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People are moving to Dubai for work and business purposes, as they find UAE the land full of opportunities. Some of them have decided to settle down in Dubai. therefore they plan to get marry and start their family life in Dubai. There are certain marriage rules in Dubai depend on the bride and groom religion and nationality.

If you are serious about tying a knot, so read this article carefully. We have discussed the primary rules & regulations for a couple who are planning their wedding ceremony in Dubai.


If your big day is going to hit the coming near future, make sure that you are done with the paperwork, in case you will end up your wedding day in messing nerves as you would not be able to handle especially if you are non-resident of UAE.

So if your wedding date is coming and you are not done with the paperwork now this is the right time to work smartly over it.

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The rules and requirements may vary depending on your situation, below explained are some rules that can help you for sure;

Islamic Marriage rules in Dubai (UAE NATIONALS ONLY)

Islamic marriages are taken place at the Islamic courts’ marriage section, where both applicants are UAE residents and holding a valid UAE visa. Both applicants must be Muslim, especially the groom. If the bride is of another religion, it works. But if the groom is non-Muslim and the bride is Muslim, the groom is supposed to be converted to Islam later.

Bride’s father must be present at the occasion of the wedding along with two witnesses; male witnesses only. Both the applicants have to settle down the Dowry agreements before the ceremony started. And they have to fulfill the agreement as per contract. No dowry should be properly mentioned that there is no need for dowry.

Some of the documents that are generally required for marriage purpose;

  • Passports of couples – original and photocopies
  • The ID of the bride’s father and witnesses
  • Letter of consent, if the father of the bride is not able to attend the ceremony
  • Father declaration certificate and bride’s brother or another male consent
  • Divorce or death certificate of the previous marriage


Those non-UAE who are Muslims and they want to get married in Dubai, they must have UAE valid residence visa, the marriage is going to be held at the Marriage section of the Dubai court.

You have these documents with you at the time of wedding ceremony;

  • Passports of couples-original and photocopies
  • ID’s of bride’s father and two male witnesses
  • NOC in Arabic attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Divorce or Death certificate


There should be 2 witnesses on spot at the moment of the wedding ceremony. The witnesses should have their IDs with them. And the age of the bride and grom must be 18 and above. There are embassies of almost every country in Dubai if there is any uncertainty better to visit the embassy or church.

Here we have a list of documents if you are planning to get married in Dubai. Therefore, Do collect these documents for marriage purpose;

  • Birth certificates for both bride and groom
  • Original passports of both and photocopies as well
  • Original and photocopies of witnesses’ passports
  • Blood test reports
  • Medical fitness certificate from the UAE Health Ministry
  • Death certificate of former spouse (in case of widow/widowers)
  • Divorce papers (for divorcees)

If you have done all paperwork in English, and you want to work this marriage in UAE you need to go through;

  • You need to translate your marriage certificate in Arabic by an official translator
  • Bring both versions of the marriage certificate at the Dubai court of attestation
  • Then you have to visit ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice for authentication.


Therefore if someone is planning for a court marriage, there is an online portal. This portal is developed by Dubai Courts where both applicants may register under the section eZawaj of Dubai court official website.

NOTE: Hence, the information regarding marriage is for guidance purposes only. If you have any ambiguity regarding marriages in Dubai, please visit your embassy to get accurate information and procedure.

Above all, you can click on the link to better understand the way for court marriage.

Good luck and have a blessed life!!


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