Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 15 Review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 15 Review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish wants to take Rummi with her on Saturday and Sunday. Danish did not want so. Mehwish threatens him that I will go to court. Mehwish went to Rummi School but the principal does not allow her to take Rummi without Danish permission letter. In Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 15, Mehwish asks the School principal only meet to Rummi. Miss Hania goes to Rummi and tells him that your mother wants to meet you. Rummi refuses to meet her mother.

Miss Hania is worried. The principal says do not be a worry. Her punishment for breaking family starts when she tells her son that I am your mother.

Hania tells Mehwish that Rummi does not want to meet you. Mehwish misbehaves them as you are doing this all for Danish. I will see you all. But the principal of the school deals her with strict behavior. The principal asks her not to come there again.

Danish sells out his flat and receives token money. Now he is very determined in his plans.

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Danish is going late to the office from the previous many days. Finally, he writes his resigning letter and left the office. His senior officer tells other staff of the department that Danish has resigned from the job.

Danish feels sorry for his father as he has sold his flat.

Miss Hania calls Danish and tells him about Mehwish. Rummi is very afraid. He is sleeping from the evening as she comes to know from hostel warden. She advises him that please do not force him to meet his mother. It is not good for him. I will not responsible if any disturbance occurs in his result.

Mehwish asks Shahwar that Danish is not allowing Rummi to meet me. The school principal is also with him and she insulted me.
Shahwar makes calls to Danish and warns him that there are only two days for you, allow Rummi to meet Mehwish otherwise my lawyers will snatch your cloths.
Danish explain to him that he did not ask Rummi not to meet her mother but Shahwar does not hear him.

Danish and Rummi are again in pain and remain disturbed for the whole night but Mehwish makes special dinner and dances with Shahwar. She so senses less that cannot even understand her son feeling.

Danish ask Rummi to meets Mehwish but he refuses. Danish tells that your mother and her husband are very powerful so that they can do anything and if you do not meet her they will go to court. They create problems for us.

Rummi is so innocent that he does not know even the meaning of court. He said to Danish are you afraid of them but do not have fear of them. He says I will meet her, I will do everything which you will say to me but you are my weakness, you are not my strength.

Danish hears the conversation of Shahwar Chemicals employees. They are talking about lowering the share price of Shahwar chemicals because of a labor strike. They are also talking about his new girlfriend Mehwish.

Danish is continuously thinking about what Rumi said to him. After coming back to his flat, he tells about his divorce to the flat guard. Guard is surprised to hear that but does not say anything.

Danish decides not to force Rummi for meeting to her mother. He calls Miss Hania and asks to please take responsibility for studies as I will never force him to meet his mother.
Danish then call to Rummi and ask him why you said that I am not your strength. Now I will never force you to meet you, mother, you can do what you want.
Rummi is worried and says that they are very rich people and they make trouble for you. Danish satisfy him that I can handle them in my way.

Danish decides to go Shahwar office. He dressed up in a very nice manner. He receives Shahwar call and Danish ask him to meet you in half an hour I am coming to your office.
Shahwar is in a meeting about continuously lowering the share price. Danish asks at reception to meet Shahwar but he says for the wait.

Danish does not wait for a single mint and go inside the Shahwar meeting room. He does not give them a chance to call any security. He locks the door of the room. Firstly give a strong slap on the face of Shahwar. Shehwar nose is bleeding. Danish asks him what you think about what you are saying to me on call. Now I can strip you with thin two minutes. My ex-wife is you because you bought her, but my son is my pride and never tries to come in between us otherwise I will expose you to the whole world.

Mery pas tum ho episode 15 is very interesting and satisfying because Danish finally tool decision against Shahwar. However, he makes him understand he is not a coward that he will bear all and will not say anything. Mehwish also faces insult by the principal and more than this her son refuses to meet her, this is insulted for her. Danish is going to starts a new business. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of mery pass tum ho.? Will Danish starts a new business successfully? Will Shahwar take revenge from Danish for his insult? What will Mehwish do to meet to Rummi? Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of mery pass tum ho.


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