How To Get A Job In A Construction Company In The UAE

How to get a job in a construction company in the UAE

How to get a job in a construction company in the UAE

According to a recent report, the construction industry is the key to the UAE’s economy. The private sector companies have registered a positive stance for this year. How to get a job in a construction company in the UAE It is predicted that there will be large opportunities for UAE construction companies, with key construction projects in Dubai announced. The construction industry remains one of the strongest and most in-demand businesses to work. Construction jobs in Dubai include;

  • positions of managers
  • engineers
  • brick and block masons
  • carpenters
  • welders
  • cutters
  • forklift
  • heavy equipment jobs

How to find construction jobs in UAE

One of the best ways to find a construction job is to search for UAE job sites. Most of the companies are looking for experienced employees for managing roles, along with license and some certifications. Salary for engineering jobs would be different, depending on the applicant’s qualifications and years of experience. 

Requirements for construction jobs in UAE

There is a wide array of construction in the UAE. All you need to like building stuff and seeing it come to life. From tunnel mine, housing construction, to highway construction and other commercial projects. Construction human resources are involved in the technical and physical aspects of building these structures. There are changeable working conditions for each construction job. You will be required to face heights, risky materials, and hazardous zones. Construction professionals need to beat such challenging situations to get their job done. Working here in UAE, expect to do your job in extremely hot temperatures.

Where can I find construction jobs in UAE

Here are 5 tips to find a job in Dubai:

1. Prepare your documents

Make sure you have all your documents ready such as attested educational degrees, experience certificates, valid passport, and other documents.

2. Search Job Sites

You need to register on job sites like cater global. And then build your portfolio there and get notified every time a new job matches your profile. 

3. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform to start your job search. But you can add connections that can be part of your valuable network. And follow people within your line of work. Create a strong profile on LinkedIn and other job portals. Be consistently keep in touch with human resource professionals and like-minded professionals in your industry. 

4. Visit the company website

Try finding jobs from large companies such as Emirates, Majid Al Futtaim, Fly Dubai, Mariott, Reuters, or Emirates NBD. Which usually have career portals on their site. This is the of the best thing that go directly to the site career portal then get the latest jobs.

5. Learn a new skill

While looking for a job, it’s easy to be trapped in a sinkhole. When you search for a job without skill. Try learning something new that can help you with your career while looking for a job. So don’t waste your time just looking for a job without making progress. Since, this keeps you productive. You can search for online courses and learn new skills online while doing your online job application side by side.

Salary range of construction employees

But the salary range varies from position to position. Construction Manager, Supervisor can earn a fair salary of at least 7000 AED based on experience and qualifications. Other types of jobs such as 

Construction Worker

Welder, Electrician



They can earn at least 3500 AED salary plus benefits such as health insurance, accommodation, and roundtrip airfare. 

Whereas, in the UAE, Dubai based construction companies operate all across the emirate. Here are the top places where you can find construction jobs;

  • Al Quoz Industrial area
  • Dubai Marina
  • Al Khubaisi Area
  • Umm Ramool Industrial Area
  • Al Qusais Industrial Area
  • Jebel Ali Industrial Area
  • Al Safa area
  • Nakheel Properties
  • Business Bay
  • Jumeirah Garden City
  • Culture Village
  • Jumeirah Village
  • Jebel Ali Village
  • Al Maktoum International Airport
  • Dubai Sustainable City
  • Dubailand
  • Arabian Canal
  • Dubai International City
  • Mohamed Bin Rashid City
  • Dubai Frame
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Palm Jebel Ali
  • Deira Islands
  • The World Islands
  • Dubai WaterFront

However, you only need to have a strong portfolio. So that can show your previous work which helps you in getting a job. You can drop your resume physically and online, anyway that suits you better. 


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