was completed in June 2018.


  • 140 barrette piles are used to make the foundation of Creek tower.
  • Inspired by the lily flower
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Makhtoum chose the design himself
  • This tower is going to feature dynamic lighting and illumination
  • It’s the world’s tallest tower one could ever be seen
  • Garden decks at the top of the Tower
  • The tower can feature stunning views of Downtown Dubai
  • Smart Hub for the next generation

Besides technicalities, this remarkable structure is going to set a new benchmark in tall building designing and developing further propelling human’s endless struggles for the skies and again demonstrating what the technical and design industry is capable of.

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