Antibodies Against Coronavirus May Last For 2-6 Months


Antibodies Against Coronavirus May Last For 2-6 Months

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding deadly disease COVID is that whether people who recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies; do they believe that they are protected against reinfection? This is still not clear whether recovered patients are immune to the disease or not.

Antibodies Against Coronavirus May Last For 2-6 Months

In this pandemic, many countries are considering the “immunity passports” issuing to those who recovered from COVID-19. So they travel more freely. But scientists and researchers have warned that antibodies may not work for more than 6 months. Therefore everyone should be clear about it.

Not More than SIX Months

Since lots of countries have opened their travel vicinity, but this decision may need serious reconsideration. As new researches are showing that immunity to SARS COV-2 may last for not more than six months. As per the studies, the patients recovered from this disease has shown a decline in antibodies within three months. A study conducted in China is evaluating the immunological features of this disease in asymptomatic patients.

Antibodies Against Coronavirus May Last For 2-6 Months antibodies-against-coronavirus

Also, it is found that most patients shed the virus for an average of 14-19 days that suggest patients without symptoms can also play a crucial role in spreading this disease which should not be neglected. Antibodies Against Coronavirus May Last For 2-6 Months Whereas the last researches have revealed, the indicative group continues to shed this virus for as long as 14 days.

Antibodies Against Coronavirus May Last For 6 Months

Countries including thinking of considering the idea of issuing some certificates to those people who recover from this novel virus. As these people are resistant to get the infection again. Though this idea inculcated before any proof about how long do the antibodies produce in response to the virus would last. Antibodies Against Coronavirus May Last For 2-6 Months. However, the antibodies against 2002-03 SARS and MERS coronavirus last more than a year. And in the case of 2020, SARS IgG levels assumed to last for two years after infection. And the antibody response lasted for two years after infection.

Antibodies Against Coronavirus May Last For 2-6 Months COVID-symptoms-for-eight-weeks

Furthermore, researchers followed 37 people showing symptoms and 37 who don’t have any COVID symptoms for eight weeks. Who was discharged from the hospital and they were amazed to see the response. People with symptoms have a stronger immune response to the virus. After comparing to those who don’t have any symptoms. They got from this study that levels of immunoglobulin (IgG) which protects them against bacterial infections and diseases dropped in around 93%.

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However, a higher number of IgG seen in those having COVID symptoms; this IgG is responsible for long-term response against the pathogen. Another study on this COVID-19 virus which causes the common cold has shown a significant reduction among the recovered patients in six months and reinfected within a year.


The study performs in Amsterdam, where ten patients followed up to examine how their body responds to this Coronavirus and for how much time they stay immune to the viruses. This study found that the level of their antibody dropped by 75% in a year and half of them had no immunity against the virus after four years.

CoV-2 is a member of this coronavirus family
CoV-2 is a member of this coronavirus family

This study concludes that since the CoV-2 is a member of this coronavirus family. And has lots of the same characteristics. But the possibility of reinfection among recovered patients is pretty high than those who didn’t get this virus. Antibodies Against Coronavirus May Last For 2-6 Months. But this is only possible when the patient will expose to the virus again. So this is in the patient’s hands to protect himself from getting the virus again. And think about what will happen if he got the virus for the second time. Whether there will be a chance of recovering from it or not, this is still not clear.

So if there is a great chance of getting the virus. Serological testing for COVID-19 is useless if done a year after infection.


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