Parey Hut Love Movie Review


Parey Hut Love Movie Review 

Parey Hut Love Movie is a Pakistani romantic movie, is inspired by Four Weddings and a Funeral. But this movie is featuring more or less like Hollywood’s mid 90’s movie. I can comment on the latest Pakistani movies whether flopped or hit the box office needs a serious scriptwriter. So, this movie has crossed 14.50 crore worldwide. 

Parey Hut Love Movie Review gives you a better option to decide whether to go for this movie or not !!

Although the location, cinematography, sets are no doubt amazing in this latest movie. 

  • Producer – the Vision Factory films
  • Director – Asim Raza
  • Writer – Asim Raza & Nasir Aslam
  • Sheheryar Munawar played the role of a young and free-willed young man named Sheheryar.
  • Maya Ali as Saniya
  • Ahmed Ali Butt as Arshad
  • Zara Noor as Shabbo
  • Hina Dilpazeer as Farida
  • Nadeem Baig
  • Fawad khan-Mahira Khan-Meera-Sonya Jehan as a guest appearance

Sheheryar and Sania meet over multiple unplanned coincidences at wedding ceremonies of their friends and families and fall in love with each other. 

Maya Ali, a new face on the big screen and she played with her character quite honestly; her dialogue delivery, solid performance, and grip on her character create amazing gestures. Sheheryar is a kind of vulnerable and angry young man portrayed in this movie. Hina Dilpazer couldn’t touch the heart of her fans, as she appears in a serious role.

The movie starts with a bang that takes you to a fantastic start. Asim Raza did his job well in creating the real image of desi big wedding. Nadeem Baig is a legend but this is not understandable why he has been cast in two similar movies released at the same time.

The story of Parey Hut Love is similar to Superstar, so if you have already watched any of the movies, you can easily compare them. Maya’s performance leaves a lasting impression throughout the picture although she disappears in between. 

But the music of this Pakistani new film, songs, choreography, and cinematography takes the credit of this film to be on the list of top Pakistani movies 2019. 

Mahira khan’s appearance in this movie isn’t just for item song but somewhat crucial which turn the lead hero role bit weak. 

This movie can be one of the best hits but the director trying to add more meaning in this movie. Doing so makes the romanticism and comic element weak.  However, criticism of these movies can help directors and producers. In a way to get rid of these flaws in upcoming Pakistani movies.


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