Ehd e Wafa Episode 24 Review


Ehd e Wafa Episode 24 Review

In the previous episode, Saad went to Kashmir for operation. There, the situation is not in control. Shariq and Sheheryar are doing their job perfectly. Shehryar got murder attacked by Chaudary Waqar which is looking doubtful. In Ehd e Wafa Episode 24, the story is going toward its end. Shahzain decided to forgive Chaudary Waqar but he makes a deal with Chaudary Maher that they will not participate in the election and also sport him.

This makes clear that it is only Shahzain plan to trap them and cleans his way for the election. He also convinced Sheheryar, Shariq, and Rani that saying that he has to forgive him because it is his family matter. This act of Shahzain is very cheap and makes his character more negative.

And once again Shahzain elected in the election.  He celebrates his success. He is so happy. There he makes a blunder and a policeman collects shoot fire shell of Shahzain gun. In fact, a policeman is following the instructions of Sheheryar. Although by this, they conclude Shahzain hit a plan and no one attacked him. This really hurts the Sheheryar. His character is already doubtful for the Sheheryar but he will go to this limit only for his authority and position. This makes Sad Sheheryar.

Shariq is being appreciated for hard work for covering elections. But there is confusion for me that if the Shariq is so much honest to his profession then why he did not cover  Shahzain Area and reveals the reality of his politics in his area. However, Shariq love story is going to completed and there his marriage with Ramsha is announced. This creates satisfaction for the viewers.

Therefore Saad gives a surprise to Dua on his birthday that he comes for only one day to celebrate Dua’s birthday. This scene is very emotional and shows the real-life for army soldiers and officers how it is difficult to defend our country and leave their family just for the country. This really means our country.

Everything is fine with the drama but how an army officer that is facing a critical situation in the country how he allows to go back? Saad gives Dua some letters which he writes when he was on duty. Dua is pregnant and Saad is very happy with this news.

But there is a turning point for Shahzain. Sheheryar shows him a fire shell and tells him that he knows about his plan. He makes him realize that he deceives all. Even he makes use of his friends to win the election which is a very senseless act. Sheheryar once again wins the hearts of viewers as he does not tell anyone about the blunder of Shahzain and give him a chance to improve himself. Certainly Sheheryar shows him a way to start a new journey. Politics is a very strange and doubted profession in Pakistan and in this drama, there is a positive change that makes this profession positive.

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Shahzain tells everything to Chaudary Allah yar and Chaudary Allah yar gives him a slap. This shows this hate for his disloyalty. The talks of Chaudary Allah Yar are very meaningful. Chaudary Allah yar admits that he also has some share in Shahzain Mistakes as he always appreciates him. There is also a lesson for viewers that a person should be demotivated at the very first step by his family first. But the family has a great role in everyone’s life. Chaudary Allah Yar suggested to him that you should not leave politics. Now understand your responsibility and do something for your voters. This is a positive change in Shahzain life.

The last scene of Ehd e Wafa episode 24 is also very emotional as there is no use of words by Sheheryar and Shahzain but their strong acting clearly expresses their emotions. This scene shows true friendship.

In the Ehd e Wafa episode 24, the story is going toward the end. The acting of every actor is fabulous and amazing. But Dua is very pretty girls but more emotions can be added to her role which makes more interesting the Ehd e Wafa story. So, the parents of Saad is missing a lot as the character are very positive and ideal for everyone and this ending stage of the story they should be on screen. Gulzar’s character is also looking limited from previous many episodes. Gulzar is also one of the favorite characters of Drama. His story should be explained.

Overall the story of Drama is amazing to let see what is going to happen next in the last episode of Ehd e Wafa. The curiosity about the Saad is going to reveal in the last episode of Ehd e Wafa. But everyone wants to see alive Saad at the ending of the story Ehd e Wafa. So, the point is there it is not only a dram it is the story of every soldier who is always ready to die only for the country and its people. We should be thankful to them.


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