Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 9 review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 9 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish exceeding her all limits. She agreed to go Islamabad with Shahwar without informing Danish. She is ignoring her home and family and that’s why Danish is in tension. In mery pass tum ho episode 9, Danish remind Mehwish that you did not ask about Rummi admission. He says that the principal is saying that mothers are very emotional about their children and I was waiting for your call but did not.

Mehwish did not give any response to this and ask that I am selected as secretary of the board of directors and tomorrow I have to take charge of the previous employee so I can be late tomorrow. It will be 9:00 pm to 10:00pm or 10:00pm to 11:00 pm.
Danish said that I think now it’s useless to stop you as you will not stop. I am scared of you. That’s why to give you permission to satisfy my own that I feel you are doing all with my permission.

Mehwish does not understand his feeling and wording. Now she only wants to enjoy that luxury life like Shahwar.

Danish start smoking due to tension and depression. Mehwish does not care about it and she is always in contact with Shahwar on call and messages. She makes a call to Shahwar when Danish goes for bread for breakfast. She says sorry and confirms timing for flight.

Therefore the next morning, it is the first day of Rummi School. Mehwish is not giving importance to it and Danish does all the preparation for Rummi. She is in a hurry. But Danish ask for a selfie that it is the first day of Rummi School. On the way to school, Danish asks to give a surprise to Rummi as it is his first day of school.

However, on the way to the airport, Shahwar makes a call to Mehwish. She is feeling scared, but Shahwar makes her sure that everything is okay. Shahwar explains his feeling. He was feeling just like a teenager when they go for a date. It is a very charm feeling.

Danish in the office is not feeling good. Mateen Sahb noticed him and so that he tries to inquire but he does not tell anything. He meets Danish at lunchtime. and asks for friendship with Danish. He feels that at the time of sorrow friend is just like father. That’s why I think you need a friend.

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Mateen Sahb tells him the story of himself. That before thirty years I say that my wife is a blessing. When second women enter man’s life, He considered that the first wife is not a blessing and she is with me because of only marriage. He fights with the first one for no reason and explains to the second one that I do not have an understanding with his wife and he ruined his life like this.
Mateen Sahb gives him advice that never repeats my mistake, my friend. Danish replied that I love my wife a lot and I do not have any second women in my life and I will never break my home.

Here Shahwar and Mehwish stayed in one room when they come to know that their flight is canceled due to bad weather. Mehwish is so much worried and Danish will come to know that and he will kill me.
Shahwar makes her sure that no one can even touch you. We will go to the airport and takes flight whichever is available there.

Here Danish is not feeling comfortable so he comes to the home early. At 9:00 pm Danish tried Mehwish mobile number but it is not available. He is so much worried. He calls to Shahwar home. Here servant tells that Shahwar is not here. He went to Islamabad. He is coming by 10:30 pm.

Danish understands the whole story. He goes to the airport. There he saw Mehwish is coming with Shahwar. Both are looking very happy. Danish surprised and shocked.

Mehwish and Danish are coming to the home. Danish did not say anything to Mehwish. On the way home, Mehwish asks to stop Danish. We should talk here. I went to Islamabad and without informing you.
Danish said it’s okay as it’s my fault that my thinking makes you scared that’s why you told me to lie.

However, When they come to the home, Mehwish asks are you angry with me. Danish said no.
Danish just ask that did you not remember how much I love you. Then he asks from tomorrow you will not go to the office. I will manage I will take a bribe. I will give you one lac rupees per month but I do not allow you to go for office

Here the next day Mehwish not comes to the office and that why Shahwar is worried. Shahwar asks to make a call to Mehwish but her number is switched off.

In mery pass tum ho episode 9, finally, Mehwish goes with Shahwar Ahmad to Islamabad. Mehwish does not inform to Danish. Danish comes to know that Mehwish was out of the city with Shehwar. It is very emotional to see your loved one with another. But here Mehwish is not his only love. She is also his wife. Danish did not ask anything harsh to Mehwish even did not talk inoffensive tone. Danish again try to save his family. He says not to go for office I will do all by hook or crook. Let’s Danish will succeed or not. And a new interesting character in mery pass tum is Mateen Sahb.

So let’s see what happens next? What will Shahwar do now? Will Danish succeed in saving his family or not? What is the full story of Mateen Sahb? Let’s see what will happen in mery pass tum ho next episode?


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