Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 8 review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 8 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish start a job in the Shahwar office. Shahwar gives her five lac rupees in advance as salary. Danish permit her to do a job but still continuously about Mehwish. Shahwar is trying to show that he is not happy because of his wife’s negative behavior. In the mery pass tum ho episode 8, Mehwish in Shahwar office. She spends her whole day with Shahwar and did not any office work. She just takes coffee with him and asks him not to smoke and talking to him. At the time, she makes him wear his coat. Which is very strange and showing how’s Shahwar thinks negatively about her.

Danish got an accident while returning to home. He got an injury at the leg and neck. She comes with Rummi. She finds the first add box there, then she sees Danish is sleeping in the room. He tells her about his injury but she does not give any attention to this. She excitingly shows him the car and driver which Shahwar provides her.

On next morning, she asks him to take off form the office that we have to go for Rummi admission. She also tells him maid is also coming from today. Danish is already depressed about all this. He counts all the things which Shahwar gives to Mehwish. He gives a good job, a beautiful car, a driver, an advance salary and that necklace. Danish tries to make her understand that if Allah shows this much kindness to women then okay, but a man shows this much kindness to women that do not look nice.

He asks her to be careful as someone wants to buy by one lac rupees and necklace. I do not have any doubt about you but its reality. She also takes that day my eyes only just believe in him but this belief is not by heart.

But Mehwish does not want to listen to anything about his Job and Shahwar. She said you are just jealous of me because I have a good job and you do not. This is a very alarming situation that Mehwish changed her tone with Danish.

Here, as Mehwish reached office, Shahwar is fighting with an employee and blaming him that why you did not give him seventy to eighty lac. He needs then why you wait for me. He dies because of lung cancer. They wait for approval for me.
This is only pretended talks because he wants to show his perfect personality to Mehwish. When she entered to office her colleague asks to go for Shahwar Room.
Mehwish thinks how Shahwar is a kind man and she take care of her employees a lot.

Danish is so much involved in thoughts that he wears an unmatched pair of socks. Mr. Mateen makes fun of him. Then they have lunch together as Danish not brings his lunch with him.

Then Shahwar asks Mehwish to go out for lunch. Shahwar asks her that you have any fear. Mehwish agrees with him to go out for lunch and say I do not have any fear of anyone. They go for lunch there, he talks about Rummi admission. He asks her not to take leave. Ask Danish to go there, do all the procedures. if there is any problem, call me I will fix it. Then he again asks about that if he asks to stop the job. you will leave me. she asks that I will come definitely. He can not do anything.

In the evening, mehwish shows her new dresses to danish. These are branded and expensive too. Mehwish asks to go to School tomorrow for Rummi admission. It is surprising for danish. Then she explains that it’s not compulsory that both of us go for admission. I have a new job that why I cannot take off tomorrow.she also ask to call Shahwar in case of any need.

Danish explains to mehwish that it is not comfortable for the previous many nights. I am disturbed. Why Shahwar Ahmad is doing this all. I do not need him. I can manage my matters. And you do not tell me about cheque of five lac rupees and you go for another bank to deposit that money.

She again gives lames excuses. He gives me an advance salary for fives month and I go for another bank because a cheque is for another branch. I do not tell you about cheque because you always have doubts about me. please do not think like this.

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Danish goes to a school for Rummi admission. The principal is also asking about Rummi mother again and again. Rummi test is quite good so he got admission to this school.

In-office, Shahwar gives good news to Mehwish that you are selected as secretary of the board of directors. He also asks her to go with him to Islamabad. There is an important meeting so we have to go otherwise cancel the meeting.

Mehwish says that Danish will never allow him to go Islamabad. He never comes to know about it. We will go to Islamabad. We will go from the flight at 8:00 am and come from the flight of 6:00 pm. You do not need to worry about it.

When Mehwish returned to the home, Danish is cooking for Rummi. Maid went early because of mother illness. Mehwish is thinking about flight and make to call to Asim and confirm the timing of the flight.

In mery pas tum ho episode 8, Shahwar is cleverly trapping Mehwish wish his clever tricks. Mehwish is not thinking about Danish and Rummi. Danish who loves and care a lot to her, she is not considering his any advice and wish. She is ignoring her home. She did not go for her son’s admission. Most strange, she is ready to go with Shahwar to Islamabad and without informing Danish. She is deceiving Danish. What will happen next? Will she realize what she is doing? Will she come to know that Shahwar love is fake? If she continues to ignore home and family, what will Danish do? If he comes to know that she is going to Islamabad with Shahwar what will he do? Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of mery pass tum ho.


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