Visa and immigration procedures in Dubai

Visa and immigration procedures in Dubai

Visa and immigration procedures in Dubai

Anyone can get a visa for Dubai quite easily; Visa and immigration procedures in Dubai the whole procedure is fairly simple. The process is online and you can get within 4-6 business days. Fee once paid for Visa processing is non-refundable.

Visas for Dubai, UAE

Tourists from all over the world need a visa to visit Dubai except GCC nationals (excluding Qatar), as UAE has suspended all diplomatic relations with Qatar that is also a GCC country and they are not permitted to enter the UAE zone.

Nationals of Israel are not allowed to enter Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

There are online and offline channels through which you can apply for Visa.

Online Channels

  • eChannels portals
  • GDRFA website
  • Mobile application
 Online Channels

Offline Channels

Types of Visas and Entry permits

  • Tourist Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Student Visa
  • eVisa for GCC residents
  • Retirement Visa for UAE residents
  • Patient and his/her companion entry permits

Visa and immigration procedures in Dubai

Documents Required

  • Passport copy of the sponsor
  • Passport copy of the person who is being sponsored
  • Family kinship proof
  • Travel insurance
  • Photographs, passport sized
  • Visa fee
  • Duly filled Visa application form
  • Copy of flight booked
  • Approval letter from Bank
Documents Required
Documents Required

Note: you can contact Amer service by calling at UAN# 800 5111 and you will get information about the suitable type of visa that you need.


GCC Countries

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE fall in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), Qatar is also a member of GCC but they don’t have permission to visit UAE in any means.

GCC countries nationals don’t need a visa to travel to Dubai.

Visa on Arrival at the airport

Nationals from some countries can avail visa upon arrival in Dubai including; Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bosnia, Colombia, Chad, Congo, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Panama, and many more.

Apply for UAE visa online

Nationals of all those countries that need a pre-arrange UAE visa can apply online and pay a fee for their visa through If you are going to travel or stay in Dubai with Emirates, Visa and immigration procedures in Dubai you have to submit an application and get your visa through online and you don’t need to submit your passport for stamp verification.

You can visit the link, for more information about booking your Emirates flight.

The applicant must have a passport with 6 six months of validity w.r.t their travel date to Dubai and the passport must be machine-readable as the handwritten passports are not accepted.

Another way to apply for a Dubai visa

If you have a relative, friend or any family member, they can apply on their behalf for a visa. This service is only available for the UAE residents only.

How to apply for a Visa

How to apply for a Visa

To apply for a Dubai or UAE visa, it depends on the applicant, whether they are applying for a visit visa or residence visa.

For a Visit Visa, you have to apply for by a sponsor, it could be a person or a company who will be responsible for you while you are in Dubai and they have to take you to the authorities if required. Your sponsor could be;

  • a tourist company or hotel, they can apply on your behalf for 30 days of Tourist Visa, that can be extended to 40 days. It can be 14 days Service Visa or a 30 days Visit Visa that can be extended to 30 more days.
  • Airlines handlers can apply for 96 hrs Transit Visa on behalf of their crew members.
  • Different multinationals or firms can apply on their behalf for Service and Visit Visa.
  • Residents of UAE could be friends or family can apply on the behalf of applicants for a Visit Visa.
applicants for a Visit Visa

If you are going to do a job in Dubai, Visa and immigration procedures in Dubai your employer can be the one who can apply for your Visa, and if you are going to get settled there with your spouse or family, they will be your sponsor and only they will be eligible for your Visa processing application. Apply for fast and convenient Visa applications here;

Immigration Procedures in Dubai

Immigration Procedures in Dubai

Taking extra security measurements, the immigration authorities Dubai International airport are conducting eye screening of visitors to Dubai randomly. Those visitors who are asked for eye screening, they are required to give them a hardcopy of their visa and they can also give a print out of their visa number confirmation page at the scanning counter. If you do not have a copy with you, a AED 30 per copy will be charged to get a copy for you and you have to pay only in AED.

Fast Track Immigration

E-Gates at Dubai International airport has been installed recently; all you need to avail this facility is a passport with a barcode on it. You can easily register yourself at the airport for this service.

Smart Gates and their Locations

Smart Gates and their Locations

Smart Gates are working at Terminal 3, these smart are fair enough to take you out of the airport quickly, what you have to do is scan your passport with your picture on it and barcode page too. Now step into the gate and let you retina be scanned and now you are good to go anywhere. All this is going to be done in a few minutes, but make sure if you are going for the first time, get yourself register with immigration personals.

Dubai Airport Immigration

Immigration is a place where govt officials are supposed to check all legal documents of people entering the country. Scrutiny of passport, visa and all related other documents including hotels and itinerary are involved in this process.

Before the traveler arrives or departs, the immigration officer checks the document before going through the security check. That simply means, the traveler is checked twice in one-way flight; one at the time of departure and second time upon arrival at the destination.

The immigration department personals are entitled to ask you any question as required, your biometrics will be scanned and recorded at Dubai Immigration Centre. For Indians there isn’t visa facility available upon arrival at any UAE airport, they have to get an eVisa before leaving for UAE or Dubai. One more thing for Indians, they have to go through the retina scan too.

Security and Custom check

Security and Custom check

The most crucial part after boarding is going through the security check by the custom and police authority of Dubai International Airport.

There are some very strict and important points that one should keep in mind while traveling to Dubai as they are very firm in their rules.

  • Drugs or narcotics are not allowed in UAE, smuggling of this stuff will bring you to a death sentence
  • You might be asked to take off your shoes, belt or socks in case the metal detector beeps.
  • You should carry a proper prescription if you are on medication and then you will be able to take your medicines for three months.

Some of the Flagged items listed below;

  • All kind of narcotic drugs
  • Gambling tools or equipment
  • Fishing net
  • Horns of animals that are prohibited
  • Forged currency notes
  • Ammunition and military equipment
  • Fireworks
  • Food that’s made at home
  • Knives or swords

These requirements are subject to change anytime without letting anyone know, for a safe side please does keep on visiting the Dubai custom before leaving for Dubai

In case of any emergency, you can call at the Dubai airport phone number that is available 24/7.

+971 4 224 555

Please note that Globelinfo only provides Visa and Immigration information for tourists planning to visit Dubai for spending their vacations or having corporate business meetings.


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