Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 2 Review

mery pass tum ho episode 2 review

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 2 Review

In the first episode of mery pass tum, Danish decide to think about the bribe for his wife and for urgent he took a loan of two lac rupees from his senior. After getting that loan, he will go to the jeweler shop and buy that necklace which his wife wants.Let’s see what happens in Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 2.

Here Mehwish is at home, Monty comes and gives some sweet from his mother. Monty praises her which creates doubt for Monty. Then her friend Anoshy calls her to go shopping. They go to the inexpensive mall. Anoshy buys many expensive things. Mehwish borrowed eighty thousand rupees for 8 months. Mehwish buys a beautiful necklace from there. While this, she completely forgot about the home. She did not cook anything.

After shopping, she goes with her friend for dinner there she meets Shahwar Ahmad. Anoshy knows him as Shahwar Ahmad is a colleague of her brother. Shahwar meet her and also ask about Mehwish. Shahwar Ahmad praised her for her beauty. Anoshy tells her that Shahwar Ahmad is a millionaire and very close friend of her brother. She also tells that Shahwar’s wife is not a good lady she always fights with him and nowadays she is settled in America with her parents.

Danish comes to the home early from the normal routine, as he wants to give a surprise to Mehwish. Mehwish comes home very late. Mehwish tells him about the amount she borrowed from Anoshy. Danish is not happy about this. Mehwish teased him that my wishes never will come true just because of your honesty. I will return the loan in eight months.  Then Danish give her one lac forty thousand rupees to pay back that money to Anoshy. Mehwish inquired that from where you got this money he replied that it the reward for breaking my father’s rules.

The next day, Danish meet two people Jawad and Fawad who also want illegal work from Danish and for this they are paying money to him. His senior officer said that they will give you more one lace and your loan of two lac rupees also include in this payment. His senior officer advised him that you should an account in any bank on your wife’s name and put all the money will help you when you will stick in a problem. Danish is happy for his wife and makes a call to Mehwish to get ready for the Mehdi function.

Danish and Mehwish go to Mehdi function and Rummi is also with them. The function is a start and everyone there singing and dancing. Shahwar Ahmad is also there. Shahwar Ahmad meets to Anoshy very warmly. He also greets with Mehwish. Danish surprised that how he knows Mehwish. Mehwish tells him about the first meeting in the restaurant after shopping. But Danish is not comfortable with Shahwar Ahmad.

Anoshy requested Shahwar Ahmad to be the part of the dance. But he demands wine before dancing. Danish is noticing all this very carefully. Danish tell about this to Mehwish but she said it is normal in this class. Anoshy is freely dancing with Shahwar Ahmad. Danish inquire about Anoshy husband. Mehwish clears that she took divorce from her husband.

Here Shahwar Ahmad wants to dance with Mehwish. But Anoshy explains that her husband will not allow her to dance with you. Danish goes with Rummi to the washroom while Shahwar comes toward Mehwish and asks for dance but she refused.

In the second episode of mery pass tum ho, there is an entry of Shahwar Ahmad. He meets Mehwish twice and showing interest in her. Danish also trying to fulfill Mehwish wishes by hook or crook. What will happen next? Will Shahwar Ahmad interfere with Mehwish and Danish life? What will be new in the next episode let’s see in episode 3?


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