Ye Dil Mera Episode 2 Review


Ye Dil Mera Episode 2 Review

The Ye Dil Mera episode 1 was the introductory episode to all characters of the story. The story has a mystical background on which the current story depends. Mir Farooq Zaman is the father of Noor Ul Ain and a very suspicious personality. Amaan  comes from England and is going to settled business here also. There must be some connection in Amaan Ullah and Mir Farooq Zaman’s lives. In the Ye Dil Mera episode 2 is totally focused on Noor Ul Ain and Amaan Ullah’s character.

As we come to know from the previous episode that Amaan Ullah knows something About Noor Ain. In the very first scene of Ye Dil Mera Episode 2, Amaan Ullah is playing music on the piano. The ost song of this drama is sung by Sajjal Ali and Naveed Naushad. Amaan Ullah is playing and remembering someone it can be his mother. But he is so emotional and has pain and tears in her eyes. The acting of Ahad Raza Mir is fabulous. There must be some story behind Amaan Ullah as because of his pain he misbehaves with her servant who is older is age. Amaan always gives hum respect but this side shows that Amaan Ullah has some bitterness in his personality too.

Meanwhile, Noor Ul Ain has a problem with childhood repressed memory which makes her uncomfortable every time. She scared of nightmares and after that her condition becomes uncontrollable. In this episode, Noor Ul Ain’s psychiatric problem increases and for that reason, Mir Farooq Zaman cancels all his business dealing. Finally, he called Dr. Arslan who is a psychiatrist and knows about the Noor Ul Ain condition.

Dr. Arslan’s role is being played by Syed Muhammad Ahmad. He makes a full inquiry about Anna’s life. Ask about the nightmare which always scared her. There is always a girl with a child girl. Some people are chasing them and be scared that they will kill her. it might be the mother of Anna. Must be some tragedy with her mother which memory always makes her scare. It also shows childhood memory always affects the whole life of a human he can never erase the intense memories from their mind.

The discussion between dr. Arslan and Mir Farooq Zaman is very meaningful. Why is the stigma for mental illness? Why people do not want to even talk about this topic. Our brain is also a part of our body. Any problem or disease can be occurring to the brain also like the other part of our body. Why people think it’s like a taboo. Mir Farooq Zaman is a very rich businessman. He also wants to hind her daughter’s mental illness. Dr. Arslan argues him in a very satisfactory way and then tell him that Anna has a problem of childhood repressed memory for which she has to take continuous session from him.

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Ghouri and Amaan Ullah have a good friendship. Like a typical mother, Ghouri’s wife is thinking that Amaan is very passionate, well settles, a boy so wants to give him a proposal of her daughter Asia. Asia is also showing interest in Amaan Ullah. Amaan Ullah did not know about it. He just wants to focus his business now.

Mir Farooq Zaman becomes more conscious about Noor Ul Ain. He totally stops her all social life. Though he always tries to keep Noor Ul Ain with him. The character of Mir Farooq Zaman is very suspicious. There is some mystery behind Mir Farooq Zaman due to which both Amaan and Anna’s lives are disturbed.

However, Ali Bakhash and Bowa are special servants of Mir Farooq Zaman. They know about the secrets of Mir Farooq Zaman.

Whereas, Mir Farooq Zaman is going for gulf with his friend Ghouri. He takes Anna with him. in the ground Amaan Ullah is also present with Ghouri. There Mir Farooq meets for the first time to Amaan Ullah.

But Anna finds to chance to asks questions which she has in her mind. She asks from Amaan as how he knows her and how he comes to know about her mark on the face as she was in makeup at that night. Amaan creates more suspense and says he will answer in the next meeting.

However, in the Ye Dil Mera episode, the story is progressing slowly. Therefore this episode reveals that Mir Farooq, Anna, Amaan have some mysterious past which interconnected to each other. Therefore, Anna has severe effects on the past and mentally disturbed by it. But was it a child abuse physically or sexually, was it about her murder death or murder? Above all the story becomes more interesting and mysterious. But what is the relation between Amaan and Anna and what is the role of Mir Farooq Zaman in their lives let’s see what is going to reveal in the next episode of Ye Dil Mera?


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