Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 10 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb ep 10 review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 10 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 10 is taking a very interesting turn from the last few weeks. It’s quite good to see Gohar and Kashif’s struggling journey where both of them are dealing with almost the same scenarios in their professional lives but unfortunately or fortunately they are at odds. The pace id a bit slow but then, on the whole, the drama is making a better sense and every situation is coming together appropriately. 

Kashif has lots of responsibilities, burdened with the fact that he had to take care of his sister’s wedding expenditure. And sadly he lost his job. Donia’s father was upset because of his daughter and her mental health condition but he was unable to cope with it. But he backed up Kashif in front of Donia because he knew that whatever Kashif will say is nothing but bitter truth. 

Mr. Jabbar was hopeful about her daughter’s health condition that sooner or later she will come out of her mental state. But he saw that she is dwelling more and more into her current situation. He is nothing but a concerned and helpless father. He has accepted that it’s better it just let her on the way because she can deal in a better way with her sufferings and heartbreak. 

Jabbar knew it very well that Donia is a bit harsh on Kashif that’s the reason he wanted him back but same time he was scared enough to hurt Donia’s feelings. And Donia realized that Kashif is honestly taking care of her respect and feelings. He also cares for her and also not sympathizing with her. That’s the main reason she wanted to hire Kashif again at their workplace. 

On the other side, Gohar, after seen a pathetic mess created by her fiancé Jahangir at Sameer’s home, decided to quit the job. As she was not able to answer or see the rudeness of his boss again. She didn’t tell anyone about her decision at Sameer’s home and just get back. Sammer, his mother doesn’t even realize how much she is important for that house in such a few periods. And upon her disguise from the house, Sameer could see the difference Gohar was making in his house. That’s why he is keenly interested to get her back to work. Also, Sameer has developed pretty much sympathy for Gohar because he could see the potential she has and what she is capable of. He also believes that Gohar doesn’t deserve to get married to a man loke Jahangir as he is not at all a perfect match for her and whatsoever. Sameer decided to take matters in his own hands at this point as it’s much needed, and it’s enough to prove Gohar’s status at Sameer’s house and in his eyes. So he just made his mind to visit Gohar and take her back to his place to take care of his home and mother. He checked in to Gohar’s house, which was not acceptable for Gohar that she will see Sameer at her place. 

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  Another side, Kashif visits the Sameer office in search of a job after the argument done with Donia. It’s Zahid Ahmed and Sami Khan’s first screen sharing. Both of them have good screen sharing, did their job well and contrast each other’s character perfectly, feels the treat to watch. And above all, Donia and Sameer both are the worst competitors of each other and that’s the point that is going to take this drama to the peak of its extreme.  

Ishq Zahe seen episode 10 has lots of important points to its credit; particularly change in Donia’s behavior towards Kashif is unacceptable but was worth appreciate-able. And Sammer is taking care of Gohar and her family’s poor condition. And he admits internally that Gohar is dealing with something very pinching but she is only ready to go with a man like Jahangir for the whole that she can never accept in good situations. 

This was all about Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 10; let’s see what is going to happen in upcoming episodes. 

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