Lightning Strikes Kill 18 People In Pakistan

Lightning strikes kill 18 people in Pakistan

Lightning strikes kill 18 people in Pakistan

There were lightning Strikes Kill 18 People In Pakistan that had the greatest impact. This lightning strike kills 18 people in Pakistan and several injured during a deadly night in the Thar Desert. Police stated this freak incident happened on Thursday, November 16, 2019; describing the deaths are unprecedented. Abdulah Ahmed, the police chief of the region stated, “We have got confirmation of 18 deaths in our region”. This place is located in southern Sindh province, extended over 22,000 square km.

Out of 18 people died by lightning, 15 were from Dhabi, Diplo, Moro, Chachro, Meghe Jotar, Ram Sanghani in Tharparkar. And four of them were women. The remaining three; two belonged to Jacobabad and once from Ghotki.

Heavy shower and thunderstorms destroyed several villages destroying many homes; a meteorologist says that rainfall events could be linked to climate change.

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The Thar Desert spanning across the Indian border is one of Pakistan’s poorest places which is depending on monsoon rain.  But this November rain in Thar area is unexpected while lightning of such intensity is exceptional, explained Dr. Syed Sarfraz, Khi meteorological officer. He further added that the causes are still being investigated but it is suggested that hot air of the desert had direct contact with a cold air mass entered from Iran and this fuel the storm. He added more, climate change could also be a factor of this strike.

Therefore, tents and blankets have been dispatched from Karachi to the affected areas that lost their home in the rain.

In lightning strikes, hundreds of farm animals and pets also died.


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