Movie Review Superstar

Movie Review Superstar

Movie Review Superstar

Mohammad Ehteshamuddin the drama director is now the captain of Movie Superstar, released on EidulAdha Aug 12, 2019. This is one of the latest Pakistani movies 2019 which was highly advertised before its launch. The promo has more than 2.1 million views since it’s released on YouTube. The top Pakistani movies are getting good in direction and the camera work is getting better day by day. 

These Pakistani romantic movies are pipelined on the event of happiness and joy.

Movie Review Superstar is here to tell you about the points that make it a hit or flop movie.  

Producer —– —– —– —– Momona & Duraid Films

Director —– —– —– —–Mohammad Ehteshamuddin

Dialogues —– —– —– —– Mustafa – Ali

Screenplay & Music —– — Azaan Sami

Main Cast —– —– —– —– Mahira Khan- Bilal Ashraf- 

Nadeem Baig

Javed Sheikh-and lots of guest appearances.

This film hit more than 2 crores of business in its opening day and earned 21 crores till date, Aug 20, 2019.

Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf appear on the screen for the first time after their flopped films; Rangreza and 7 Din Mohabbat in. 

Superstar’s main lead Mahira played a role of Noor Malik a girl came from Bhatti Gate Lahore, granddaughter of Agha Jan (Nadeem Baig) film director of 70’s movies. 

Bilal Ashraf played Sameer Khan a local hero, who falls in love with Noor Khan, performed well in this character, doing dance steps and bit stunts at his own take him to one step ahead in his career. People criticized him for his previous performances and this time he has shown with his acting and facial expressions that an actor can do the best under the supervision of the good team. 

Noor is acting in theater since she was 10 in her grandfather theater, acting in TVCs but still doesn’t get recognized by people. 

Ali Kazmi plays Sameer’s close friend who finally introduces Mahira as a lead star, and she got more fame and in-demand than Sameer. Alizay Shah, the younger sister of Noor khan played a comic role, creates freshness in the dramatic script. 

This movie has a big shootout to all those who started their career and faced hurdles, barriers and lots of ups and downs in making their names. 

Unfortunately, the film doesn’t convey the message properly as there isn’t proper opening and closing of the movie; it’s more like a love story though. There is a little exposition of Noor Khan Struggle becoming a superstar, and after the interval, the whole scene changed. 

Sameer realized when Shaan ignores him and focus more on Noor Khan, he realized his mistake and tries to cope it up by going back to the theater and learns to act properly. 

Superstar climax is very sudden and unexplain, as everything happens is abrupt; tragic death, failure in romance all make the audience a confusing bit. These points didn’t give Sameer character much depth by the end of the film.

However, the catchy and appealing songs pull the crowd towards cinema. But the plot is weak, character development isn’t that much strong. And the plot is not planned as it could be. These upcoming movies are getting good business on the box office.

So, I can give a rating to this move is 2.5 out of 5. 

This is the Movie Review Superstar so far, I have penned down what I observed. But do you have something to add for this movie; do share in the comment section below!!


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