30% discount on these fines announced in UAE

30% discount on these fines announced in UAE

30% discount on these fines announced in UAE

On the occasion of the 48th UAE national day, the Department of Public works announced a 30% discount on all the environment-related fines recorded this year, in Ras Al Khaimah. This discount is almost valid for two-weeks, hopefully by the end of this year. Director-General of the department stated that this is in line with the year of Tolerance for all of us. 

This environment discount is not applicable for heavy vehicle drivers like truck drivers rip off while trying to get out of the truck weigh stations. But this 30% discount is available on all the violations that have been registered before the launch of this discount. The GM of the public work dept added on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. 

The records of this year till now show, 11,373 tickets have been issued. These are against a host of environmental violations across the UAE starting from the beginning of 2019. Staff inspectors and monitoring teams of the Public work department are using smart devices. They use it for the recording of all environmental violations. These smart devices detect and record the video of any violation immediately in the smart system. That automatically sends an SMS to the erring one’s mobile number who has been involved in the violation and there us type time and place mention.

The GM further that, there we have more inspections raids that have been launched recently in the emirates. Specifically in different parts of the valleys, mountains, natural sites. The natural sites, public beaches along with the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road is now the main hub. This is popular for tourists all over the world and locals do visit these places. 

But the Public work department has judicially empowered 74 staff members. They are keeping an eye on all these public sites on the 55 patrols. Just to make sure the serenity of the place. The public should be very cooperative towards the department RAQIB as this is for the public. There is a free hotline (8008118) or through the smart application “kolona Rakib”. They can inform immediately about illegal and anti-environment practices. So the authorities can treat them well and timely. 

However, back in March this year, the department of public works has offered a 30% discount. These discounts are on all the environmental violations when they were celebrating the Happiness day. 


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