Ehd e Wafa Episode 17 Review


Ehd e Wafa Episode 17 Review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, Assad and Gulzar pass their training process. Shahzain gives a surprise announcement to take part in the election. Dua and her mother are going to shift Abbottabad. In Ehd e Wafa episode 17, the first scene is of captain Faraz. He has already a very impressive personality.

His physical appearance, his tall height is complementary to his post. In the drama, he is feeling proud of his son Saad as he won the honor of Sword. This scene is the crux of the drama. He remembered the days which he spends with his friends are price. Actually the role of captain Fraz is relating to his previous drama Alpha Bravo Charlie. He explains the emotions for friends by seeing the pictures of Alpha Bravo Charlie drama with his friends and say friendship is priceless.

Saad thinking about his friends and seeing pictures of the days when they all are together. he calls Sheheryar. Then he goes to meet him. he asks that I want to meet Shahzain but Shahryar thinks it can not be possible as last time your behavior with Shahzain was not fair. I think it is time to meet them as Saad has a soft corner for Shahzain. If Sheheryar and Shariq try to make shahzain understand they will be together again.

However, Gulzar is showing a very positive attitude to her village people. Everyone is celebrating Gulzar’s success.

Here Shahzain’s grandfather does not want him takes part in the election. He gives the reason that politics is not a good field in our country. As every ask you corrupt and dishonest person. We have a respectable family. But Shahzain not agreeing with him and ask every time you support someone in the village now you should support me. Politics is really very strange field as if someone wants to be successful need wealth or support of a wealthy is the bitter truth of our country.

Rani is trying to convince Shahzain not to take part in the election. Above all, Rani is a very entertaining character in this Drama. Zara Noor did justice with her role Rani.

Rani tries her best to convince Shahzain but he is determined. He decided to take part in the election for this purpose he tried to make agree rani father. Rani’s father decided that his son with take part in the election next time.

Additionally, Saad makes a call to Dua. She tells him about her shifting and the death of her Father. It is so unexpected news for Saad that he could not say anything to her. He goes to her home to meet him. The scene of Dua and Saad is very interesting and romantic. Saad feels very sad to see her in this condition. But he sets her all homes with her. He also meets her mother.

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Saad took her ring size without informing her. It’s very interesting as he says her it is a game and so take a size with thread. They look very pretty with each other. Saad wants to marry her but Dua refuses as first, she wants to become a doctor. In last Saad ask her very important and deeps words. That you will be in my heart till my life as I do not know what will happen in my life. But these words showing that might be Saad will achieve testimony. It creates a more emotional attachment with Ehd e Wafa. Let’s see anticipation is true or not.

However, Saad is very busy in her field that her son comes home after a long time and she goes to medical confers. And she has very positive thinking. Here everyone is feeling that why Dua refuses to marry now. Here Saad’s mother is answering that question to Saad that it might be a test of your love so have patience. Dua also has an aim in her life.

However, Shariq becomes very famous and receives a call from a very famous TV channel. He is showing interest in Ramsha. As he wants to be with her all the time.

Since Saad and Gulzar are going to be a victim of their seniors planned fun. Saad is given the duty of the whole unit salary and asks to take care of huge money until tomorrow. On the other hand, the strange thing is that in this era of technology there is eliminating the paper money they are managing cash for Salaries. Here a fake officer talked to Saad which Saad did not recognize as this is a fake voice.

Above all, Saad goes to handle the dispute between two soldiers. When he comes there is no lock on the door and the money is also missing. Most importantly the expressions of Saad are very amazing.


Therefore, Ehd e Wafa episode 17 is creating more interest and curiosity. All the characters are progressing in their story. In this episode, the main concept of drama is highlighted which is friendship as it was ignoring from many previous episodes. Finally, let’s see what will happen next in Ehd e Wafa. Will they all friend to each other or not. So, let’s see the next episode of Ehd e Wafa to get answers for curious questions.


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