The best 20 places you must visit in Pakistan


The best 20 places you must visit in Pakistan

Natural beauty attracts everyone’s heart, and Pakistan is blessed with the world’s The best 20 places you must visit in Pakistan, a tourist in millions visit Pakistan from all over the world. Kashmir and North of Pakistan, these particular parts of Pakistan have always been the center of attraction all around the world. 

Pakistan is well known all over the world as the country of green plains, mesmerizing lakes, beautiful mountains, healthy weather, wildlife and historical places.

If you are a tourist or like traveling, then you must visit all those places, that Globelinfo has compiled the amazing places in Pakistan.

Here are some destinations from our list that must be visited.

Badshahi Masjid


Lahore is well known for its culture and amazing architecture as this place has been a place for lots of emperors. This Masjid goes back to the Mughal era; it was built between 1672-1672. You can accept it after visiting the greatest mosque on this planet. You will see the marble and red stonework there. The calligraphic work will also there and maintained well to impress anyone.



Mazar-e-Quaid is the mausoleum of Pakistan’s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, located in Karachi. The famous merchant Yahya Merchant designed it; this is made of white marble. Nobody can forget to visit the founder’s place, it’s not only beautiful but this also reminds everyone about the man who is behind the independence of Pakistan.

Attabad Lake


This is the most beautiful natural lake located in the Hunza valley; you can also listen to it by the name of Gojal valley. The blue water attracts the tourists towards it; its dramatic mountain backdrop has a magical impact on the visitors. Once the tunnel was under construction, the tourists take boats from one end to another; they use to take their vehicles through these boats which seem impossible.



Murree is the best place situated 60 km away from the capital Islamabad. That’s the most visited of Pakistan by Pakistanis; it’s an urban city of Punjab province. Millions of travelers visit Murree mall road and would love to spend vacations there with friends and families. The landscape and the cool weather is the most appealing one to the visitors.

You can visit Nathia Gali the heart of Abbottabad, this place is best for its foggy and charming weather, you can do hiking there. This is about 1 hr drive away from Murree.

Naran Kaghan valley


Naran is the upper residential area of Kaghan valley, it is more like heaven on earth that can be touched. You can go to Lake Saif ul Malook which is few kilometers away from Naran. This lake is rated amount the top 5 best tourists places in Pakistan.

Swat Valley


Swat valley is deliberately scaled-down as mini Switzerland; there you can find many destinations to hang out like Mohadand valley, Ushoo woodland, Kalam, Malam Jabba and much more to explore. So pack up your luggage and spend a few memorable moments there.

Kalasha Valleys


Kalash valley is one of the best vacation spots in Pakistan, this valley doesn’t only have astonishing sceneries but the society and their culture are also remarkable and astounding. This valley has an extremely old Greek civilization, where there are old clans and they have their religion and norms. The houses are made of harsh logs, they Kalash population celebrate numerous events including, Uchal, Phoo, Chomos festival.

Hunza Valley


Hunza is another beautiful valley in Gilgit district. It’s one of the top steep valleys in Pakistan were not only locals but foreigners like to visit. This valley is surrounded by Himalayas and Karakoram mountains, this place is been a great tourist place for many years. Rakaposhi, Diran, Hoper glacier, Passue, Atta Abad Lake is the places in Hunza valley and its surroundings.

Neelum Valley


Neelum valley is famous for its lush green meadows, springs, beautiful lakes, sloppy mountains and glass-like flowing streams over the roads and hitting the solid rocks; you can consider it more like a Blue gem valley. The best 20 places you must visit in PakistanKaren, Ratti Galli, Baboon, Sharda and its fort, Arrang Kel, Halmet and Noori top are some of the famous tourist spots of Neelum valley.

Khunjerab Pass


The Khunjerab Pass is registered as the best tourist spot according to the visitors that’s been here. It is located in the beautiful mountainous range of Karakoram at Gilgit-Baltistan. Pakistan is connected with China through this road. You can visit the highest mountain pass on the border of Pak with China.

Naltar Valley


Naltar valley is very famous for its crystal clear lakes; you can reach at Naltar valley at a drive of 2 hrs from Gilgit. This valley is covered with Pine trees; tourists say this valley is not a part of this world. So travelers, if you want to see the Paradise with your eyes, make a plan of this beautiful place at least once in life. You will be in love with this place. You can taste the world tastiest potato here too.



Everyone knows that this Gwadar is going to be a huge port soon. Gwadar is the second largest city of Baluchistan province. It’s a beautiful coastline, where you can see the uniqueness of cultures in one place. It has beautiful beaches and mountains. Shortly, it’s going to be the biggest hub of Pakistan.


The Omanis have great influence in this region and one can see Oman’s culture in Makrani population. You can also enjoy the Liwa, that’s an Arab dance and music; it’s also performed in Arabian Peninsula.



Pakistan is blessed with all flavors of beautiful places; deserts are one of them for sure. The Cholistan desert is 30 km from Bahawalpur that is covering an area of more than 26,000 sq km. If you are a nature lover then you must appreciate the beauty of this dessert but it’s not a cup of tea for everyone. People living in this desert are more like a semi-nomadic, move from one place to another in search of water and food for themselves and their animals.

Derawar Fort


Derawar Fort is located in Bahawalpur; it’s a large square fortress. There are 40 supports/bastions of Derawar fort that one can see from many miles. Its walls have a circumference of 1500 meter and 30 meters high which is very high.The best 20 places you must visit in Pakistan The fort was constructed by a Hindu Rajput, Bhati of Jaisalmer. You can see the beautiful Abbasi mosque inside the Derawar fort that is exactly set in the middle of the Cholistan desert.

Katas Raj Temples


Katas Raj Temples has located in a village near Choa Saidanshah in Chakwa, Potohar Plateau region. This is a complex consisting of multiple Hindu temples which are dedicated to Shiva, according to Hindu’s history; this temple exists since the period of Mahabharata and the Pandava. It is surrounded by a pond that Hindus believes as sacred water.

Hingol National Park


You might think that this is a Grand Canyon, but NO, you are wrong. This is a national park of Baluchistan.The best 20 places you must visit in Pakistan The Hingol national park is 190 km away from Karachi, its located on the Makran coast surrounded by mountains, the river, desert, and the Arabian sea. This park reminds you of the Flinstones.



This place is located near Rawalpindi, looks like any place from the movie Hobbit. Taxila has importance due to its archeology. Some of the remains in this region date back to 6th century BC, which was the era of the Persian Empire.



Pakistan is naturally blessed with a golden rough material that makes up the huge desert. The Tharparkar is located in Sindh, it is one of the five deserts of Pakistan, and the fertility of this desert makes it significant of all. It stretches from Rajasthan and Gujrat in India. That’s the only dessert that you can see with people and their cattle living there.



One of the best amongst the northern areas located in KPK, its spectacular natural beauty, rivers, lakes and pleasant weather is the greatest source of attraction for tourists. You can go for tracking and hiking as it’s officially allowed there but it’s better to hire any local tourist guide. Garam Chashma, Shahi Masjid, Bomborey, and Bunni villages are the best spots to visit while you are in Chitral.

Khewra Salt Mine


The Khewra salt mine is located in Khewra the north of Pind Dadan khan. This is world second largest salt production mine, and Pakistan oldest largest mine. You can see many creative stuff made out of salt here like, sculptures, key chains, lamps and much more.


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