Dubai Laws Introduced In 2019

Dubai laws introduced in 2019

Dubai laws introduced in 2019

The government of Dubai is doing its best to make residents’ lives easier and more comfortable. To achieve this some new rules and laws have been introduced every year. Similarly, we also saw some new refined Dubai Laws Introduced In 2019; these are somehow amendments in the previously existing laws. It starts by introducing a new Gold card that provides permanent residency for non-Emiratis to easy documentation for a liquor license. Here we have explained some of the laws introduced in 2019.

Permanent Residency for Non-Emiratis

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed has approved a new gold card, which is supposed to grant permanent residency for all non-Emiratis in the UAE. It is more like a USA green card; the UAE’s gold card is granting permanent status for entrepreneurs and investors. Investment worth of AED 100 billion is granted the golden card from the start to the batch of 6,800 investors. 

Closing a Phone contract is Cheaper Now

March 20th, 2019 was the date when this new rule was announced, in which the mobile phone contract cancellation gets easier in the UAE. The customers have to pay only one month’s rental fee according to the new law. This is all if the customer wants to close the mobile phone contract earlier before the particular time. All network providers already have applied to new contracts, they are also working to introduce the new format to the current contract by the end 0f 2019. 

Calorie Count by Dubai restaurants

It is proposed by the Dubai Municipality that all restaurants have to mention the calorie count of each dish on the menu. All those restaurants that have more than 5 branches in the city, they must follow this rule from November 2019. All other restaurants and café will have to follow the rule from January 2020. This initiative is an effort to make people aware of what they are eating and this is how they can take care of their intake and make well-informed decisions while talking about food. 

Quite easy to own Liquor License

It was in practice that one can buy only a fixed amount of alcohol depending on his/her salary certificate. Whereas obtaining a license for liquor was a tiresome process, which requires you to submit a NOC from your company, employer, boss, father or husband alongside a salary certificate that must have earned more than AED 3000.

But now the rule has been simplified and you only need 4 documents to submit to get a Liquor license. These documents comprised of; a copy of your Emirates ID, passport, visa, and a recent photograph. This whole process followed by online payment of AED 270 only. Upon the confirmation of the process, you can collect the license from the nearest MMI store. But for this process, you must be 21 years old and a non-Muslim to get a Liquor license.

Renew Vehicle Registration without clearing Fines

The Dubai police have launched a new scheme that’s going to allow motor owners to renew the registration of their vehicles without clearing the old traffic dues. All those who have cleared six months of their record can get 50% off whereas all those with a clear record for a year can get 75% off. 

Excise taxes

The cabinet of UAE has announced to increase excise taxes on electronic cigarettes, capes and some soft drinks. E-smoking devices and liquids that have been used are going to hit an increase of a full 100% tax. Whereas certain soft drinks contain added sugar and sweeteners are going to be paying 50% more taxes. 

Blocking Emergency Vehicles

A motorist who doesn’t give away or move from the path for emergency routes now faces more fine implemented from July 1st, 2019. The increased fine now is DHS 3000 plus 6 black points with 30 days vehicle impoundment. Before the amendment in this law, the fine was only Dhs 1000 with 6 black points only. The interior ministry of the UAE has also given guidelines to the entire vehicle holder how. And when to give ways to the emergency vehicles on the roads.


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