How to Remove Visa Ban in Dubai

How to Remove Visa Ban in Dubai

How to Remove Visa Ban in Dubai

How to Remove Visa Ban in Dubai

It is much important to know the primary information about how to remove the Visa ban in Dubai. The employees who is working in the UAE or planning to go there for work.  Therefore, Dubai Visa ban is usually within a fixed tenure of time and it’s a legal option. Banning visa prevents an employee or a resident to enter the UAE premises and start doing any job.

Common types of Dubai Visa Ban

Permanent Residency Ban

UAE’s permanent residency ban applies to only the serious illegal or disappearance of the residents outside. But the federal department of UAE is keeping and track records of all banned individuals. Certainly, they have filed all those permanently banned by any means. Their fingerprints and scanned samples are in their collection centre and databases.

Labor Ban

There are some situations in Dubai, where the Labor ban executed.

How to Remove Visa Ban in Dubai
  • If your contract has expired, and your current employer takes any action concerning your employment.
  • And also, no new application is in a queue by some other employer.
  • Termination of your labour contract before the completion of 1st year.
  • Termination of your labour contract before the expiry date.

Immigration Ban

But the reasons depend on this kind of visa ban; the employee banned literally to enter the UAE. Reasons can be a criminal offence, bounced cheque, drinking, violating any UAE rules, theft, inapt relationship, etc. There is a chance of an immigration ban on your visa. When you have broken any of the government rules and regulations. So be very sure about their rules if you want to stay there without any hurdles.

Employment Ban

The employment ban in UAE is also called a work permit ban. You will be eligible for work in UAE for a specific period. And you might be able to work there for just 6 months or could be banned permanently. And after that, you need to go back to your country or apply for a work permit again.

6 months Ban

But if you are working in UAE and you left the job without showing proper legal binding reason. You might be banned for 6 months by the employer. But this 6 months ban is obliged by the UAE Labor Ministry on the employee’s work permit or labour card.

How to Remove Visa Ban in Dubai

However, this ban is nothing to do with your entry or residence in the UAE. You can easily enter and stay in Dubai and spend time as a tourist on a visit visa.

1 year Ban

If you resign from your job before it contracts the completion period, this ban is enforced. This Visa ban rule comes to execute when you lose your case against the UAE Labor Ministry. The visa ban activated automatically in no times. In case if the new applicant did not apply before the expiry of UAE visa or work permit.

You can lift your one Year ban by the following law;

  • You must have a minimum qualification of high school
  • The new offered job must have at least a salary of Dh 5,000.
  • For diploma holders, it should be Dh 7,000.
  • For bachelor degree holders, it must be Dh 12,000.

How to remove Visa Ban

However, there are two legal ways to avoid Visa Ban;

Mutual Agreement

New Job & Professional Qualification

What is a Mutual Agreement?

The employees who decided to cancel or terminate their employment contract and visa with the permission of their employer. And they got permission to transfer to some other company. Even they have not completed their signed contract with the present company.

How to Remove Visa Ban in Dubai

Though it’s been decided if there is a mutual agreement between the employer and the employee. The visa holder can easily stay out of the ban issue. In short, the ban not imposed if the employer and the employee have mutually agreed to cancel the contract.

New Job & Professional Qualification

If you as an employee holding a minimum educational qualification and your new company has agreed to pay you the salary written below. Hence you are under new ban rules and its NO MOR BAN.

There are three levels of Professional Qualifications;

Level 1– Bachelor Degree Holders

Employers who are holding a Bachelor’s degree of 16 years are falling under the Level 1 profession list. 12000 AED salary must be in their offer letter. And the Ministry contract from a new employer company to avoid the employee’s automatic Ban.

The following are the professions or departments that fall under Level 1. So if you are a Bachelor’s degree holder you can apply in these departments.

  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Accounts-Finance
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • PR officers
  • Advertising – Graphics
  • Quantity Survivor
  • Teachers

Level 1 profession is going to have usually with 12,000 AED salaries that have attested and verified a bachelor’s degree.

Level 2– College / Diploma Holder

If the employee is having a college certificate or a diploma. They fall in Level 2 or category 2 skilled profession list. They must offer a job worth 7000 AED that is mentioned in their offer letter. And this is level is also falls under NO LABOR BAN RULE.

The following are the departments where the Level 2 skilled professionals can apply with confidence.

  • Technicians
  • Technical workers
  • Mechanical workers

The new contract offers salaries worth AED 7000 with verified degrees for Category 2 skilled workers.

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Level 3– Secondary Education certification

Whereas, Category 3 or Level 3 professional list caters to all those who have attested secondary education certificates. They are supposed to be offered with 5000 AED salary minimum from the new employer.

The departments that can facilitate the Level 3 skilled people are;

  • Sales
  • Site Supervisors
  • Clerical Staff
  • Cashiers
  • Receptionists
  • Tour operators
  • Store Keepers

Although, Category 3 skilled workers, the minimum salary are AED 5000 on contract with the new company.

But these 3 categories of jobs in UAE can easily avoid Dubai Visa ban. If and only they get the above-mentioned salaries from their new employers. This is all about how to remove visa ban in Dubai, so try to avoid all that can keep you in trouble.


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