Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 5 review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 5 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mr. Muneer gives ten lac rupees to Danish as a bribe. Danish decided to take this money because he wants to give a good life to Mehwish. At the same time, he is worried and confused. In Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 5, Danish is confused and feared as he has ten lac rupees. He asks Mehwish to lock the door properly. He is anxious. Mehwish again starts talking about Shehwar and the dinner and its preparation. She said you should purchase new clothes for yourself.

Mehwish makes him understand that it not a big deal and know we should purchase a car. Suddenly she thinks about the Monty car. She said to Danish to go to his home and make a deal of care and he will make installments. Danish remind her about the fight. Mehwish acts very strange that it was also your fault. Why you make fun of me for every little thing.
Danish goes for dealing with the car with Monty. I am so much surprised very much to see Danish and ask how you got the money. She will not deal with you but Mehwish says then I will do. At this, he loses temper and refuses him that I don’t want to purchase a car from you.

Shehwar mostly times call Mehwish for no reason. He always praises her and degrades Danish. Mehwish never gives any appropriate answer to him. She enjoys praise from Shahwar.
In the morning he again calls her but at this time Danish was at him. She rejects he call at that time. Then, Shahwar calls her after going Danish. As usual, he praises her and then he shows us he has a sad life but he does not want to tell her. He makes her curious about her marriage and sadness of life. He asks her to not makes any taxi arrangement. I will send my car and driver.

Danish goes to the bank for depositing the money, before going to his office. He receives a call from his senior officer. He makes him remind that today you have to sign on the completion certificate of Galib Churangi Road for Mr. Muneer. Danish realized that he is present on this road .this road is not constructed. This is the time he changes his mind. He goes to the office and give back all the money and refuse to sign that certificate.

He comes back home. Mehwish asks about the dress that she said to Danish to purchase. Danish told me I give back that money. It was illegal. Then I have to do this type of task daily. She is angry. Then she asks him to get ready for dinner.

Shahwar sends his car with a driver for the Mehwish family. Everyone is very happy and so he purchases some flowers for Shahwar.

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Shahwar warmly welcomes them and firstly offers wine. Danish refuses as I do not drink. He offered Rummi to see the theatre room. Danish asks him about his wife. He tells them very sad. She is not with me. We only discuss business matters with each other. We do not have any good relations. Mehwish asks to see the theatre room. Shahwar asks permission from Danish and then go with Mehwish. Very cleverly, he creates the situation in which Danish could not refuse.

On the way to the room, shalwar asks Mehwish as she is looking gorgeous. He said I am so powerful that I can get anything but I can not get you. Ask your husband that I am ready to gove him everything that I have but and make you mine. He is trying his best to pursue her.

They all come to the table for dinner. Then according to the Shehwar plan, shehwar asks her servant to serve soup to Danish which he drops soup on a Danish shirt. Shahwar showing anger to the servant and ask him to go with him and help him and make change his shirt. Rummi is also with Danish.
So that shehwar finds time to spend with Mehwish separately. He praises her beauty and asks that Danish does not deserve you. You are so beautiful and it is enough for Danish that you give him eight years of your life. These lines are very meaningful. He made her understand that now you should leave him.

After that Shahwar amazed them by playing the flute. They keep talking for some time.
Danish said at times to go now as it getting too late. Above all, Shahwar presented gifts for them.he gives a watch to danish and chocolates and piano to Rummi. And in last he gives a beautiful expensive necklace for Mehwish. Then he also insists that Mehwish should wear it right now.

Though, in the 5th episode of mery pass tum ho, the real face of Shahwar is visible. Mehwish is not loyal to Danish. She has a love for wealth and luxury life at an extreme level. Danish believes her blindly. However, he is thinking that Mehwish becomes strong enough that she can refuse to anyone. Whereas, Mehwish character is very disappointing. What will happen next, Danish changes his mind, and he proves that he is a man of rules and has a conscience. so, what will happen to Mehwish? Is she has any conscience? Will she follow Shahwar and leave Danish? So, let’s see what will happen in next episode of mery pass tum ho


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