Ye Dil Mera Episode 7 Review

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Ye Dil Mera Episode 7 Review

In the previous episode of Ye Dil Mera, Amaan sent his proposal for Ana through uncle Ghouri. Mir Farooq Zaman took some time for thinking as this very critical decision for him. Ana is happy. Amaan is showing mixed emotions as he has also feelings of love for Ana but at the same time, it seems that he is doing this all for revenge. Let’s start Ye Dil Mera Episode 7 review and see what is new in the story of Ye Dil Mera.

Sahira (second and secret wife of Mir Farooq Zaman) meets Amaan incidentally in the shopping mall.  It clears previously all doubt about Sahira as she does not know Amaan and she does not have any connection with Amaan. But their noting point is that Amaan may get her information by her card which she drops in shopping mall mistakenly. So that Amaan talks to her for general information about her accommodation.  

Mir Farooq Zaman is tensed and confuse about Amaan. He has so many doubts for Amaan so that talks to Ana. Ana tries to convince his father but he is so conscious and has many doubts and decide to think more about this proposal. 

But Mir Farooq Zaman comes to know that Ana loves Amaan and has a strong feeling for him. He comes to know that by Ana’s personal diary in which she always writes her all feelings. So that Mir Farooq Zaman starts thinks seriously about Amaan.

Sajjal Ali is a versatile actress. She looks perfect in every type of role.  Sajjal Ali as Ana is very innocent. In the whole story, she is the only character, who looks innocent and does not have a hidden part in her life. Except for Ana, every character of Ye Dil Mera is mysterious. The scene in which she is praying is very impressive. She really loves Amaan. 

Mir Farooq Zaman calls Amaan on dinner and makes a detailed conversation as he wants to know about Amaan more. Amaan shows a very stable attitude to him. He used good wording that empresses the Mir Farooq Zaman. Mir Farooq Zaman is still thinking about Amaan but at the same time, Ana does not eat and drink as she is showing to Mir Farooq Zaman she is not happy. Mir Farooq wants to see her daughter happy and so that he agrees to Amaan’s proposal and calls Amaan for dinner. 

Ana goes outside with Amaan and looking so much happy. She feels very free and there is no restriction on her when she is with Amaan. While talking, Ana asked Amaan about family. Which makes Amaan sad and he remembering the time, a woman is caring for about her children? A boy, who is looking very carefully for her sister and playing with her, this boy, maybe Amaan and baby girl was Amaan’s sister. They were a happy family.   This scene creates curiosity that what happened in the past to them.  Let’s see when the story reveals.

anna and amman engagement

Finally, Amaan engaged with Anna.  Ana and Amaan are looking gorgeous. Ghouri and his wife are not happy but come to functions. But a very strange thing happens at the last of the drama. Amaan is also mentally disturbed. And while he uses to play his mother piano music never allows interfering with anyone. After the engagement function, he is playing the piano when Ana calls him. Her attitude is very rude to Anna. Anna is very shocked. 

The story is moving forward instead of revealing the truth of the past. Amaan finally got engaged to Ana. Ana is in shock and disturbs her due to suddenly changed the behavior of Amaan. Although Mir Farooq Zaman I as a negative character but I think so he is showing an ideal role of the father of any daughter. This episode creates more curiosity for the mysterious past but also excitement that what is going to happen next in the story of Ye Dil Mera.


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