Rules Introduced In Dubai In 2019

Rules Introduced In Dubai 2019

Rules introduced in Dubai in 2019

Dubai introduces many new rules and laws once in a year, to create the life of residents easier. Therefore the year 2019 has been no exception. From obtaining your liquor license to canceling your phone contract, here are some rules. These rules are introduced in 2019 that you simply have to follow while living in Dubai.

Residency Visa

The new permanent residency visa was declared in 2018 within the UAE. The new visa system is geared toward making sure that the UAE is going to be a global incubator for people who have the right to live there. Within the 1st phase of applications, 6800 residents have up to now been granted gold card status and permanent residency. These residents together pledged investments of nearly Dh.100bn.

 Family Visa Rules

 Starting this year, professional status can now not be a notion of issuing family visas. Instead, the financial gain of the sponsor would be the sole criteria to be evaluated. So, no matter whether or not you’re a manager or a degree holder, you may be allowed to sponsor relatives. Now, any male resident who is an employee in UAE is allowed to sponsor his family, provided his minimum regular payment is Dh.4000 or Dh.3000 with accommodation.

Car Renewal

Dubai Police has relaxed the principles on fine settlement in line with their safety scheme, which added enhanced discounts overtime to drivers. The initiative launched within the Year of Tolerance. Aims to encourage safer driving by giving up to 100% cent off fines if a driver doesn’t commit any violations for a full yr. However, residents noticed that it might be tough to create use of this perk. As earlier all fines supposed to be cleared before annual car registration renewal. However, Police have allowed the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to permit drivers to renew their car while not clearing their fines

Making Way For Emergency Vehicles

Rules introduced in Dubai in 2019

There is an increase in the fine for all those motorists who don’t give away or move aside for emergency vehicles. It can be Dh. 3000, 6 black points or car impoundment for 30 days; and this rule has been implemented from July 1st, 2019. Earlier the fine was Dh.1000 and 6 black points. But, the UAE’s Ministry of Interior has currently announced an increase in fines. 

The Ministry has additionally added guidance on how and when the moving vehicles have to give ways to the emergency vehicles, defense, and ambulances. They have amended this rule because there are some cases registered that being hearing the siren and see the flashing light they don’t bother to give way to the emergency vehicles. 

  • Some more rules are amended by this year;
  • Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol 
  • Bouncing a check-in Emirates is a serious crime
  • Dancing in public is not allowed
  • Proper dressing for both genders, especially for females. And no cross-dressing.
  • Driving after consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited; by doing do you not only risk yourself but also the other people on the road.
  • Breaking the speed limit, lane hop or mobile usage while driving all is restricted in Dubai. 
  • Zero tolerance for offensive behavior.
  • No public affection display allowed
  • Respect Ramadan; don’t go for food or drink in public spots.


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