Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 6 review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 6 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish went to Shahwar house for dinner. Shahwar gave them gifts. Mehwish is greedy therefore she is so much happy.
In drama mery pass tum ho episode 6, Mehwish is still lost in the happiness of the beautiful gift of the necklace from Shahwar Ahmad. Danish know the meaning for which Shahwar gave them so expensive gift and he said that Shahwar gives me this watch as a tip.

It is a commission but tip sounds better than a commission so I called it tip. Danish makes understands her did you not feel always he is gazing at you. According to Mehwish, Shahwar loves beauty and he always praises for beauty. Nothing more than this is in his mind.
Danish ask Mehwish emotionally that I am not as I did not give you everything. Can you think like me? As I do not have a beautiful house, car, and luxury life but I am happy as you are mine (mery pass tum ho)
Mehwish replied as I want many other things also except you

Danish leave for office then, Mehwish received Anoshy call, she does not know about her dinner at the Shahwar house. She again tells her that Shahwar always praises her beauty. She advises Mehwish if he invites you at dinner you should go. Mehwish does not tell her anything and ends the call saying I am busy.

When Danish goes to office Mateen sahb gives him a memo. Memo for explaining as to why is he being late for two days and one half-day leave without any notification. Danish clears that I always in for my senior. Mateen sahb said the notification should always be in written form. Then he said to Danish, this all happening as you will not take that money of bribe and refuses to sign that file.

Danish is tensed so he makes a call to Mehwish to tell about the memo. She is also taunting him as to why are you given that money back. Suddenly the doorbell is ringed. Danish ask her but she cut off the call.

She is surprised to see Shahwar at the door. She, why are you here? He says that I want to see you at once. Nowadays It is my extreme desire to see you. She does not invite him inside the home as Danish is not at home.

Shahwar calls Mehwish and asks her that I was not fine and so that I come to your home to see. As seeing you is like a medicine for me. Then he asks for a meeting. Shahwar clearly says to her. I cannot hide my feeling and want that you will be always with me that’s why I came to your home in the morning.

Why you do not start a job in my business. He offers her one lac rupees per month. It is a huge amount for Mehwish he mentioned he is doing this all because I have special feelings for you. But I forgot you are not mine I don’t have the right to see you I will try to control myself and say sorry.

Suddenly she sees Danish is calling. He attends his call. Danish ask that who was at the door. She lies to him. That someone comes there mistakenly he has to go for flat number 408.
But on way to home, Danish meets Mr. Nasser is living in flat number 408. In parking, the flat guard tells Danish that some person comes to your home in the morning, he tells how he looks like. Danish comes to know that it was Shahwar Ahmad
On Sunday Danish, Mehwish and Rummi, go for an outing. She talks about her job and says she will talk to Anoshy. She will talk to Shahwar for the job. Danish is not happy about this.

At night Mehwish gives many reasons to do a job. Why you are so against Shahwar. Then Danish ask her why you do not tell me that day, he comes to our home. She tells that he comes to our home because I am not attending his call.
Danish is a surprise and asks is he calls you. Mehwish again lies and just that day. He is a good man and he is offering a job for one lac rupees per month. He just wants to help us. Do not be negative.

Mehwish is angry with Danish. Why he spying on me. Danish and Rummi both feel her angry behavior the next morning. Danish stops her and clear that I am not spying on you. I come to know by our flat guard. Maybe Shahwar is a good man but I do not think so. You can job anywhere else except for the Shahwar business.

In the 6th episode of mery pass tum ho, it clear that Shahwar has an interest in Mehwish and Mehwish is behaving like a greedy lady and wants wealth, expensive gifts and want luxury life. It does not matter for her that way is right or not. She does not value her husband, priceless love. Till now Danish is showing very polite behavior and gives her permission for everything but knows he takes action and asks her not to do a job in Shahwar Company. What will happen next in the drama mery pas tum ho? Will Shahwar control himself and not disturb Mehwish and Danish life. Will she insist on a job again or not? Let’s see what happens new in drama mery pass tum ho.


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