Top 10 Places in Azad Kashmir You Must Visit

Top 10 Places in Azad Kashmir You Must Visit

Top 10 Places in Azad Kashmir You Must Visit

Pakistan is a homeland to splendid natural beauty, a land for tourist’s attraction not only from the locals but the foreigners visit Pakistan every year. There are ample places in Azad Kashmir you must visit.

One of the captivating spots is Azad Kashmir; nothing matches the supremacy of this place. You can see greenery, mountains, lakes in Azad Kashmir; one can imagine in dreams.

Following is the list of top places. 


Mirpur Azad Kashmir is well known as “Little England” because of the large British Pakistani community. Mangla dam in Mirpur has attracted millions of tourists every year for boating and fishing. You must visit Ramkot fort, Mangla fort, Mazar Miran Mir Sarkar, Old city, Hindu temple, Ali Baig Gurdwara, and Samwal Sharif, all these are worth seeing sights. 


Have you ever been to Bagh Azad Kashmir? If not, this is the right time to make a plan and select places in Azad Kashmir you must visit. 

The name shows this could be the greenest area of Azad Kashmir. This place is mesmerized with the breathtaking sceneries. You must visit Suddhen Gali, Las Danna, Neela Butt, Dhirkot and many more places that you could discover yourself. 

Muzaffarabad to Neelum Valley

One of the most massive and attractive places is Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, very populated area. Peer Chanasi, Shaheed Gali, Kashmir waterfall Dulai, red Fort are the places that one must visit while traveling to Muzaffarabad.

Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir is the first and the best spot from where you can head towards Neelum Valley.

Neelum Valley the blue gen of Pakistan, the most visited area among the north part. This valley is a district of Azad Kashmir, 90 km away from its capital and 180 km from Islamabad. Neelum valley is rich enough in waterfalls, lush green plains, peaks covered with snow, dense forests and pure lakes are the main attractions here. Patikka, Dhani waterfall, Neelum Jhelum project, ChillianaRatti Gali, 


Rawalakot Azad Kashmir is also known as district HQ of Poonch, 80 km away from Islamabad. It is advised you must visit this area in summer because the Azad Kashmir weather is savage in winters. You must visit Toli Peer located in Rawalakot. Toli PeerAzad Kashmir is a famous peak, it is 8800 above the sea level; once you are on this peak you will consider yourself at the top of this world.

Sharda Fort

This Sharda fort Azad Kashmir is on the top of the slope encompassing the Jhelum River. This fort is surrounding by water from three sides that shows the impeccable scene.  This is the valley of the most beautiful and peaceful area with lavish greens and cold flowing water. You have to cross the bridge from the Neelum River to be at the Sharda Kashmir. 

Bhimber Azad Kashmir

In 1996, Bhimber was declared as an independent district, before it was a subdivision of district is located at the distance of 50 km from Mirpur and 166 from Islamabad. 

Baghsar, Jandi Chonta, Baghsar lake are the best places to visit. There is much more to visit; the Rohtas fort is the closest heritage at the distance of KM. 

Sudhan Gali

Sudhan Gali is located at a short distance from Bagh, is at the height of 2100 meters above sea level. This pot is perfect for the hikers and trekkers. These places in Azad Kashmir you must visit to know about the living of local people, how hard they struggle to earn their bread and butter. 


Athmuqam is a hilly area of Azad Kashmir; you have to drive for 4hrs from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam. The huge and heightened mountains might look scary for the first time, but ultimately the beauty makes you forget everything else. There are lots of small motels and places that you can stay at Athmuqam which is a tiny but beautiful village. 

The name Athmuqam means 8th stations; it means you have 8 stages to approach from Muzaffarabad and Kel to Athmuqam.

Kel Kashmir

Kel is a small valley that is above 2097 meters from sea level and 19 km from away from Sharda. You can never experience the best charming place at Azad Kashmir like Kel valley. You can see the Shounter Nallah meeting Neelum River at this point that passes over the Shandur Pass. This valley is more popular among the mountaineering as it’s a base camp for them. You can hire ponies and horses to travel locally into the banks of Valley. You can also visit Arang Kel Azad Kashmir, located at the hill near Kel Azad Kashmir, a village full of natural and amazing sceneries. 

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Tao Butt Kashmir

The last station of Neelum valley is Tao Butt, where you could see delicacy in every inch. The residents are very hardworking and big-hearted. The men of this region visit the surroundings to earn a pocket full of money and came back to their homes in summers to cultivate their crops. Tao Butt Kashmir has houses with a red roof that you can resemble with the houses in Switzerland. 

This area is located at the LOC zone, came into existence the moment when Pakistan and India dispute were going on. 

Make sure you to get proper permission from Pakistan armed forces before checking into this place.

So!! What are you waiting for, do pack your luggage and make an unforgettable tour to Azad Kashmir Pakistan? Tourists mark these places in Azad Kashmir you must visit to spend some of the beautiful days in this amazing and magical valley.


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