Top 10 Arabic Restaurants in Dubai


    If you are in Dubai, there are top 10 Arabic restaurants in Dubai that can help you in getting. I have mentioned both expensive and mid-ranged restaurants. You are going to get breakfast, lunch and dinner options out there. So get ready and have a look at the collection I have gathered for you. 

    Top 10 Arabic restaurants in Dubai for You


    Ayamna is an Arabic word that means “days gone by”. It’s a new restaurant that offers Middle Eastern cuisine on another level. With all the luxurious protocol that you can expect right from Atlantis the palm. This restaurant is designed with sophistication, beautifully tiled which has different color splashes and arches. The menu is full of amazing and cooked well dishes that are perfect for a family to dine here. The food takes you to the tour of the region. I must prefer their baked puff pastry stuffed with ouzi rice and meat. 


    If you are the one who enjoys exploring new things anytime, this Arabic restaurant is the best place for you to explore the history of Mesopotamia with their culinary art. The décor of Samad al Iraqi completely shows the Iraqi culture and depicting the magnificence and extravaganza. A land with such magnificent past nobody can ignore the legacy of the culinary side they have inherited from their rich traditions. You can get Ryouk, it’s a breakfast with multiple numbers of egg dishes that you can have. Then you must go to a salad bar that is mixed with various platters. 


    Al Mallah is a restaurant that’s on the main road of Dubai old city Satwa. It’s famous for its street food which is delicious yet cheap. You could find plastic furniture on the pavement of road; you can enjoy Shawarma to grilled halloumi that they made in front of you. One must try the Falafel plate. 

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    Ayam Elezz is located at the Mall Jumeirah Beach; furnished with retro-style furniture that resembles 1960’s Lebanese home. At this Arabic restaurant, you will feel a welcoming environment, where the menu features traditional food with lots of grilled dishes, bread, salad, and mezze. 



    If you are looking for a great Arabian meal with luxurious taste, better step into Al Nafoorah for some great flavored cuisine to please your taste buds. It is located at the Emirates tower, this name Al Noofrah is very popular among the top 10 Arabic restaurants in Dubai. The hummus with crystal clear olive oil depicts the taste of Arabia. Arabic loaves of bread, Arayees are the worthy food of the place that must be tried. 


    If you are in Dubai and looking for some good spicy fast food, I must say Saj Express is the best choice to dine in. it is located at the Oasis Tower, Sheikh Zayed road. The shawarmas are their best and popular appetizer that can help your hunger strike. The immense popularity of this place can be judged by the hustle and bustle at this place. And moreover, the sandwiches are the best option for breakfast; it tastes well and can help you out in finding swiftly.


    Awtar restaurant is located at the Grand Hyatt Dubai; it’s a good choice for Arabian cuisine. The décor of this restaurant is amazingly where you can find a wide variety of food options that can help food lovers to cater to their taste. The Awtar is bit expensive but at the same time, it’s the best option to celebrate any of your best time. 

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    The Al Qasr Arabic restaurant’s architecture has magnificent look in its own, it reminds of the palace and above all its located at the classy Madinat Jumeirah which itself is full of amazing architect structure. You can see an amazing list of Arabic food here; ranges from appetizers to dishes made of meat. You can get a mixture of Arabian and Lebanese food under a single roof. 


    From the name of the restaurant Bosporous one can easily understand that this place serves Turkish cuisine, where you can have Turkish food in your plates. The list has an aromatic fragrance of Kebabs, enough to take you to the streets of Istanbul while seated in Dubai. This restaurant isn’t just an eatery place, but a place that has absorbed the rich traditions and culture of a beautiful country. Its located at the Umm Suqueim 1, and dine in salads and best dishes that can take you to the Ottoman Empire. 


    To sum up, Bateel is famous among all those people who are fond of eating delicious Arabic dates. The Café Bateel is located at the Al Mesk Dubai Marina. You can see several outlets in the city at various spots, where you certainly can enjoy delicious Arabic desserts like Belgian Waffles or the fluffy soft muffins or the lovely pastries.


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