How to get job in IT field in UAE

How to get job in IT field in UAE

How to get job in IT field in UAE

Currently, Dubai is an employer market; lots of companies are contracting, lying off and in some cases letting staff go. How to get a job in the IT field in the UAE Meanwhile, there is a huge pool of people actively looking for work, or in work and ready to switch at a moment’s notice in Dubai. 

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You’re in a restaurant; you see a dish that someone else ordered. So does everyone that’s better ordering, eating or waiting. Of course, there are multiple options that people are getting. You should also go and see which dish you need to go to first. 

Here we have a few tips about how you will get a job in the IT field in the UAE. 

 Get yourself register on Job sites

Yes, it may seem useless but it will work if you take it serious. This is a great way to get started on your job hunt while residing in UAE. This is a kind of help for you to understand what kind of requirements or vacancies that companies do offer often. And what is the status of your specific set of skills? If you don’t have any skill this is the best time to find out which skill is in high demand and start learning it. 

Top jobs Website in Dubai

Some of my personal recommendations in terms of finding jobs; Bayt, LinkedIn, Monster Gulf, Gulf Salary and lots of other platforms are available. 

You can also check some leading newspapers of UAE; go to their classified section such as Gulf News. This is the best way to find some IT-related jobs in the UAE.

Stand out with your Resume

Think about yourself as you are a product, and you are advertising yourself through a resume. Your resume should summarize and highlight all of your expertise, skills, and experience in such a way that can grab the recruiter’s attention. Your recruiter has thousands of resume on his table, do make sure that you stand out in a matter of seconds. 

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Stay Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most professional and reliable sources of the network where you can get in touch with people of your domain. If you don’t stay there regularly, you will be out of professional’s radar that’s actually not good for you. 

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Create a strong profile on LinkedIn as they rank profiles themselves. This will happen when you will fill in the most of the details and information asked in the form. Also, attach your documents and social media links on your account as this shows your reliability. You should attach your resume to the summary section. 

Company websites

how to get IT job

There are lots of national and international IT firms that are working in the UAE over the decades. You can drop your cv on their websites. Also do visit some firms including; aviation, a hospitality company, media houses. Every department needs an IT professional. All you need a good resume and some experience. So don’t get dishearten and believe in yourself, that you will get a job soon. And meanwhile do fulfill all needful skills that are required to get a good job.

Don’t be a time waster

In the meantime, when you are posting for jobs online or in some firms. Do try to provide tuition services to some young kids. As you are an IT professional you must be able to teach mathematics, physics, and some other traditional subjects. Do try it; I’m sure this is going to work for you perfectly. And when you get a call for joining an IT firm you can leave this part-time work or if you can manage you will continue with it. 

How to get IT jobs in Dubai 2020

The important thing is consistency; do a search for a job, once you get the one. Try to polish yourself and got the other one, 


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