Ye Dil Mera Episode 6 Review

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Ye Dil Mera Episode 6 Review

In the previous episode of Ye Dil Mera, Mir Farooq Zaman is playing a negative role. He has a secret marriage. He has no kindness for anyone except Anna but he does not share his matters even with Ana. This makes his character more hateful. Story of ye Dil Mera has many more mysteries. Let’s start the review of Ye Dil Mera Episode of 6 and find what new in the story.

At the starting of ye Dil Mera episode 6, we have seen the typical seen of claustrophobia which is frequently used in lots of films and dramas. There Anna for the first time uses lift because of Amaan. Which creates Amaan Company comfortable for Anna? Here Mir Farooq Zaman is showing an extra caring attitude towards Anna which makes it very irritating sometimes.

ahad raza mir
ahad raza mir

Anna is accepting Amaan very positively and falls in love with Amaan. Amaan is also showing interest in Anna. He goes to Mir Farooq Zaman home to meet him. Here Amaan meets Bua g. the reaction of Bua g and Amaan showing that they are not strangers to each other and must have some connection of Bua g to the past of Amaan. Maybe she knows him or has some connection to his parents. Anyways their acting is very amazing as without any single word they showed that they have some connection.

anna fall in love with amaan

There while talking to Mir Farooq Zaman, Amaan said worth saying as people do not care about other people’s children’s pain  but never can see their own children in pain. This saying of Amaan has deep meaning. It seems that Mir Farooq Zaman hearts him in his childhood. Amaan is going to play a mind game with Mir Farooq Zaman to take his revenge. Let’s see what will be his next step.

In Ye Dil Mera Episode 6, there is some information about Sahira (second wife of Mir Farooq Zaman). She is talking to her sister Mahira. Basically Sahira belongs to a poor family and but she is young and beautiful. She marries Mir Farooq Zaman because of his wealth and so that she becomes able to improve his family’s financial condition. Here previously in drama, Mir Farooq Zaman uses to keep eye on Sahira life which makes her character doubtful. But now it seems that she marry to Mir Farooq Zaman because of his wealth. Sahira’s sister tries to make her understand that Sahira’s future is not secure and Mir Farooq Zaman does not declare his marriage which can be harmful to Sahira.  Sahira’s character doubtful and helpless both at the same time. 

The next scene of Ye Dil Mera Episode 6 is the best scene of this episode. Amaan calls Ana to his office. There he purposed her which is very shocking to Ana. There the acting of Ahad Raza Mir is fabulous and amazing. The chemistry of Ahad Raza Mir and Sajjal Ali is outstanding. Ahad Raza Mir acting is so realistic.

Amaan requested Ghouri uncle to talk with Mir Farooq Zaman about the Amaan proposal for Ana. Ghouri’s wife is looking annoying as she wants that Amaan marry to her daughter Asia. Ghouri is sensible to make her understand that we should not blame him if he does not have any interest in our daughter. 

He goes to Mir Farooq Zaman and talks about the proposal of Amaan for Ana. He also suggests that Amaan is very faithful and trustworthy. He is the best to match for Ana. He is intelligent, rich, good looking, and also has moral values. There is not any single default in him for which you reject him.  90

ye dil mera
sajal aly

Mir Farooq Zaman asks for some time to take the final decision. Ana is looking happy. The story of Ye Dil Mera is going to be more interesting as Amaan is going to marry Ana. Is it his true love or it is the part of his plan? Why Amaan wants revenge from Mir Farooq Zaman. What is the connection of Bua g with Amaan life? What is in the past which makes them so curious let’s see the next story in upcoming dramas of Ye Dil Mera?


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