Reasons Why Cheekh Drama you must watch!

Cheekh drama episode 5 review

Reasons Why Cheekh Drama you must watch!

Introduction of cheekh drama

“Cheekh” drama is airing on ARY Digital from 5th January 2019 to present. Cheekh drama gets extra popularity than other Pakistani dramas. Because the story of cheekh drama is different from other Pakistani dramas, interesting, curious, reality-based crime serial. While most other drama’s stories of Pakistan are based on love and marriage issues are prominent. But in cheekh drama, the story is a little bit different. Bader Muneer directs this drama and Fahad Mustafa is the producer. Zanjabeel Asim Shah writes the unique story of cheekh drama and Big Bag Entertainment produces it. There are many reasons why cheekh drama must be on the watch list.

The title song 

The title song of cheekh drama is also amazing which is sung by Asrar. And the poetry of song is by Sabir Zafer and composed by Waqar Ali.

Leading characters are amazing 

Leading characters of cheekh dramas are

Saba Qamer as Mannat (wife of Shayan and sister- in law of Wajih) is doing a marvelous job.

Bilal Abbas Khan as Wajih Taseer playing negative, difficult but mostly focus character he proved his acting skills.

Aijaz Aslam as Yawar Taseer also gives excellent performance in the drama.

Emaad Irfani as Shayan has a challenging character many people are emotionally attached to his character as his death occurs in the drama.

Noor Hassan as Ramzan (Nayab’s father) his acting in cheekh drama proves that he is acting legend.

Reality of society

The drama cheekh is representing the reality of society which is very alarming. And now we have to think, take initiative steps although it is difficult now it compulsory to stand up for right and challenge the powerful for our rights.

Hurt touching story  

The story of cheekh drama is very hurt touching. The story Cheekh with the element of curiosity. And want to see the drama till the end.

Mysteries crime story

However, the story of cheekh drama is a crime story that creates a sense of curiosity. And mystery people watching the serial with great interest as there is something new happening at every next step.

In last

Though the cast has done justice to their characters each of the characters has given their 100% in each scene which hooked the audience in each scene. Whereas the drama is showing the different behavior of women in our society Saba Qamer played. Though an excellent role which gives an extra attraction to drama. Bilal Abbas also proves himself. The cheekh drama is outstanding and finally something different with quality content.


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