Dubai Laws For Unmarried Couples

Common laws for unmarried couples in Dubai

Dubai laws for unmarried couples

UAE follows the Sharia laws being a purely Islamic country when it comes to preserving the culture and religion. And there is no exception to the rules and regulations; however, the rules here in Dubai are less rigorous as compared to other Arab countries. But publically some objectionable situations are not acceptable by any means. Here in this piece of content, we are going to explain the most debatable topic. That is Dubai laws for unmarried couples intend to live together. However, it is strictly illegal for unmarried couples to live together in Dubai. We also know that Dubai is a hub of people from all around the world. So it’s a worth discussed topic, so here we go.

For western culture, it’s very common for people to move and live with their fiancé or girlfriend/boyfriend. Yet Dubai has some strict rules for unmarried couples no matter they are fiancé. There is no tolerance for living together without marriage. The police of UAE can’t go around to every hotel and check on the residents unlike other states of UAE. But they investigate thoroughly if the couple draws attention to disobeying the rules in public. 

It is necessary to be a husband or a wife to stay together under one roof or travel in same car while in Dubai. Ignoring the laws in Dubai is a crime and there is punishment for it.  

This law applies to hotels, vehicles, and other means of accommodations. Unmarried couples or any two people of the opposite gender can’t stay. Or spend time alone, it’s officially forbidden. 

First, know your right as an unmarried couple in Dubai. All unmarried couples in Dubai have some limitations to almost non-existence legal remedies. Their relationship not recognized and hence considered as illegal. For that reason, unmarried couples cant go to the courts in case of any dispute regarding their relationships. 

Common laws for unmarried couples in Dubai

Dubai laws for unmarried couples typically confuse western travellers. As they never saw such issues in their countries, but they are bound to follow the rules here.

  • Unmarried couples can’t stay together, not in the same apartment.
  • Police don’t knock every hotel and ask for a marriage certificate. But they took action if they see any disobedience from the couple. Or If the neighbours or local people complain about the couple engagement in formidable action publicly. 
  • There is a Tawajed clause in UAE which is practised widely. According to this clause, the opposite gender cant stays together in a hotel room. And they also cant share their vehicle. 
  • Couples who are not married cant travel together; this doesn’t mean that police will investigate all travellers. But if anyone breaks the traffic rule or get involved in an accident or get into PDA; police will ask about the relationships as well that might be another problem.
  • There is another clause, Al Khilwa which refers to towards the same objection on unmarried couples living together. 
  • There is the UAE Penal Code Article 356 that can deport. Those people involved in any physical relationship outside the marriage contract. They deported or punished according to the situation.
  • UAE also doesn’t bother about the illicit relationships. If the partner is married to someone else this is again a crime. 

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Hotel Room sharing for Unmarried couples

Generally, the hotel management doesn’t ask for proof or verification of couples. Different surnames on passports are none of their concern to. As lots of women keep their maiden name even after they got married. There is no rule of Married couple only in luxurious hotels. But it’s advisable to call their partner as a spouse. Rather than calling themselves as a fiancé or a girlfriend/boyfriend to stay out of any trouble. 

Overall it looks good to say that living in a relationship. And unmarried couples not allowed to live with each other in UAE as per the law. But as we all know Dubai is the most liberal state of UAE. And there is less strictness as compared to the other states. But if someone complains about the illegal or illicit act of any couple. Police will not let you go without proper interrogation. So be very aware of the fact that Gulf has rules and they are following them as well. They need to keep the discipline alive.


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