June 23 Results – Cyber Security 202

Cyber security 202

June 23 Results – Cyber Security 202

Progressives are mounting efforts just to establish Democrats in Kentucky and New York. Protests all around the US; “Black Lives Matter” have added extra energy to the left and Black progressives are surging in both states.

Black Lives Matter

The race between two leading democrats in Kentucky vying for the right to take on senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is coming down to the wire. All this momentum is on the Charles Booker side over Amy McGrath who is a retired Marine fighter pilot with party backing a good bank balance in his account.

A former principal Rep. Eliot Engel from the Bronx in New York is aiming at 30 years incumbent. Eliot has not faced any competitive primary in 20 years and now the pressure is in front of him. This Tuesday the voter of five states head to the polls including North Carolina, Virginia, and Mississippi; in addition to NYC and Kentucky.

This primary contest marked a different spot after a string of primaries where officials proved wholly unprepared to hold secure elections during this COVID-19 pandemic. This primary Tuesday was far from flawless whereas some in-person voters waited for two hours in Lexington but the state managed to escape the Georgia, Wisconsin, and Colombia fate where a large number of mail ballots didn’t arrive.

Donald Trump

Poll workers were not prepared to vote and stretch for four hours or maybe longer than this. They did it while shattering the record for voter turnout, hugely driven by an interest in the contentious Democratic Party to take on senate majority. State secretary Michael G. Adams (R) predicted that the total turnout would be more than 1 million voters with a large percentage of those casting votes by mail.

Here we have three major reasons why things went smoothly in Kentucky;

Bipartisan Cooperation

Adams and Kentucky democratic govt Andy Beshear issued a plan in April by allowing all residents of the US to vote by mail during the primary elections which were delayed from May 9th due to the pandemic. This plan also included 15 days of early voting and a new online web portal where voters could request absentee ballots.

Andy Beshear

This is a far cry from Wisconsin where the state hurtled towards a primary during the early confused days of the pandemic after the blocked democratic Tony Ever’s effort to delay the elections. More than 70 cases were reported who stood in-lined at a polling station during this elections.

Lots of Upfront Planning

Generally, state officials worked together to set up for election day whereas the state managed the process of setting up an online portal for balloting requests, verifying their identities who requested mail ballots and tracking the journey between the voter and the election officials.

Counties managed a massive consolidation of voting sites and officials open only one polling station each in the state’s two largest counties. Jefferson and Fayette and the shuttle service to and from them; are the locations, however, they were massive enough to accommodate huge numbers of voters social distancing.

No complex New Machines

US Voting System

This creates problems for cyber security; it proved a boon during the elections as poll workers and voters didn’t get themselves familiarized themselves with new processes. This was the problem in Georgia where poll workers were not well trained before the election and they don’t know much about using new ballot-making machines whereas in Los Angeles some of the new machines malfunctioned on Election Day.


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