Free Wi-Fi in all Dubai taxis soon

Free Wi-Fi in all Dubai taxis

Free Wi-Fi In All Dubai Taxis Soon

There couldn’t be worse than running out data while driving on a taxi. And then suddenly you came to know that the way you are going on is not known to you. But Dubai authorities are working on this situation. And they are going to launch free Wi-Fi in all Dubai taxis soon. And above all, this Wi-Fi will be free of cost to almost 10,800 cabs calculated to date. 

That’s been decided after the successful launch and feedback of free Wi-Fi to intercity buses. The RTA has planned to facilitate the resident or visitors to Dubai. In all the Taxis there will be an interactive LCD touch screen. 

Roads & Transport Authority

The Roads and Transport Authority has signed a deal with the telecommunication network to equip all the taxis of the city with free Wi-Fi. Above all the authorities are not going to charge the drivers or the riders for providing wifi. And have access to free Wi-Fi throughout their journey. You can also calculate your fare in advance and give a review of the taxi service that you have availed. Similarly, as the ride-hailing services Uber or Careem, you can also track your ride in real-time. If required you can also share your route or time of approaching at your destination with your fellows or family members. 

Upon connecting with the Wi-FI, the rider can log-in to the official site. And could be able to access digital services via their smartphones or iPhones

Ahmed Hashem, RTA Chief Executive stated, as per the agreement, the devices will soon be installed in the taxis. This initiative is a part of making Dubai one of the smartest city and they are turning their words into reality as the time is passing. 

There is a strong belief that within a year there will be wifi in the Taxis. The projects will start working upon completion of its first phase. 

Dubai is not only testing self-driving cars, but they have equipped their cabs with free Wi-Fi. And now they are also working on a fast traveling system. 

  The taxi passengers will also get access to see the current market exchange rates and can talk to drivers in any language. That can be upon using the instant interpretation of the passenger’s language to the selected language of the driver that will be shown on the meter screen. Isn’t it exciting now!!

The test run of the screen is going to start in December 2019.

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