Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 4 review


Mery Pass Tum ho Episode 4 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish goes with Monty for shopping because Monty requested her. But Danish feels uncomfortable with Monty considered he is not a good guy. A fight occurs between both of them and neighbors settled down that matter. Let’s see what happened in Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 4.

Danish comes home and sees he is bleeding from the nose so he is cleaning the nose while Mehwish comes and she asks what happen to you. He said it happen due to fighting with Monty. I ask him why he brings you in his car that’s why. Mehwish got offensive on this. She is angry and asks why are you doing this all. Last night, you come back function because I danced with Shehwar and now you make a fight with Monty as I go with him in his car.
Danish said the golden words to her as you do not know what you are saying. A girl should be powerful enough so that she can say no to anyone in any situation, it is compulsory for her as being girl otherwise she loses her value.

In the evening, Mehwish awake Danish to go for function, and say sorry as she realized her mistake. Danish make her understand that you should be careful about people. Monty saying about you, that you go with him with your consent. And I have a beautiful wife so I cannot handle her. Mehwish realized shame on this.
Then Danish asks her to go alone as I cannot go with you as I have an injury on my face. She calls Anoshy and asks her to pick her from home.

Mehwish goes with Rummi to the marriage Function. There, she tells Anoshy about Danish fight and that’s why he does not come with them. Shahwar Ahmad is also there. He is in waiting for her arrival. When he saw her, he stops her and makes apologize for last night and said now I will make Danish my friend. Do not worry about it.

Suddenly Mehwish sees that Danish is also there. She is surprised as Danish says I am not going. Whereas, after some time, Shahwar comes toward him and asks her about her job and feeling surprise that Danish not have any car. He is also surprised to know that he is an honest government officer.

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Mehwish and Danish come to the home in car Shahwar Ahmad on the way Shahwar Ahmad invites Danish and Mehwish at dinner. Danish promise to come on the day after tomorrow. When they reached home and go for sleep, Mehwish is continuously thinking about the marriage functions, the expensive and branded dowry. Suddenly she asks about the promise that Danish made to Shahwar for going to dinner. Danish I am not laying. We will go there. She is continuously thinking about the dress that she will wear for dinner. Danish permit her to wear a black saree but you have to make a new blouse for this saree. She agreed to this.

When Danish went to the office, Mehwish receives the Shahwar call. Shahwar continuously praises her for her voice, dressing sense and beauty. He also teasing that her marriage with Danish is a mismatch. Mehwish instead of answered him. She is feeling happy and proud of her beauty. Which means she is completely ignoring the love from Danish.

Here when Danish meets Muneer Hussain in her office, who wants to hire him for illegal work. He offered Danish, five lac per month. But Danish refuses to take this money as he does not even want to think about the bribe. Muneer Hussain tries his best to make him agree. Muneer Hussain gives him that money and ask Danish to keep it for two days then make your decision.

After that, he comes home and talks about this money. Mehwish said you should take this money. She said it Is a reward for your effort and you should not lose this chance. We need this money. We do not have a car. Rummi is not going to school because we don’t have money.

Though, Danish is continuously thinking about that matter. Then he decided to take this money. He is saying. I will take this money. I will tell my father that life cannot be spent with this much low salary. And he does not know that petrol per liter price is one hundred and ten rupees nothing can be done with this amount of salary. He is saying this with full of tears in his eyes because he is going to break his father’s rules.

In the 4th episode of mery pass tum ho, Danish is tensed because he is trouble he doesn’t want to be dishonest. As the situation is very panic for an emotional person. As for how can anyone break rules which value a lot? Whereas, Mehwish is seemed to be very materialistic and shows attraction to money. She does not understand the thinking of Danish. What will happen next in the drama? Will forgot his rules and become a dishonest person? What will Shahwar do next? Why Shahwar showing interest in Mehwish what he wants? However, let’s see what happens in the 5th episode of mery pass tum ho.


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