Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 7 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum, Mehwish wants to do the job in Shahwar Company. Shahwar is offering her one lace per month. Danish clearly said to I will never allow you to do a job in Shahwar Company. In mery pass tum ho episode 7, Danish explains to Mehwish, that if you really want to do the job. You can do anywhere else. Where you only receive that money which you deserve. As the money is given to you more than that you deserve, it is your price, not your salary.

Mehwish asks him to return all gifts. She says that he does not deserve friendship because he has bad intentions. Danish thinks that are not gifts that he gave to us. These hurt me a lot because of his bad intention.

Danish thinks to return these gifts back to Shahwar and close this all chapter. But he goes toward the Shahwar house with his gifts. But before he reached there, Mehwish calls Shahwar. She told him that he did not like you as you gazed at me the bad intention.

Shahwar makes her sure that, I will defeat him. When he returns to the home he will wear the wristwatch (my gift). He will say sorry to you.
Mehwish request him to be polite with him and do not say that you have bad intention.

When Danish reached the Shahwar house, Shahwar warmly welcomed him. He emotionally explains that he feels very lonely in his life. He always praises to Mehwish because I want you and your family to come to my house again and again. It is very pleasant for me. I feel I am not alone. I fee we are family and we are happy.

On returning home Danish is a little bit surprised as Mehwish not asks anything. Then he said Shahwar is very alone. They both are getting a divorce. His wife is very fooling women. His wife considered him an employee.

Danish thanking to Allah as you are my wife, I am so lucky and richer person because of you.
He gives her permission to do the job in Shahwar Company. According to Danish, there is nothing wrong with doing a job in Shahwar Company. He said that we will arrange a maid and Rummi will be with her after school time.

Danish makes a call to Shahwar, and ask him that today Mehwish will become in your office your job purpose. Danish also ask him to make her pick and drop arrangement for a few days.
Then he calls to Mehwish, ask about her breakfast. He said I have talked to Shahwar about your job and also for your pick and drop. Ask to drop Rummi for today at Anoshy home.

Anoshy is surprised about all this. How she got a job in Shahwar Company. How Danish gives you permission. Mehwish gives the reason that I also don’t know that Danish will allow me or not.
Then se asks about the necklace that she wears. She is looking very glamorous and charming. She asks him to pick Rummi on returning from the office.

Her danish allow her to go for a job still he is not comfortable. He is feeling a headache. And so he asks for medicine.
Here Mehwish reaches the Shahwar office, he was on a call with his wife. He is saying to her that I give so many years to your business and you should calculate with this time worth more or your Companies profit. After the call, he finds Mehwish is there. he gives him an appointment letter with a check. Which is the salary advance of five months? She is so much Happy.

Then Shahwar takes her to her room. This is so beautiful. Mehwish asks about the designation and job description as it is not mentioned in the appointment letter.
Shahwar asks her to just take care of mine. I really need it. Make me remind to take lunch or dinner on time. Do not give me cigarettes when I feel depressed because the doctor prohibited me.

He also does not allow her to pick a Danish call. He asks that I have a fear that you will leave me, at this Mehwish gives surmising answer that I will never leave you. And now Danish cannot stop me.

In mery pass tum ho episode 7, a strange thing happens that Danish allows Mehwish to do the job in the Shahwar office. It is not a good decision. But somehow it important to allow her to do everything which she wants. It is the test of her loyalty. Unfortunately, Mehwish failed this exam. She actually does not know the meaning of loyalty in a relationship. Firstly it seemed that Mehwish wants wealth and luxury life.

In mery pass tum ho episode 7 she actually shows that he can do everything in greed even now she is showing unfaithfulness with relations. Let’s what will happen next in drama? What she will do more? What about Rummi? Will she think of him or not? What will Danish do if he comes to know that his wife is not loyal to him let’s see what will happen next in mery pass tum ho?


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