Ye Dil Mera Episode 5 Review


Ye Dil Mera Episode 5 Review

In the previous episode of Ye Dil Mera, Mir Farooq Zaman is looking like a negative character. He always makes use of his power and wealth to set the matters and this misuse of his power shows that in the past he did something which effects Anna and Amaan’s life till. Mir Farooq loves Anna and to make her comfortable, he can do anything. But he does not tell her about his marriage. Let’s see what is going to happen in Ye Dil Mera episode 5.

In Ye Dil Mera episode 5, once again focusing on Ali Bakhsh, he is the right hand for Mir Farooq Zaman. He keeps in his account each and every matter relating to Mir Farooq Zaman. He is in contact with the maid of Sahira to keep eye on Sahira all activities. This makes Sahira’s character doubtful. Is she also having a link to Mir Farooq past? Ali bakhsh is also very careful and loyal to Mir Farooq Zaman. In the past, he must do something special for Mir Farooq Zaman.

Here the behavior of Amaan with Anna is not understood what he wants. Anna is awarded a compile of work and for her minor mistakes; Amaan behaves very rudely to her. in fact, Amaan also has, psychiatric issues as his reactions are very different and sudden from time to time.

Sajjal Ali as Anna acting is fabulous. He is complete her task again without any mistake. In this episode, Amaan notices Anna is worried and crying. Anna has a psychological problem and due to which she has a fear of darkness and close spaces.

Sajjal and Ahad have very good chemistry and viewers want to see them together. Again Amaan is thinking about Anna and has a feeling of care for her. but mystory behind the story what will be the future of Amaan and Anna. Will Amaan accept her by heart or he is using her for his revenge.

Anna is very disturbed due to her mental condition. In fact,  it is the bitter reality of our society if anyone is suffering from a mental disease no one helps that person. Certainly, everyone starts avoiding and make fun of that person because of mental illness. This behavior makes them more depressed. And Anna is also facing this situation she is very embarrassed because of her fear of nightmares and all fears relating to her mental condition.

But anna is happy as Amaan gives her importance and appreciates her for her work. This makes her happy.

Here Mir Farooq is talking about Humayun. I think Humayun’s story is here just explaining the Mir Farooq behavior towards disloyal or dislike people. Humayun is an employee in the Mir Farooq business. He is disloyal to Mir Farooq and so his business suffered a huge loss. But Mir Farooq does not take any legal action against him and wants to handle the matter in his way.

Here suddenly Humayun resigned from his job and after that, he is caught in a smuggling case and after this, he died to heart failure.  Mir Farooq is looking very happy on Humayun’s end. I think so it was all Planning of Mir Farooq Zaman to teach a lesson to Humayun.

Amaan is also facing a very panic situation. he has some bitter realities from his childhood. In this episode the first time Amaan mother seen on the screen. But Amaan’s mother role is playing by Zarnish khan. Amaan’s mother is playing the same music on the piano that Amaan always use to play on the piano. Whereas, this song sung by Amaan and His mother is very melodious and very emotional. Amaan mostly remained disturbed whenever he uses to play his mother piano music. The mystery is going to reveal soon. There some tragedy with his mother which makes Amaan sad.

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Therefore, in the next scene, Sahir Mir Farooq’s wife wants to be with him on seven marriage anniversary. Mir Farooq Zaman against gets late as he was spending time with Anna. Sahira is upset and complains to Mir Farooq as to why he does not gives her importance. Nothing is important more than Anna. Mir Farooq insulted her and ask her not to use even a harsh tone for Anna otherwise he will divorce Sahira.

But Mir Farooq loves her daughter a lot but he always uses to tell lie. However, he does not tell Anna about his marriage. mir Farooq life is full mystory and he does not have a soft corner for anyone even not for his wife Sahira. He only loves one person in his life and that is Anna. But he hides his life from Anna also is it right.

Finally, in Ye Dil Mera episode 5, things are starts to reveals this episode, we come to know about Amaan’s mother and it is confirmed that Mir Farooq is negative he must do something very wrong. However, the story of Ye Dil Mera is different and interesting. Everyone is doing justice with their role. Adnan Siddique has a negative role but his excellent acting skills make Ye Dil Mera more interesting. So let’s see what is going to happen in the upcoming episode of Ya Dil Mera.


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