Dubai rules for employment visa

Dubai rules for employment visa

Dubai rules for employment visa

If you are dreaming about living and start working in Dubai which is known as the city of Gold by many people, then this guide is for you. Whether you need a residence permit, work permit, or both. People from all over the world can visit Dubai but for this, they need a valid passport and visa for about a month. But if you want to stay and work there you will need a work or employment visa. UAE government claimed that there are more foreigners in the city as compared to the local citizens. And the process is relatively simple if you want to get an employment visa. Here we have summed up all you need to know about the Dubai rules for an employment visa.

Note: If you want to work in Dubai, you must have a passport and have an employment offer from any of the UAE companies. Your employer will be the one who will assist you better in submitting documents for your temporary work permit in the city. And besides that, you may apply for a Dubai employment visa.

Most of the time the ex-pats secure employment before they check in to UAE, as this is the easiest way to get residence and employment visas. Generally, UAE companies take responsibility to complete all visa requirements for the ex-pats no matter where they are coming from.

Employment-based Visas

The process of getting employment is fairly straightforward; mostly the expats have secured jobs when they arrive in UAE. Employment visas can last from one to ten years, in May 2019 UAE released its first-ever permanent residency scheme, called Gold Card.

Employment work Visa Requirements

You need to have an entry visa before applying for a UAE employment visa, emirate ID card, and residence visa. Your employment visa is also known as labor card will be listed in the residence visa. The primary thing that you need to show for an employment visa is proof of a contract letter of job offered by a company. All other things required for the employment visa is only required for the residence law;

  • an application form
  • UAE ID card
  • Passport photographs
  • Original passport with the photocopy
  • Company cards copy
  • Commercial license valid
  • Medical and health certificate
  • Permit issued by the ministry of labor

Keep in mind that it’s illegal to work in UAE while you are on a tourist visa. If you want to secure your employment visa while in the UAE on the tourist visa, for this you have to change your current visa status before you start doing your work.

There is no permission for Israelis to enter the UAE. Whereas Indianshave to look at the particular and appropriate to their visas. 

Begin the UAE work visa process

Once you have got a job in Dubai. And your company is ready to submit the initial paperwork to the ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MoHRE). In the beginning, the early stages of the UAE employment visa process take almost 2-3 weeks. And then MoHRE will send you two months of employment permit which allows you to enter the country.

Paperwork for Dubai Work visas

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You can collect the necessary paperwork for your Dubai work visa after getting your two months of employment visa. Be in touch with the official office for the current requirements as the requested documents are always changing. Additionally, all the foreign applicants need to visit any local hospital for proper medical examination and health certificate required by the Ministry of Labor office.

Submission of your Paperwork

Upon the compilation of all the compulsory paperwork for your Dubai employment visa. Now it’s a time when your employer can help you in sending the documents to Dubai’s Ministry of Labor office. They will review, approve and will issue your employment visa. But if you leave the UAE, your employer can cancel your residency visa. And you may be arrested if you ever come back to the country for a future visit or travel.


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