Top 10 parks in Dubai


Top 10 parks in Dubai

Everyone knows Dubai because of its skyscrapers and Shopping malls ther is a lot more to discover. You just need to explore the beauty of this place. Following is the list of some beautiful and amazing top 10 parks in Dubai that one must.

Safa is among top 10 parks in Dubai

Safa Park was built in 1975 which is covering 150 acres of urban place in Dubai city. There are main roads like Sheikh Zayed, Al Wasl, Al Hadiqa and the 55th street around the Safa Park. At Safa Park you will be having lots of facilities like playgrounds for your kids; there are washrooms and funfair as well.

You can have picnic parties with friends or families and this open place is perfect for gamers. This park has 200 plus of different and beautiful bird’s species, there is a small forest that’s not one where you can see over 15,000 different trees and bushes. Moreover, visit the best places in Dubai.

Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park is amongst the largest parks in Dubai, it’s located between Karama and Zabeel area. You can see many people out there at weekends as this is near to many residential areas. The park is divided into two parts, by the Sheikh Zayed road but some bridges are built to connect the park on the opposite sides of the road.

There is a wide range of activities at the park, including, StarGate children’s entertainment zone, playgrounds, boat riding in its lake, open areas for a walk, areas dedicated for barbeques.

Mamzar Beach Park

There you will see five beaches and a big outdoor swimming pool, the park covers acres of open lush and fresh green grassland. There you will find some small cafes, grocery stores, dish wash facilities, change rooms, bike riding tracks, kids play area, and above all, you can view Sharjah Lagoons.

This Mamzar Beach Park is jam-packed on weekends and in evenings; one has to pay 5DHS to get an entry ticket for this park.

Al Barsha Pond Park

Al Barsha Pond Park has a lot to offer you; it is constructed newly to provide more greenery to the locals of Dubai and visitors as well. There is a giant pond in the park; a running track is going alongside this pond. You may also do cycling around the track; you can sit there, play there or have a picnic party with your dear ones. This is one of the best and amazing places to have memorable and quality time.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden at the Miracle garden that only opens in winter, you can see lots of oddball floral sculptures and this is the world first largest ever indoor park designed for butterflies. This park is climate controlled and it is open year-round and there is featuring nine domes, that’s a home to some of the worlds beautiful winged creature.

Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park is a worth visit park, there is woodland spread on acres. There are herds of goats in the small zoo at the park and you have the option of riding camel or ponies in this park that sounds different yet amazing. There are train rides and a swimming pool, you just have to pay for all these fun activities. The entry fee is just 5DHS per person; this is claimed by visitors as the best place for family picnics. So get your family together and hang on to the Mushrif Park to spend the best day there.

Al Rashidiya Park

Al Rashidiya Park is a small family park located very near to Dubai International Park from where one can easily get to the Rashidiya Metro station. In this park there isn’t much gathering so for a family gathering this park is much better as compared to others.

You can have well-furnished playgrounds for kids, and the seats are installed under the shades of trees. You can enter in this park paying a small amount of ticket fee, and the Wednesday and Saturdays are fixed for women and kids only.

Umm Sequiem Park

In addition, Umm Sequiem Park is a family park that’s quite close to Jumeirah beach hotel; certainly it’s a lovely place where you can spend the best time. During weekdays, only women and kids have permission to visit the park. Whereas men can visit the park on weekends with their families. There is a beach, café and kids playground in the park.

Satwa is listed as Top 10 parks in Dubai

Satwa Park is located behind the Al Moosa Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road, and it’s known as an inner-city park. You will see much lush green and shady places, there are seating arrangements in the park, playgrounds for kids, you will also see kids playing footballs in the ground; then comes the basketball courts, volleyball courts, and tennis courts.

At Satwa Park there are proper running and jogging tracks for the exercisers out there. The track is 6 meters wide, Palm trees are covering the fountain where most of the people use to sit, relax and read the paper.

Creek Park

You will find Creek Park in the old Dubai city on the shores of Dubai Creek, known as one of the oldest parks in the city. As the time is passing the popularity of this park is heaving day by day. However, families come out on weekends that’s why you will see huge rush at the park. They like to visit and spend some quality time with their families and friends at Creek Park.

Meanwhile, there comes the cool breeze from the creek and that mixed with the freshness of greenery which makes the environment more natural and pleasant. Above all for kids, there is Children City Center, so they can play and spend quality time there.

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