Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 3 Review

Mery pass tum ho episode 3 review

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 3 Review

Before moving to review Mery Pass Tum ho episode 3, we will see what happen in the previous episode of mery pass tum ho. There is the entry of Shahwar Ahmad. Danish and Mehwish go to Anoshy brother’s marriage function. Shahwar Ahmad is there. He wants to dance with Mehwish but Mehwish refuses by saying that her husband will not like it.

Danish comes back. He saws Shahwar Ahmad is talking to Mehwish. Mehwish said to Danish the Shahwar saying to me that why you and Danish are not dancing with us I replied that you do not know how to dance. Danish felt inferior. He said to Mehwish lets dance. He goes to the stage with Mehwish and starts the dance. Anoshy comes there and starts dancing with Danish. Shahwar took advantage of this situation. He starts dancing with Mehwish. While dancing, he said to Mehwish is it your love marriage with Danish. You are not looking happy with Danish. We make a mistake in love and then blame Allah for bad luck. I did the same.  

Suddenly, Danish looks at them. It is very surprising for Danish that his wife is dancing with another man. He loses his temper. He asks Mehwish for going back to home. It’s also surprising for all. Anoshy comes toward them and asks about the reason. Danish explain and said that I am feeling not well so we have to go back to our home.

When they come back to home, Mehwish is very angry with Danish. Because he comes back from there. Danish is in shock instead of saying sorry, Mehwish is angry with me. He tries to control his temper and make her understand that love is always possessive. So, my reaction is normal you should always think about me if you love me, not about the other people.

Then he goes out to buy something for eating. He is waking along the road thinking about the entire incident of today. Suddenly he hit by a car and he fell down. But luckily he is saved. Incidentally, he is Shahwar Ahmad.

Danish reacts very abnormally there as he wants to get rid of Shahwar Ahmad. He is full of fear. He runs from there and comes back home.

At home, he does not tell anything to Mehwish. He says I want to sleep. Again Mehwish asks him what happen. He said everyone has many things which worth a lot but I have only one thing which is most beautiful and precious that is you. (Mery pass tum ho)  

And the next morning, Danish forgot about night incident Mehwish say why you are behaving abnormally. If there is a mistake please forgive me. Please come back early today because we have to go for a marriage function. She said I will wear a black saree which you bring for me. Danish refuses and said you cannot wear that saree because of half a blouse. Mehwish said why are you so conservative? Danish said I am saying just men always wear full cloths then why not women. The women with their half-naked bodies are like prey for men who are a hunter.

Mehwish calls Anoshy and asks her danish behaving abnormally from the night. Anoshy also criticized Danish behavior and sad Shahwar Ahmad is also disturbed because of danish behavior. He is very conservative and men always think that women are slaves of men.

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In-office, Danish goes to his senior officer and tells him that he wants to buy a new car. He indirectly said it can be possible but there is always the risk of the anti-corruption department .they can investigate you so you should be careful and also save money to settled down these matters. Then Danish makes a call and Mehwish and asks about what she wearing tonight function. He says that he take money out of my drawer and buys a dress for yourself. Mehwish finds a necklace box there. She calls again why you put my necklace in your drawer. He said it is not your one. I buy it for you and want to give a surprise to you but you did not wait and borrowed money from Anoshy. She feels sorry. 

Mehwish is going out for shopping with Rummi. Monty stops them and asks to go with me as I am like your brother in law.  On the way, he asks it is your love marriage with Danish because there is a mismatch and people always do this kind of act in love or compulsion. Danish comes to know that Mehwish is going with Monty when he calls to Mehwish. 

Danish get out of his office in an emergency. He loses his temper because Monty is not a good boy. On returning he saw Monty on the car. Danish jumped on him and gave him a slap and a fight begins. Monty continuously saying your wife takes a lift from me. I did not insist on her. You should handle your wife first then blame others. The neighbors come to the situation settle the matter. Danish feeling shame as he talks about his wife

Mery Pas Tum Ho episode 3 is emotional because Danish is feeling is showing the intensity of his love for Mehwish but Mehwish behavior is foolish as women should be strong enough to say no for anything to anyone and this is a matter of her love and her marriage life. There is curiosity also in it as at last moment the fight of Danish and Monty, will Monty do something in his revenge. Let’s see what will happen next in episode 4 of mery pas tum ho.


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