Masks Are Still A Must- Experts Says

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Masks Are Still A Must- Experts Says

Americans who have infected are actually 10 times higher than the confirmed numbers of corona cases. Director CDC Robert Redfield stated in a briefing, in which he stressed public to remain vigilant by continuing a social safe distance and wash their hands frequently; and most of all cover their face when out.

White protective sterile face masks

The tone is very different and a message from what was recommended when coronavirus cases just emerged. At the start, we have seen that health official’s message was not to wear masks, save them for the frontline health care workers. As this became very clear that this virus spread through close contact; before anyone starts experiencing symptoms or never show any symptom; these health officials changed their statement. And advise people to wear cloth or homemade face coverings.

home made face mask
Home made face masks.

Such mixed messaging may have left some confusion and potential skepticism over the need to cover the face. As many of the countries have lifted “stay at home” orders, almost half of the regions are facing a surge in new COVID-19 cases. And CDC officials said that corona patient numbers don’t explain the whole picture, pointing to increased tests; specifically among those nursing home residents. But health care professionals say that the public should keep on wearing masks as people go out into public spaces until some effective vaccine is available.

White protective sterile face masks.

At the start of the pandemic, it was little knowledge about the effectiveness of wearing face masks, which researchers have grown. Here we have what scientists from all over the world have found;

Homemade face covering is pretty effective

women and her son wear face mask
women and her son wear mask

Health researchers experiments with 10 different fabrics and they found that double-layered clothes were way more effective in blocking droplets that can spread viruses. Droplets blocking efficiency with these experiments was between 90 to 98 percent with silk shirts or cotton t-shirts. While one another study comes up with the fact that common fabrics are not as good as medical masks for filtering out infectious microbes. Also the conventional fabric blocks between 43-94% of bacteria that move in the form of droplets like viruses.

More People Wear Masks, Greater The Impact

mask is important in public

Another study found that wearing masks could stop the spread of coronavirus; at the beginning, in Wuhan, it was estimated that this virus had a reproduction number of 4. This means that each infected person got the other four sick; this is how the pandemic spread so quickly.

Wearing A Mask When Done In Earlier Outbreaks

Mathematical modeling which showed mask-wearing equally protects the mask wearer from spreading germs or getting sick. Using data from the end of January to the start of April; researchers found that if 80% of people could wearing could have reduced deaths around 9-10% in the US.

So masks can Help?

It seems so, numerous of studies including computational modeling of infection levels around the globe, observational research of infected people, and directly testing of how the virus spreads through masks; all seem to the same thing. It is well defined that wearing a mask can greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19. Until there are some scientific authentic evidences that we have some better protective treatment for this pandemic. To limit virus spread if it isn’t perfect or 100% effective all the time; it seems like a very good thing to do if the price is a bit of discomfort from a face mask.


So we are going to wear masks for foreseeable future as probably covering face until the scientists and researchers come with an authentic vaccine. But again this would be a good opportunity for those who think about others and this can be slowing down the spread of the virus. We have lots of people around us suffering from this COVID-without any symptoms who are a potential source of spreading the virus, so be careful and try to cover your face when out.


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